A pamphlet about the Dutch tulipomania


Woude, C. van der
Tooneel van flora : vertonende: grondelijcke redens-ondersoekinge, vanden handel der floristen : ghespeeld, op de spreucke van Anthonius de Guevara: een voorsichtich eerlijck man; sal altijt meer ghedulden, dan straffen.
't Amsterdam : ghedruckt by Ioost Broersz., 1637. - [28] p. [nl]. - With an added list of tulips sold to the highest bidder at Alkmaar February 15th 1637. Item 't lof-dicht van Calliope, over de godinne Flora, etc.

In the Netherlands during the first half of the seventeenth century, tulip bulbs were sold at outrageous prices. Speculation rose in the year 1637 to an extent that bulbs were sold faster than they could grow. Prices spiraled to a extremely high level for bulbs of which neither buyer nor seller had seen the flower. This tulipomania got out of hand so badly that bulb growers themselves asked the government to ban the trade.

Many pamphlets were published by well-meaning, God fearing citizens, warning in strong words against this hype. This pamphlet argues against the tone of the mockery and pleads for the opposite: "Soo 't God geeft, moet 't ons behagen" if God gaves us the tulip to be admired and to try our luck trading it, why don't we take pleasure in it?

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