Historic Entomology Online

The Special Collections has a substantial collection of historic entomology literature, books and wall charts on insects, plant - insect relations, bees and beekeeping from the end of the 15th century till the end of the 20th century. Part of it was donated by the Society for Promotion of Beekeeping in the Netherlands (Vereniging ter Bevordering van de Bijenteelt in Nederland, VBBN).

You can search the Entomology collection in the catalogue of the Special Collections.

Some of the old books and all of the wall charts [printed and hand made] on entomology are made electronically available on the internet. You can have a look at the historic highlights of entomology on this website.

entomological wallchart

Wall charts


If the original books are available catalogue record at the Special Collections you can also examen the originals in our reading room.

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