Historical Photograph Collection


The captive tiger moved so much when this photograph was taken that it wasn't visible anymore. Therefore it was later painted on the photograph.

Woodbury and Page (Batavia)
Gezigten en tijpen van het land Kandanghauer, [Cheribon] Java. - [Batavia?] : [F.N.G. Mersen Senn van Basel], [1861-1865]. - 1 box : 24 photographs [nl]. - Photographs on cardboard with an oval name plate on the back: F.N.G. Mersen Senn van Basel fait.. - Possibly photographed by James Page between June 30th and December 15th, 1863. Source: Woodbury & Page : photographers Java / S. Wachlin. Leiden : KITLV, 1994, p. 196

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