Record nummer 104527
Titel Systematische Ordnung und floristische Zusammensetzung niederlaendischer Wald- und Gebueschgesellschaften
toon extra info.
door H. Doing
Auteur(s) Doing, H.
Uitgever Amsterdam : North-Holland
Jaar van uitgave 1962
Pagina's 85 p
Annotatie(s) Ook versch. in Wentia 8(1962)1-85  toon alle annotatie(s)
Proefschrift Wageningen
Tutor(s) Venema, Prof. Dr. H.J.
Promotiedatum 1962-05-25
Proefschrift nr. 323
Samenvatting door auteur toon abstract
A new classification and description was given of woodland vegetation in the whole Netherlands. The principles were based on the French-Swiss system, although its disadvantages were avoided as much as possible. All species occurring in the communities were arranged in a set of 70 sociological groups, groups of species related by sociological affinities. The system evolved from the arrangement of these groups; the use of particular characteristic and differential species was avoided. For all groups, and for all species within the groups, a certain sequence was adopted, allowing comparison of all tables of associations and sub- alliances. Besides the floristic composition criteria other than characteristic, companion, casual or transgredient species were used for classification, such as structure and dynamics of the community and nature of adjacent and substituting communities. The woodland and shrub communities were separated into two chief formations.

Each association was reviewed according to habitat, area, geomorphological and dynamic position, importance for nature conservancy, landscape architecture, and forestry, its structure, floristic composition, sub-division (subassociations, geographic variation within the Netherlands) and seasonal aspects. Communities containing much Rubus were omitted.

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Trefwoorden (cab) bosbouw / synecologie / bossen / vegetatie / nederland
Rubrieken Bosecologie / Plantenecologie
Publicatie type Proefschrift
Taal Duits
Toelichting (Engels) cum laude graduation (with distinction)
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