Record nummer 2002386
Titel Feed-back from growers and experts about Euphoros tools : a combined report from experts meetings in three testing sites: Almería (Spain), Morahalom (Hungary) and Bleiswijk (The Netherlands)
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Nieves García Victoria, Esteban José Baeza Romero, Áron Balint
Auteur(s) García Victoria, N. ; Baeza Romero, E.J. ; Balint, Á.
Uitgever Wageningen : Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture
Jaar van uitgave 2009
Pagina's [31] p ill
Annotatie(s) Project: KBBE-2007-1-2-04. - Deliverable 4 (WP 6)
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Trefwoorden (cab) kennisoverdracht / innovatie adoptie / glastuinbouw / toegepast onderzoek / onderzoeksprojecten / europese unie
Rubrieken Kennisuitwisseling
Publicatie type Boek
Taal Engels
Toelichting (Engels) The overall objective of the four years project EUP HOROS is the development of a sustainable greenhouse system that minimizes the use of inputs and emissions to the environment, yet with high productivity and resource use efficiency. Working Package 6 of this project deals with implementation of the in the other WP’s developed tools in combinations relevant to three local markets. To ensure that the combinations of elements to be tested in the greenhouse conditions at each site are tuned with the expectations of the local growers, at each site a feedback session has been conducted with a group of relevant stakeholders, potential users of the results from the WP's in practice. Each site has conducted this feedback session in a way that fits the knowledge exchange structures of the area and the crop where the implementation trials are going to be performed. The broadest meeting has been held in Almería, where the meeting was combined with a big seminar. In all three meetings held in the three locations the following goals have been achieved: Growers are aware of the existence of the project; Growers are involved in the choice of the tools developed within Euphoros; Growers have given preliminary feedback to the developers. Not all developments are equally appealing, either because they do not see application in their greenhouses, or because they can not get a good impression on how this developments work or how they can contribute to a beter greenhouse management and input reduction. The preliminary discussions between the test locations together with the meetings have contributed to a plan of tool combinations to implement in trials.
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