Record nummer 2214233
Titel Including multistress in the risk assessment of plant protection products : current state of knowledge, based on a literature review and an evaluation of tank mixture applications in a spraying schedule for strawberries
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Arts, G.H.P., Beltman, W.H.J., Holterman, H.J., van Vliet, P.J.M., Wipfler, E.L., van de Zande, J.C
Auteur(s) Arts, G. H. P.. ; Beltman, W. H. J.. ; Holterman, H. J.. ; Vliet, P. J. M. van ; Wipfler, E. L.. ; Zande, J. C. van de
Uitgever Wageningen : Wageningen Environmental Research
Jaar van uitgave 2017
Pagina's 1 online resource (PDF, 51 pages) illustrations
Titel van reeks Report / Wageningen Environmental Research report (ISSN 1566-7197 ; 2793)
Annotatie(s) Project number BO-20-002-0131
Online full text
Trefwoorden (cab) pesticiden / milieueffect / risico / blootstelling / drift
Rubrieken Milieutoxicologie, ecotoxicologie
Publicatie type Boek
Taal Engels
Toelichting (Engels) Fluctuations of input and output prices are major reasons causing volatile gross margins in livestock production. There are large historic differences in the period 2001-2015 between the dairy sector and fattening pig sector in volatility. Relatively large fluctuations in gross margins were observed in the fattening pig sector (median coefficient of variation (CV) value of 32%). In the dairy sector gross margin between years was more smooth (median CV values of 12%), but projections are that after the gradual reduction of EU milk price support and following the abolishment of the EU milk quota system dairy farmers will become more exposed to the world market for dairy products and are becoming more vulnerable to (supply and demand) shocks affecting world dairy markets and prices.
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