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by Ernesto Spinak
New references as of 10 June 1998


Archivi e computer, 7(1-2):91-92, 1997
Cerri, Roberto. Isis e dintorni [regular column]
Summary: Windows version (3.11, W '95, W NT); CDS/ISIS Bibliography; Italian
group "Il Biblionauta"; CDS/ISIS and WWW; Easyweb; CDS/ISIS and "Abito" in
Tuscany (IT)

BIBEM (Bibliotheek en maatschappij, Gent, Belgium) [Dutch]
Hegman Johan.  CDS/ISIS een programma voor het beheer van
bibliografischeinformatie, een algemene inleiding

--- 1995/2
Hegman Johan.  CDS/ISIS een programma voor het beheer an bibliografische
informatie, het opzetten van een databank met CDS/ISIS

--- 1995/3
Hegman Johan.  CDS/ISIS een programma voor het beheer van bibliografische
informatie, het zoeken en tonen van informatie in een databank met CDS/ISIS

BIBLIOTECHE OGGI  13(4):28-31, May 1995
Zannoner, P.  L' altra meta della documentazione.
[Documentation's other half] Italian.
Summary: Reviews the activities and objectives of the Biblioteca Nazionale
delle Donne/BND (National Library for Women), the only documentation centre
in Italy which is devoted solely to women's issues and the feminist
movement. The BND holds 12,000 Italian and foreign volumes and 200 current
periodicals. Material in stock includes manifestos, leaflets, essays,
fiction, grey literature and conference tapes. Automation of cataloguing
began recently, using the Sebina-Produx program; for database updating
CDS-ISIS is employed. BND director Annamaria Tagliavini outlines her ideas
for the Library's

--- 13 (10):38-46, Dec 1995
Gambini, M.  Quando la biblioteca diventa laboratorio. [When
the library becomes a laboratory]
Summary: Outlines the educational results of using Iride (Cds-Isis) computer
software in the library at the Pestalozzi City School, noted for its
eclectic teaching methods, which is currently running an experimental
project in continuity between primary and secondary level classes.
Enumerates the reasons given for choosing Iride and  describes the program's
role in reorganising the school library, detailing how pupils of various
ages responded to taking an active part in computerized research, lending
and file creation exercises. The positive results are seen as justifying the
choice of Iride.

---  13 (10):48-53, Dec 19
Palandri, E; Grossi, L. The library and teaching: approaches to education.
(Biblioteca e didattica: i percorsi della formazione.)
Summary:   Reports how staff and students at the Masaccio secondary school
in Florence designed and implemented a 1-year computer-based project
entitled `Science and the Library'. The project's teaching units related to:
the history, description and cataloguing of books; classification methods in
both science and library science; computer research, including techniques
for selective reading, abstracting and building bibliographies; document
descriptors; and data retrieval. Describes the project and its positive
results from the viewpoints of both librarian and science teacher. Iride
(Cds-Isis)  software was utilised.

---  13 (10): 68-71, Dec 1995
Bolletti, M.  Una biblioteca amichevole. [A friendly school library] Italian
Summary: Describes how library computerization is helping pupils' education
at the Alvise Cornaro secondary school Padua, Italy which specialises in
scientific studies. The library, designed to be user friendly, uses the fast
and easy to learn ISIS Biblio software for cataloguing, and the Eurysko
system for research. The latest IRIDE (ISIS) application creates special
bibliographies and scans journals. The Cornaro library has become a `test
laboratory' for the abilities of students, aiding them in study projects
such as a historical guide to Padua. The collection includes 9,000 books,
2,000 video cassettes, and many CDs.

---- 13(10): 72-4, Dec 1995
Moschetti, L.   Un catalogo in linea per le biblioteche scolastiche. [An
online catalogue for school libraries]
Summary: Outlines the project to create a central online catalogue to link 8
higher secondary school libraries in a district of Sondrio, north Italy. The
project, designated Ibisco (Informatizzazione delle Biblioteche
Scolastiche/School Libraries Computerization), will make a multimedia
catalogue available to academics; extend school library cooperation; provide
an after-hours service; and encourage pupil research. Describes in detail
each of Ibisco's 4 stages: creating a networked link between schools;
acquiring the IT equipment; choosing software (Cds/Isis IRIDE); and
selecting library personnel.

