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How to retrieve old messages to the CDS-ISIS discussion list

The messages that have been distributed on the CDS-ISIS discussion list are archived in two different ways.
SurfNet maintains a searchable index

Messages to the list are also stored in a database that can be searched by sending e-mail messages. The following text contains instructions on how to do this.

First, we are going to make an e-mail message that instructs the LISTSERV to search for all messages that contain the term "training" or the term "teaching", and that requests an "index" of all the messages with these terms. The text of this message should be as follows:

Database Search DD=Rules
//Rules DD   *
Search training or teaching in CDS-ISIS

Send this message to LISTSERV@NIC.SURFNET.NL and do NOT send it to CDS-ISIS@NIC.SURFNET.NL !!!!!

We get back two things. An e-mail message that tells us how the job went ,and that can be discarded. We also receive hopefully a message with the actual output file, called DATABASE OUTPUT.

Here is the message for the example query:

File: "DATABASE OUTPUT" being sent to you

> Search training or teaching in CDS-ISIS
--> Database CDS-ISIS, 7 hits.

> Index
Item #   Date   Time  Recs   Subject
------   ----   ----  ----   -------
000016 92/09/17 12:08   43   Re: Q: User friendliness
000017 92/09/18 12:43   45   CDS/ISIS for teaching
000018 92/09/18 16:37   74   Re:_CDS/ISIS_for_teaching
000032 92/10/22 07:41   31   Q: Teaching CDS/ISIS
000033 92/10/23 12:43   27   Re: Teaching CDS/ISIS
000034 92/10/23 14:36   28   Re: Teaching CDS/ISIS
000035 92/10/24 12:09   46   TEACHING CDS-ISIS
Note how important it is to give good descriptive subject lines to your messages.

Now let us assume that we want to receive the messages contained in the items 000033 and 000034. We send a message to LISTSERV@NIC.SURFNET.NL with the following contents:

Database Search DD=Rules
//Rules DD   *
Search training or teaching in CDS-ISIS
Print all of 33,34
Again we get back a message how the job went and a message with the items that we requested. The top of this message looks like this:
>Search training or teaching in CDS-ISIS
--> Database CDS-ISIS, 6 hits.

> Print all of 33,34
>>> Item number 33, dated 92/10/23 12:43:21 -- ALL
[rest deleted]


Search requests may contain boolean operators; the OR and the NOT operator have to be entered as such explicitly. If you give two terms next to each other the program implicitly places an AND operator between them:


Finally: let me say it another time:
All messages have to be sent to LISTSERV@NIC.SURFNET.NL, and NOT to CDS-ISIS@NIC.SURFNET.NL !!!!

Hugo Besemer

mail icon Wageningen Digital Library, 18 January, 2000