Record nummer 2010436
Titel Foaming behaviour of organic and regular milk
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Jan Pijnenburg ... [et al.]
Auteur(s) Pijnenburg, J. ; Sala, G. ; Valenberg, H. van ; Meinders, M.B.J.
Uitgever Wageningen : Wageningen UR
Jaar van uitgave 2012
Pagina's 23 p ill
Annotatie(s) BioKennis voor biologische agroketens
Online full text
Trefwoorden (cab) melk / biologische voedingsmiddelen / schuimen / stabiliteit / melkproducten
Rubrieken Zuivelproducten
Publicatie type Boek
Taal Engels
Toelichting (Engels) Organic milk is used more and more by consumers to froth milk that is used e.g. for the preparation of a capuccino. Frequently, organic milk turns out not to foam properly. This report describes a study to find the main couse of this bad foamability of organic milk. The focus of the research was to get insight in the foaming behaviour of a specific brand, indicated as A. The foamability and stability of different milk, both organic and regular, as well as skimmed, semi-skimmed, and full fat, were tested. The foamability of the different milk varieties appeared to be about equal. However, differences were observed for the foam stability. Foams made from A showed the lowest stability of all tested milk varieties. The reason for this is not yet clear, but the bad foam stability of this milk might be probably due to a higher fatty acid content.
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