Links to other collections of nursery catalogues

Library KAVB
The Library of the Dutch Koninklijke Algemeene Vereeniging voor Bloembollencultuur houses an international collection of nursery trade catalogues on bulbs
Bücherei des Deutschen Gartenbaues
A printed catalogue of this collection is available at the Special Collecties: catalogue record
Lindley Library
The Lindley Library of the Royal Horticultural Society houses the largest collection in the United Kingdom of horticultural trade catalogues
Alnarp Library
A collection of nursery catalogues is held by Alnarp Library of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection of the US National Agricultural Library
University of Delaware Library
Seed and nursery trade catalogs at the University of Delaware Library
New York Botanical Garden
The LuEsther T. Mertz Library of the New York Botanical Garden holds a collection of current and historic nursery and seed catalogs
American Seed and Nursery Trade
An e-publication by the Smithsonian Institution Libraries on the history of the American Seed and Nursery Industry and their trade catalogs with a bibliography and biographies of American seed and nurserymen
Catalog of garden catalogs
Find all the new mail-order gardening catalogs in the US and Canada as well as some companies outside North America
Google Catalogs
Search the latest online plants and seeds catalogs with Google
an online plantfinder for Belgium and the Netherlands with about 41.500 Latins plantnames, and information on 84 nurseries
a guide to the descriptions published in seedlists from Botanic Gardens in the period 1800 - 1900
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