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Bibliography on CDS/ISIS - Books

The following list is a bibliography of books and other monographs about CDS/ISIS. It was compiled by Ernesto Spinak with the collaboration of Francesco Dell'Orso. Last update: June 11, 1998

Books and other monographs

Introduccion general a las ciencias y tecnicas de la
informacion y documentacion / Claire Guinchat; Michel Menou;
adap. Marie-France Blanquet. 2& ed. Madrid: CINDOC (CSIC),
1992. 560 p. Contiene: En pags. 252 a 259 un trabajo titulado:
Anexo: El logical CDS/ISIS version mini-micro. ISBN
92-3-302540-3 (UNESCO); 84-00-07295-2 (CINDOC)

Manual for Preparing Records in Microcomputer-Based
Bibliographic Information Systems / Anne Di Lauro
Ottawa: IDRC, 1990 (sample CDS/ISIS implementation)

Microisis Basico: Manual de autoaprendizaje / Francisco
Gutierrez Munoz; pres. Adolfo Hernandez Arcediano (Secretario
Grupo de Trabajo de Informaciony Documentacion UNESCO).
Madrid: CINDOC (CSIC), 1994. 180 p.

Proceso de creacion de una biblioteca especializada en la
Comunidad Autonoma de Madrid / Angelica-Sara Zapatero
Lourinho. En: DOCUMAT 94, IV Jornadas espanolas de
documentacion automatizada (6,7 y 8 de octubre de 1994, Gijon,
Espana), titulada: Los profesionales ante el reto del siglo
XXI: integracion y calidad. Universidad de Oviedo. Pags. 523 a

Addison, Chris. Installation of CDS/ISIS on a Novell network,
NRI Report, Chatham: Natural Resources Institute, 1994.

Andreini, Francesca. Corso base di CDS-ISIS 3.0 :
tecniche,strumenti ed esercizi, xv, 163 Didattica, 1. Firenze:
Titivillus :DBA, 1994.

Biondi, Giovanni. Un software per la gestione delle
informazioni:CDS-ISIS rel. 2.0 : manuale ad uso dell'utente
/Giovanni Biondi, 117 p. Firenze: Giunta regionale toscana,

AutomaçĂo da entrada de dados no Microisis.
Alegre.  Anais ...  Porto Alegre : ARB, 1997.

Bibliotecas Digitais : alternativa viável para gerenciar o caos na internet.
Anais ...  SĂo Luís : 1997.

CDS-ISIS : versione 3.0 per mini e microcomputer : manuale
d'uso :traduzione italiana / coordinata e rivista da
Gianpaolo Del Bigio per conto della DBA-Associazione per la
documentazione le biblioteche e gli archivi, xii, 255, [21] p.
Manuali, M3. Firenze : Titivillus : DBA, 1992.

De Reggi, Natalia [Dissertation]
"Scenario" : metodo di catalogazione e indicizzazione informatica
di una rivista teatrale. (Prof. Siro Ferrone). Academic year
1994/1995. 652 p. Universita' degli studi di Firenze (Italy),
Facolta' di lettere e filosofia, Tesi di laurea in Storia dello
Summary: A limited range of the journal "Scenario" -devoted to
theatre- has been taken as sample and fully, deeply, abstracted
and indexed also by means of a Thesaurus. CDS/ISIS is the tool by
which the whole work has been done: introduction, description and
bibliographic references on CDS/ISIS. Field definition table,
output formats, input worksheets are illustrated and documented.

Francesco Dell'Orso
Universita` degli studi di Perugia -- Facolta' di Scienze della
formazione Servizio per le attivita' di documentazione
bibliografica Piazza Ermini -06123 Perugia (Italy) [tel.
39-(0)75-5720808; fax: 39-(0)75-5854903]

Dell'Orso, Francesco. ISIS : manuale per l'uso di archivi
predefiniti, iii, 91 Perugia: Edizioni del Noto Roveto, 1994.

Dell'Orso, Francesco. "L'automazione nelle biblioteche
cappuccine."Biblioteche cappuccine italiane : atti del
convegno nazionale tenuto in Assisi, 14-16 ottobre 1987 / a
cura di A. Mattioli, 155-170 Perugia: Biblioteca OASIS, 1988.

