Record nummer 104396
Titel De geschiedenis van het Belgische trekpaard en de invloed van Indigène du Fosteau op de Nederlandsche trekpaardfokkerij
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door Paul Cesar Labouchere
Title-variation: ontstaan van het Belgische trekpaard
Auteur(s) Labouchere, P.C.
Uitgever Maastricht : Leiter-Nypels
Jaar van uitgave 1927
Pagina's 238 p.
Annotatie(s) Rugtitel : P.C. Labouchere. Het ontstaan van het Belgische trekpaard  toon alle annotatie(s)
Proefschrift Wageningen
Tutor(s) Bakker, Prof. Dr. D.L.
Promotiedatum 1927-03-28
Proefschrift nr. 30
Samenvatting door auteur toon abstract
The evolution of the horse in America and Europe was discussed, and the author's ideas on the origin of the present draught horses in Holland and Belgium were presented on the basis of measurements by him and others on excavated skulls. In the older layers of the mounds ('terpen') in Friesland horse skulls were of the slender Oriental type, probably akin to Equus Przewalski, introduced by the northern streams of the Celts, and probably identical with the Helvetian-Gallic horse. In more recent layers remains were of the heavier Eq. robustus , probably introduced by the Teutons during the tribal migrations. Finds from still more recent layers indicate that these two types were crossed, probably giving rise also to the Friesian horse.

In Belgium the two types seemed to have occurred also first separately. There they became mixed before the Christian era. During the great tribal migrations the Teutons again introduced an Eq. robustus -type to Belgium causing new mixing, but possibly less in the Ardennes. This could explain the more slender Ardennes horse and the heavier Brabançons, which were spreading further in Belgium.

Dutch Draft horse breeding was much improved by the large quantity of first- class breeding material, transferred for safety from Belgium during the First World War. The blood line of Indigène du Fosteau had played a very important role.

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Trefwoorden (cab) dierveredeling / trekdieren / Nederland
Rubrieken Paardachtigen / Rurale geschiedenis van Nederland
Publicatie type Proefschrift
Taal Nederlands
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