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The “Circular Bioeconomy” – Concepts, Opportunities and Limitations [PDF]
Carus, M. \ Dammer, L. \ 2018
Broncollectie: Artik+ \ Bron: nova-Institut \ Bron: Nova paper #9 on bio-based economy 2018-01.
Nova papers on bio-based economy are proposals to stimulate the discussion on current topics of the bio-based economy, by creating new perceptions based on scientific facts and by inviting relevant stakeholders to participate in decision-making proce...
Publishable version of Compendium on research results on agriculture and forest-biomass side-streams [PDF]
Hendriks, C.M.A. \ Lambrecht, E. \ Nabuurs, G.J. \ Gellynck, X. \ Welck, H. \ 2016
Broncollectie: Artik+ \ Bron: AGRIFORVALOR
In the project, practitioners in the field of biomass side-streams are united in three Biomass Innovation Design Hubs, piloted in Spain (Andalucía), Hungary and Ireland. In each of these hubs, existing research results and good practices on valorisat...
Application of RID to farm located conversion systems for agricultural onfarm products and residues [PDF]
Raedts, Roy \ 2017
Broncollectie: Artik+ \ Bron: publisher not identified
Biorefinery concepts for Amsterdam Metropolitan Region : part of MEBICO project (Metropolitan Biorefinery Concepts) [PDF]
Groenestijn, Johan van \ 2018
Broncollectie: Artik+ \ Bron: Wageningen Food & Biobased Research \ Bron: Wageningen Food & Biobased Research report 1891.
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