--- 13,  10 (1995).  p. 30-7. ISSN 0392- 8586
Trigari, Marisa. "Tutti i colori dell'Iride : uno strumento per un progetto
di educazione all'uso competente dell'informazione" Since 1994 a team of
Italian public institutions (among which: Biblioteca di documentazione
pedagogica, Firenze etc.) has been distributing -cost-free- a school library
and information centre management software package named "IRIDE" and based
on Unesco micro CDS/ISIS. Each feature of the software and database design
is grounded in a conceptual approach to information management issues in the
educational environment. Thanks to CDS/ISIS Pascal implementations various
additional features have been added: on-line help, acquisitions,
(semi-)automatic record number, accession date, inventory number control,
thesaurus management, user-friendly search interface, circulation,
statistics, windowing display hypertext-like on
additional data, export to IBM STAIRS.

Bulletin CVTI SR  2:48-50, 1997
Zendulková D.:CDS/ISIS vo svete a u nás [ CDS/ISIS around the world and in
Slovak Republic], Slovak lang.,
Summary: The Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (SC STI)
is the national distributor of CDS/ISIS in Slovak Republic since the  year
1993. The article contains  information about the usage of CDS/ISIS around
the world and in Slovakia.

---  3:39, 1997
Zendulková D.:Stránka do Internetu vytvorená pod  CDS/ISIS [WWW page created
in CDS/ISIS], Slovak lang.,
Summary: Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (SC STI) has
several  WWW pages which  contain  the newest records from  CDS/ISIS
database. These pages were created by the program which had been  written in
CDS/ISIS Pascal and uses  special print format with the HTML commands.

----  4:65-6, 1997
Zendulková D.:WINISIS - CDS/ISIS pre Windows,
[WinISIS - CDS/ISIS for Windows], Slovak lang.,
Information about newest version of the CDS/ISIS.

INFO RISM (ISSN 0940-7820), 8:34-42, 1997
Vedrana Juricic; Sand Bakija.
Conversion of Musical Data Sources from ISIS to PiKaDo

Infolac, 10(3), 1997
Ana de Bustos. La versión ISIS para UNIX bajo LINUX: ventajas, problemas y

Information Development   12(1):26-8, 1996
Naber, G.  DRAiN: a CDS/ISIS library management system.
Describes DRAiN (Drainage Information System), a computerized library
managemen system using CDS/ISIS prepared by the International Institute for
Land Reclamation and Improvement (ILRI), Netherlands, within the framework
of the network activities of the International Program for Technology
Research and Irrigation and Drainage (IPTRID).

Information Studies 3(2):5-76, 1997
Kutty, N.N.  Automated circulation management systeem based on CDS/ISIS at
the VSSC library.
Summary: Describes in some detail the computerized circulation management
system designed, developed and used at the Vikram Sarabhai Sapce Center
(VSSC) Library in Trivandrum, India. The databases have been developed using
Unesco's CDS-ISIS software and the system modules written in the CDS-ISIS
Pascal language. The system operates in a networked environment, and the
various modules enable management of membership, issue and return
transactions, overdue notices, reservations, generation of varius reports
and statistics, information retrieval, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Kniznice a Informacie   28(12):535, 1996
Aendulkova, D.  Aktualny satv distribucie CDS/ISIS na Slovensku
[The actual use of the CDS/ISIS system in Slovakia] Slovak.
Summary: The Slovak Scientific and Technical Information Centre is the
official distributor of the CDS/ISIS library automation package in Slovakia.
Discusses the use of the system which has at present over 500 registered
users, although not all of them have the latest verions and, consequently,
cannot take advantage of all its features.

