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Identifier urn:nbn:nl:ui:32-ARTIK1952860
Titel D 2.3 Collection of information on biorefinery research funding and research organisations (projects) : task 2.3.2 outside Europe
Auteur(s) Annevelink, E.; Oever, M. van den
Uitgever Wageningen UR, Food & Biobased Research
Jaar 2010
Collectie Artik+
Omschrijving This report provides an outlook on research into biorefineries in the US, Canada, Australia, China, India, Japan and Brazil. The results will be used for benchmarking or to indicate new opportunities. The most recent EU-funded Specific Support Action projects (Bioref-Integ, Biorefinery Euroview, Biopol and Sustoil) on biorefinery knowledge were taken as a starting point for data collection for this report. Furthermore, input was taken from the (country) reports of the IEA Task 42 Biorefinery. Literature research was combined with a thorough scan of the web to find as much information as possible. This survey concentrated on finding basic information. No further analysis of the information has been made in this report.
Trefwoord(en) vs - onderzoeksprojecten - onderzoeksinstituten - canada - china - india - japan - brazilië - biobased economy - bioraffinage
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