Di Lauro, Anne; Brandon, Ed
MIBIS guide: manual for preparing record in
bibliographic information systems.
IDRC, Ontario, Canada. 1995, 2nd ed. 355 p.
ISBN 0--88936-559-8

Ercole, Rita [Dissertation]
Studio, catalogazione, indice della rivista "Teatro" (1949-1950).
Academic year 1995/1996. 2 vol. + 1 diskette 3.5". Universita'
degli studi di Firenze (Italy), Facolta' di lettere e filosofia,
Tesi di laurea in Storia dello spettacolo.
Summary: A limited range (1949/1950) of the journal "Teatro"
-devoted to theatre- has been taken as sample and entirely
(pictures, advertisements, articles, news...) abstracted and
indexed. CDS/ISIS is the tool by which the whole work has been
done: introduction, description and bibliographic references on
CDS/ISIS. Field definition table, output formats, input
worksheets are illustrated and documented.

Hopkinson, Alan; Buxton, Andrew
The CDS/ISIS handbook
Library Association Publishing : London, UK, 1994, 178p.
ISBN 1-85604-108-5

Hopkinson, Alan. "CDS/ISIS for microcomputers as an interim
library automation system." Online Information 91 : 15th
InternationalOnline Information Meeting, Proceedings, London
10-12 December 1991/ edited by David I. Raitt, 499-504. Oxford
and New Jersey: Learned Information (Europe), 1991.

Hopkinson, Alan. International Information System on
CulturalDevelopment : CDS/ISIS Model Data Base : Manual and
Accompanying Diskette, iii, 190 p. + 1 floppy diskette 5.25"
PGI-93/WS/, 16. Paris: General Information Programme and

Hopkinson, A.  CDS/ISIS as a tool for implementing UNIMARC.
In: UNIMARC and CDS/ISIS : proceedings of the workshops held
Budapest and Barcelona. 1993, Munich, Saur, 1994, 37-46.

Hopkinson, A. CDS/ISIS: UNESCO's information retrieval package
for microcomputers and the Vax mincomputer,

ILO : Central Library and Documentation Branch, D. Janssens,
and A.Jesse. Micro CDS-ISIS Training Course : Data Processing
Principles and Applications (Data Bases for Bibliographic
Records and Serials..), 2 ed., rev ed. 90 ILO-BIBL, 5 ENG,
1991 rev. Geneva: ILO,1991.

Israelsson, Ann-Sofi, Mogens Sandfaer, and Stephan Schwarz.
"The Global Village Come True : High-Tech Information Network
in High Energy Physics." IATUL (International Association of
Technological University Libraries) Conference, July 8-12
1991, MIT, 10

Kipps, Eddie
Explore CDS/ISIS, a training vehicle
The Hague : Haagse Hogeschool, 1994, 200p.
ISBN 90-73077-07-9

Micro-CDS-ISIS training course : data processing principles
andapplications (data bases for bibliographic records and
serials ...)/ , 2nd  rev. ed. 90 p.
ILO-BI BL5 ENGL,1991 rev., Geneva: International Labour
Office, 1991.

Miido, Helis. "Combined use of internal databases, CD-Roms and
online databases: problems and solutions." Online Information
89 :13th International Online Information Meeting, London
12-14 december 1989: proceedings, 349-362. Oxford and New
Jersey: Learned Information, 1989.

Miido, Helis. "Information activities at the International
Agency for Research on Cancer." Online Information 87 : 11th
International Online Information Meeting, London ... december
1987, 67-76. Oxford and New Jersey: Learned Information, 1987.

Miido, Helis, and B. K. Armstrong. "From search results to
interlibrary loan and reprint requests through automation."
Online Information 92 : 11th International Online Information
Meeting,London 8-10 December 1992, 479-485. Oxford and New
Jersey: LearnedInformation, 1992.

Mitsch, Jean-Pierre
ISIS FACILE, initiation au logiciel documentaire CDS/ISIS
Academia : Louvain la Neuve, 1992, 158 p.
ISBN 2-87209-190-4

Nasir, Aishah Mohammed. Bibliografi CDS/ISIS  CDS/ISIS
Bibliography, Serdang: Kumpulan Pengguma CDS/ISIS Malaysia,

Nieuwenhuysen, Paul, and Hugo Besemer. "Conversie van
informatie verkregen uit gegevensbanken of CD-ROMs naar
microcomputer-gegevensbestanden beheerd door CDS/ISIS
software."Online Informatie Konferentie Nederland, 20-21
februari 1990 ...,39-46. Den Haag: Nederlands Bibliotheek en
Lektuur Centrum, 1990.

Nieuwenhuysen, P / Bibliographic information management, using
micro-computer software which is available free of charge. IN:
Library in the 90's. Selected papers of the International
Symposium on the Latest Development in Technologies of Library
Services. International Academic Publishers. pp.209-24

Nieuwenhuysen, P / Tools for information management and
provided by UNESCO. IN: Development of water-related
systems. Proceedings from the International Workshop held in
Washington, D.D. May 19-20 1993. Unesco, 1995. pp.81-90

Nowicki, Z. M. How to utilize advanced features of micro
CDS/ISIS, Preliminary unedited version ed. ITC/DPMD/EDP, 6,
Rev. 2. Geneva: International Trade Centre, 1992.

