CDIMP and DLMIMP are CDS/ISIS Pascal programs which are meant to import comma delimited files into a CDS/ISIS database.

Although I have tested both over and over again, I could not get any satisfactory results. Mostly a few records turned out to be as expected, but the quality of the rest was unpredictable.

Both programs need a FST to lead the comma delimited fields into the corresponding CDS/ISIS fields. This FST, which you must write with an editor, cannot contain all the commands of an ordinary CDS/ISIS FST, but the limits are not clear. It does not allow you to add unconditional strings, e.g.

  22 0 '^a19980110'
but you can add conditonal strings:
  200 0 "^a"v1
CDIMP will produce this dialogue screen:
FST name: books                
File name: books.txt              
Backup drive and/or directory?  c:\db\ 
MFN 22 added                                         
MFN 23 added                                         
MFN 24 added                                         
Next MFN to be assigned: 25 --->        
(The texts you must fill in are printed in bold.) And DLMIMP will produce this screen:

                    Delimited format to CDS/ISIS conversion          

Import FST name? ...... books                                                   
Input file name? ...... c:\db\books.txt                                         
Importing record 27                                                             
In the hands of somebody who has the right input material and the right understanding of the programs, CDFIMP and DLMIMP may be satisfactory, but I find Fangorn a better conversion program for comma delimited files.
© Piet de Keyser, 1998

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