TUiN: Dutch Garden History and Landscape Architecture (1570-present)

Den Hemelschen Berg

Lower part of the garden of the country estate "Den Hemelschen Berg", laid out in the years 1872-1876 by Henri Copijn.

The collection TUiN (GARdeN, Garden ARchitecture in the Netherlands) holds design collections of many of the best known Dutch garden and landscape architects. Initially the collection started with the designs and documentation material (old prints, photographs, glass negatives, postcards, letters, plant order lists, journal articles) of the well known Dutch landscape architect L.A. Springer

Database TUiN

The database TUiN (in Dutch) is now available for parts of the collection TUiN. Descriptions of documentation and images of designs are available from the work of L.A. Springer. The database also contains descriptions of gardens which are open to the public. These descriptions were formerly published in the 'Gids voor de Nederlandse tuin- en landschapsarchitectuur' (Gids) which was partly based the Collection TUiN.

Among the collections of landscape architects and institutes in the Collection TUiN are those of:

The 'Gids' also contains an Introduction on the development of Dutch garden architecture . Most of these garden architects were active during the late nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century. Recently, collections of modern landscape architects and landscape planning institutes, working after World War II, are being acquired. The collection consists of drawings, old prints, blueprints, documentary material such as letters, plant lists, old photographs and postcards. These are used for historical research and for the succesful restoration and preservation of Dutch gardens and public parks.