Smet, Egbert de
Putting CDS/ISIS databases on the World Wide Web : some
possibilities. IN: 5th Meeting of the Group of Experts on Marine
Information Management. Athens. 1996. 12]

Smith, Alastair. A tutorial introduction to CDS-ISIS : a
tutorialon the basic features of version 2.3 of Unesco's
CDS-ISIS information retrieval software / by Alastair Smith,
30 p. Occasional papers in bibliography and librarianship, 15.
Wellington(N.Z.): Victoria University of Wellington - Dept. of
Library andInformation Studies, 1990.

Spinak, E. Utilities for MICROISIS, 2nd ed. ed., 53 p.
WashingtonDC: Pan American Health Organization, HQ Library,
1992.  (English and Spanish editions)

Spinak, Ernesto. Preparacion de registros para el desarrollo
de un sistema de  catalogo colectivo de publicaciones
periodicas  /Ernesto Spinak et al. -- Montevideo : Universidad
de la Republica. Direccion General de Planeamiento, 1989. --
100 p.

Manual para la preparacion de registros del Formato Comun
Bibliografico / Comision de Formato Comun Bibliografico.
--Montevideo : EUBCA, 1989. -- [316] p. -  Manual on record
preparation for the Common Bibliographic format -

Spinak, Ernesto. Gotcha : programa para deteccion de
duplicados /Ernesto Spinak. -- p.297-302. --   En: Actas /
Jornadas Nacionales sobre Microisis (2a.) ; Jornadas
Latinoamericanas y del Caribe sobre Microisis (1a. : 1992 jun.
15-23 : Buenos Aires). -- Buenos Aires : CNEA, 1992.

Spinak, Ernesto. Uso de Microisis en redes locales / Ernesto
Spinak. -- p.303-315. -- En: Actas / Jornadas Nacionales sobre
Microisis (2a.) ; Jornadas Latinoamericanas y del Caribe
sobreMicroisis (1a. : 1992 jun. 15-23 : Buenos Aires). --
Buenos Aires: CNEA, 1992.

Thomas, Jeannine. An abridged version of CDS/ISIS reference
manual,version 3.0, Rev. version ed. Geneva: International
Bureau of Education, 1992.

Unesco. Division of Software Development and Applications,
Officeof Information Programmes and Services. Mini-micro
CDS-ISIS Reference manual (Version 2.3), xiv, 286 Paris:
Unesco, 1989.

Venturi, Enrico, and Pierluigi Niccolai. Teca : applicazioni
delCDS-ISIS 2.3 per dati bibliografici : manuale / a cura di
Pier Luigi Niccolai e Enrico Venturi., xi, 160 p. Manuali, M1.
Firenze: Titivillus, 1990.

N.U. Yapa
Micro CDS/ISIS:Simplified Manual. 2nd edition
Natural Resources Energy & Science Authority of Sri Lanka, SLSTIC, 1997
Colombo,Sri Lanka
ISBN: 955-590-010-8

Zendulková D. :Automatizácia odd. EUROP pod CDS/ISIS [ Automatization of the
EUR-OP departement using the CDS/ISIS System], Slovak lang.,
IN: 27th Informatics Seminar INFOS 1997, Jasná 14-17.4.1997
Summary: This program system was developed in the Slovak Centre of
Scientific and Technical Information (SC STI) in the CDS/ISIS System, using
CDS/ISIS Pascal. Filing and exposing  orders and  invoices is the key
subject of the program system.

Zendulková D.
[The manual of CDS/ISIS Pascal. Slovak] Monography: K problémom aplikácie
programových nástrojov textových databázových systémov. Monosti vyuitia
jazyka Pascal v niniŐnej praxi [About problems of the application of
programming tools in the textual database systems. The possibility of
utilization of rogramming language Pascal in the Library practice.], Slovak
lang., CVTI SR, Bratislava 1998, 161 pages.


Bulletin de liaison / Association française des utilisateurs du logiciel
CDS/ISIS-UNESCO [AFUCI]. - Les Ulis : [AFUCI], 1992-
Adresse: La Treille II, Bt. 10, rue du Valois, 91940 Les Ulis, France;
Newsletter of the French Association of the CDS/ISIS users

Ernesto Spinak,

mail icon Wageningen Digital Library, 8 September, 1998