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CDS-ISIS in the Year 2000

Will ISIS stop working in the year 2000?

Several members of the CDS-ISIS discussion list have asked this question. Here are two clear answers!

Giampaolo Del Bigio

Dear list members:
The problem of the year 2000 seems to be strongly exaggerated. It can be easily solved with the current form of DATESTAMP function. We use several years the following simple TRUEDATE procedure in our ISIS applications:

  Procedure TRUEDATE;
      if (substr(LN,7,2)) < '81' then
      else  NEWDATE:='19'|substr(LN,7,2)|substr(LN,1,2)|substr(LN,4,2);

... and the NEWDATE variable keeps the current date in the form: YYYYMMDD now and after the year 1999. Perhaps it can help the worried list members.
Best regards;
Emil Moncman

mail icon Wageningen Digital Library, 23 April, 1998