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Application of RID to farm located conversion systems for agricultural onfarm products and residues [PDF]
Raedts, Roy \ 2017
Broncollectie: Artik+ \ Bron: publisher not identified
PHA’s (Polyhydroxyalkanoates): general information on structure and raw materials for their production : a running document for “Kleinschalige Bioraffinage WP9: PHA”, Task 5 [PDF]
Kootstra, Maarten \ Elissen, Hellen \ Huurman, Sander \ 2017
Broncollectie: Artik+ \ Bron: ACRRES-Wageningen UR \ Bron: Report / ACRRES-Wageningen UR ; 727.
This report provides background information on structure and diversity of different polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) and on feedstocks for their microbial production. The information that is contained in this report was compiled as a running document for ...
Bio-based industries joint undertaking projects [PDF]
Broncollectie: Artik+ \ Bron: BioBased Industries BBI
The BBI JU initiative is a €3.7 billion public-private partnership between the European Union (EU) and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC). It is an autonomous EU body operating under Horizon 2020 rules and procedures, dedicated to investing in...
Exploring Unique material characteristics by combining textile waste with biobased plastics [PDF]
Lepelaar, M. \ Nackenhorst, K. \ Oskam, I.F. \ 2017
Broncollectie: Artik+ \ Bron: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
New material combinations can offer new opportunities by providing unique material characteristics (e.g. strength, stiffness, look & feel). This pictorial shows the first results of research with regard to combining textile waste and biobased plastic...
Small-scale biorefining [PDF]
Visser, Chris de \ Ree, René van \ 2016
Broncollectie: Artik+ \ Bron: Wageningen University & Research
One promising way to accelerate the market implementation of integrated biorefineries is to promote small (regional) biorefinery initiatives. Small-scale biorefineries require relatively low initial investments, and therefore are often lacking the fi...
Biobased Plastics in a Circular Economy : policy suggestions for biobased and biobased biodegradable plastics [PDF]
Broncollectie: Artik+ \ Bron: CE Delft
Biorefinery concepts for Amsterdam Metropolitan Region : part of MEBICO project (Metropolitan Biorefinery Concepts) [PDF]
Groenestijn, Johan van \ 2018
Broncollectie: Artik+ \ Bron: Wageningen Food & Biobased Research \ Bron: Wageningen Food & Biobased Research report 1891.
‘We’ve still got a way to go’ [PDF]
Hoog, A. van 't \ 2018
Broncollectie: Artik+ \ Bron: Bibliotheek Wageningen University & Research \ Bron: Wageningen world : magazine of Wageningen and KLV about contributing to the quality of life 2: 34 - 39
If we are to make optimal use of our household waste, we need to sort and retrieve the raw materials more efficiently. ‘We are still a long way from the ideal, circular-economy picture.’
Kansen voor duurzame biomassa in Zeeland : achtergrondnotitie [PDF]
Croezen, H.J. \ Buck, A. de \ 2010
Broncollectie: Artik+ \ Bron: CE Delft
Achtergrondnotitie voor drie biodebatten in Zeeland. In deze notitie worden de mogelijkheden voor productie en gebruik van biomassa in Zeeland verkend.
Coffee residues utilization : literature survey [PDF]
Dam, Jan E.G. van \ Harmsen, Paulien \ 2010
Broncollectie: Artik+ \ Bron: Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research \ Bron: Report / Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research nr. 1146.
In opdracht van de KNVKT en Agentschap NL werd door Wageningen UR, Food and Biobased Research een onderzoek uitgevoerd naar de mogelijkheden om bijproducten die vrijkomen in de koffieindustrie op een betere manier te benutten. Hiervoor werd een uitge...
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