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Utilities and other helpful programs for users of CDS-ISIS.

Demonstration and learning

TEPACIS - computer aided instruction
A teaching package on CDS-ISIS, written by Francis J. Devadason.
It can be downloaded from Mr. Devadasons Little Library for Librarians.
Self running DEMO of CDS/ISIS
DEMO is a self running English language demonstration showing the features and possible applications of CDS/ISIS. It was written by Giampaolo Del Bigio.
User instructions ¦ DEMO.ZIP
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Data conversion

For a number of these programs, additional manuals can be found in Piet de Keyser's Manual Collection

Fangorn - Converting data to ISO-2709 files
This program is meant to convert data downloaded from host computers into a form that can be read into a CDS/ISIS database.
About Fangorn ¦
Comma - Importing comma delimited files
The program Comma.pcd is a menu exit that make it possible to import Comma Delimited Files (CDF) into a MicroIsis data base.
Documentation file ¦ comma.pas
Db3iso - dBaseIII to ISO 2709 exporter utility
ISODB3 - ISO 2709 to dBaseIII
You need to build a .dbf file with the same fields as the file you want to convert before running the program.
CCF converter - Conversion of CCF to MARC and viceversa
The specific major purposes of the program are to convert records in UNIMARC format to Unesco's Common Communication Format (CCF) and vice-versa. For that reason, a number of special processes for those conversions are included in the program, in addition to processes for converting ISO 2709 records to the CDS/ISIS format.
User manual ¦ CCF.ZIP
TXT2ISO - Conversion of ASCII to ISO-2709
The TXT2ISO.EXE program is meant for conversion of ASCII text files to ISO-2709 formatted files.
User instructions ¦ TXT2ISO.EXE
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User friendly searching and browsing

BROW - browsing databases
This program enhances browsing and saving to a file functions of CDS-ISIS. The most important features include:
  • Browsing forward and backward through a database.
  • Scrolling display of long records.
  • 'one key' switch to the ALL format.
  • Saving of manually tagged files to a SAV file.
User instruction ¦
SHOW v. 5.0 - Viewing records
The SHOW program is a Menu Exit that makes it possible to see records one at a time, moving forwards or backwards, and also allows immediate printing of records selected from the screen, with a short format.
User instructions ¦ SHOW.ZIP (Version 5.0)
IRIS - user friendly search interface
The searching interface 'IRIS' (Information Retrieval Interface System for ISIS) is a general purpose ISIS/Pascal programmed interface for searching CDS/ISIS databases and browsing the search results. The programs in the interface require CDS/ISIS for DOS, version 3.07 or later.
User instructions ¦ (demo version) (use pkunzip -d)
A Windows-95/NT front end for CDS/ISIS. New version available 1999-02-24
User instructions ¦ (demo version)
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Data entry and editing

GMOD - Global modifyer for CDS/ISIS files
This program looks through all occurrences of a field and replaces a given string with a new string. If you do not indicate a string to be replaced, it creates a field and fills it with the new string.
About GMOD ¦ gmod.pas
KasPus - deleting empty fields
The little program KASPUS deletes fields which are empty or contain only spaces.
User instruction ¦ kaspus.pas
ODIN - interface for data entry and editing
The interface 'ODIN' (Operative Data INput) is a general purpose ISIS/Pascal programmed interface for data entry and editing. It requires CDS/ISIS for DOS, version 3.0 or later.
As an interface, it will 'bridge' the way data entry staff without advanced training on CDS/ISIS (and the database structures used, such as CCF) can work and the internal storage format of CDS/ISIS records.
User instructions ¦ (demo version) (use pkunzip -d)
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PRINT - selecting and printing specific records
The program PRINT enables a CDS/ISIS user to print specific records from a database by typing in their MFNs. You can print up to 50 records this way.
About print ¦ print.pas
Putting a number before printed records
The programs SETCNT and COUNT used together will outpout a progressive number before each record retrieved and sent to the printer.
User instructions ¦ SETCNT.PAS ¦ COUNT.PAS
Printer control direct from CDS/ISIS for DOS
Alan Wood's notes on how to control printer functions by sending escape sequences within print formats, and what sequences are needed for Hewlett-Packard printers. Includes a sample database for downloading.
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Other utilities

ISX/CIRC allows small libraries and documentation centres using CDS/ISIS to control the loan and return of books, documents or files.
The author stresses that he is no longer able to give support for this program or make any adaptations.
More detailed description ¦ Installation instructions & technical specifications ¦ ISXCIRC.ZIP
NEWSDI - production of SDI outputs, Version 2.0, 1995
This program produces regular SDI outputs from CDS-ISIS files, based on a specific user profile.
User instructions ¦ NEWSDI.ZIP
UTILITARIOS - various utilities (in Spanish)
User instructions (in Spanish) ¦ UTILITAR.ZIP (use pkunzip -d)
IDIS - Bidirectional interface between CDS/ISIS and micro-IDAMS
The interface performs data description and data transfer between the micro-CDS/ISIS and micro-IDAMS packages in both directions. This means a transfer:
  • Of a selected part of an ISIS data base into an IDAMS dataset.
  • Off a selected part of an IDAMS dataset into an ISIS data base.
How to install IDIS ¦ IDIS User manual ¦ IDIS.ZIP
CALLNO - format exit for NLM (and other) call numbers
This format exit provides support for call numbers such as used at the National Library of Medecine, but with some minor changes, could be adapted for similar styles of call numbers (e.g. Library of Congress Classification numbers). The approach taken was to expand the call number, inserting blanks as required to align the different subparts of the number.
User instructions ¦ callno.pas
Logging deleted records
  • HUECO - listing MFNs of deleted records (in Spanish)
  • ABSENT - Search for deleted records
  • LSTREP - Identify and count deleted records
  • About LSTREP
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