----     2:74-6, 1997
TlstoviŐová J., Zendulková D.: Automatizácia odd.EUROP pod CDS/ISIS
[Automatization of the EUR-OP Departement using CDS/ISIS], Slovak lang.,
Summary: The Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (SC STI)
ensures for the whole territory of Slovakia the sale and distribution of
books, magazines and other documents produced by EUR-OP Luxembourg (the
official publisher of documents of a variety of EU institutions). This
program system was developed in SC STI in the CDS/ISIS System, using
CDS/ISIS Pascal. Filing and exposing  orders and invoices is the key subject
of the program system.

----  9:387-9, 1997
Zendulková D.:CDS/ISIS:vývoj a perspektívy [The CDS/ISIS system: The
development and perspectives], Slovak lang.,
Suumary: The article informs  about the actual status  in development and
distribution of the CDS/ISIS System, about hardware and software conditions
and about his future  perspectives.

----  2:94-6, 1998
Zendulková D. :CDS/ISIS [CDS/ISIS ], Slovak lang.,
Report from Seminary of Slovak CDS/ISIS  users, held  in November 1997 in

Library Software Review 16(1):12-6, 1997
Mahmood, K. The best library software for developing countries: more than 30
plus points of Micro CDS/ISIS.
Summary: Describes the feature of a library automation application called
Micro CDS/ISIS. The sofware produced by UNESCO is used by more than 15.000
institutions all over the world. It is a cost free and readily available.
Its technical features include minimum hardware requeriements, large
database capacity, variable lenght fields, repeatable fields, subfields,
powerful indexing, and rapid searching. It follows international data
exchange standards. Support features include extensive documentation and a
worldwide user group.

Národní knihovna 1:33-5, 1998
Zendulková D.: CDS/ISIS: Perspektívy vývoja a aktuálny stav distribúcie na
[The perspectives of development and the actual statement in distribution of
the CDS/ISIS in Slovak Republic], Slovak lang.,
Summary: The article contains  information about the usage of CDS/ISIS  in
Slovakia. The national distributor of CDS/ISIS in Slovak Republic is Slovak
Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (SC STI). SC STI prepares the
Slovak versions of CDS/ISIS in operating systems UNIX and Windows. SC STI
also presents the CDS/ISIS databases via Internet.

BOOKS,  Reports, etc
Bulletin de liaison / Association française des utilisateurs du logiciel
CDS/ISIS-UNESCO [AFUCI]. - Les Ulis : [AFUCI], 1992-
Adresse: La Treille II, Bt. 10, rue du Valois, 91940 Les Ulis, France;
Newsletter of the French Association of the CDS/ISIS users

N.U. Yapa
Micro CDS/ISIS:Simplified Manual. 2nd edition
Natural Resources Energy & Science Authority of Sri Lanka, SLSTIC, 1997
Colombo,Sri Lanka
ISBN: 955-590-010-8

Zendulková D. :Automatizácia odd. EUROP pod CDS/ISIS [ Automatization of the
EUR-OP departement using the CDS/ISIS System], Slovak lang.,
IN: 27th Informatics Seminar INFOS 1997, Jasná 14-17.4.1997
Summary: This program system was developed in the Slovak Centre of
Scientific and Technical Information (SC STI) in the CDS/ISIS System, using
CDS/ISIS Pascal. Filing and exposing  orders and  invoices is the key
subject of the program system.

AutomaçĂo da entrada de dados no Microisis.
Alegre.  Anais ...  Porto Alegre : ARB, 1997.

Bibliotecas Digitais : alternativa viável para gerenciar o caos na internet.
Anais ...  SĂo Luís : 1997.

Zendulková D.
[The manual of CDS/ISIS Pascal. Slovak] Monography: K problémom aplikácie
programových nástrojov textových databázových systémov. Moˇnosti vyuˇitia
jazyka Pascal v niˇniŐnej praxi [About problems of the application of
programming tools in the textual database systems. The possibility of
utilization of rogramming language Pascal in the Library practice.], Slovak
lang., CVTI SR, Bratislava 1998, 161 pages.

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