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The “Circular Bioeconomy” – Concepts, Opportunities and Limitations [PDF]
Carus, M. \ Dammer, L. \ 2018
Broncollectie: Artik+ \ Bron: nova-Institut \ Bron: Nova paper #9 on bio-based economy 2018-01.
Nova papers on bio-based economy are proposals to stimulate the discussion on current topics of the bio-based economy, by creating new perceptions based on scientific facts and by inviting relevant stakeholders to participate in decision-making proce...
Biobased Plastics in a Circular Economy : policy suggestions for biobased and biobased biodegradable plastics [PDF]
Broncollectie: Artik+ \ Bron: CE Delft
‘We’ve still got a way to go’ [PDF]
Hoog, A. van 't \ 2018
Broncollectie: Artik+ \ Bron: Bibliotheek Wageningen University & Research \ Bron: Wageningen world : magazine of Wageningen and KLV about contributing to the quality of life 2: 34 - 39
If we are to make optimal use of our household waste, we need to sort and retrieve the raw materials more efficiently. ‘We are still a long way from the ideal, circular-economy picture.’
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