Record nummer 104644
Titel Beschrijving en rangschikking van in Nederland voorkomende kersen-vormen
toon extra info.
door Izaak Rietsema
Title-variation: Kersen-vormen
Auteur(s) Rietsema, I.
Uitgever Wageningen : Veenman
Jaar van uitgave 1928
Pagina's 241 p + 3 bijl
Annotatie(s) Rugtitel : Kersen-vormen  toon alle annotatie(s)
Proefschrift Wageningen
Tutor(s) Jeswiet, Prof. Dr. J.
Promotiedatum 1928-03-26
Proefschrift nr. 39
Samenvatting door auteur toon abstract
The history of the systematics of the subsection Eucerasus was reviewed. Since Linnaeus the number of species increased until Roemer, whose startling results caused a reaction. At that time botanists only recognized 3 or 4 species. Rietsema proposed only Prunus avium L. and P. cerasus L. as species. P. fruticosa Pall. was attached to P. cerasus as a dwarf variety. All sweet garden cherries were grouped with P. avium (Dutch: Kriek; also the crosses of 'Kriek' and sour cherry), all sour cherries (and hybrids), showing no avium or mahaleb characteristics, with P. cerasus (Dutch: Waal). An intermediate group (Duke; Dutch: Rojaal) was considered as avium x cerasus and sour cherry was considered as a mahaleb hybrid.

A morphological classification of all discussed cherries was made according to fruit and leaf. As a key leaf margins and stipules were important. Descriptions were given of 56 forms of garden and orchard cherries (37 indigenous, 19 exotic), the mazzard (wild 'Kriek'), the ground cherry (wild 'Waal') and of P. mahaleb, using about 66 characteristics of each form, to determine the species and the smallest systematic unit; forma was preferred to clone.

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Trefwoorden (cab) rassen (planten) / kersen / gewassen / taxonomie / nederland / prunus cerasus / prunus mahaleb / prunus / soorten / prunus avium / prunus pumila / prunus fruticosa / prunus serrulata / rassenlijsten
Rubrieken Steenvruchten / Rassenproeven, rassenlijsten / Plantentaxonomie
Publicatie type Proefschrift
Taal Nederlands
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