Record nummer 2232910
Titel Mental Simulation and Evaluation of Food: Effect of Process and Outcome Simulation on Liking and Wanting of a Product. The case of a cereal bar.
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Kim van Leeuwen
Auteur(s) Leeuwen, K. van
Uitgever Wageningen : Wageningen University and Research
Jaar van uitgave 2018
Pagina's 34 p
Bsc Thesis BSc Thesis Consumer Studies - Management and Consumer Studies - unknown - Wageningen University
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Publicatie type Boek
Taal Nederlands
Toelichting (Engels) People believe that healthy food is generally less fulfilling than unhealthy alternatives . T hese beliefs, that are bad for people’s health, may partly depend on product evaluation an d product evaluation is expected to be susceptible to influence by means of mental simulation. Mental simulation is the imitative mental representation of events or series of events and used as an advertising strategy that leads to persuasion. In a 2x1 within- subjects design, an online quantitative research was done to measure the effects of different simulation types on the product evaluation of a cereal bar in terms of liking, immediate wanting and experiential or functional features . The cer eal bar is perceived as malleable in product type, which means that it is perceived as highly functional as well as highly experiential. Food choice motive (health or sensory) was expected to affect the effect of mental simulation on product evaluation. It appeared that when process simulation is used, product evaluation of the cereal bar is based mainly on experiential features, and immediate wanting increases compared to no mental simulation. Besides that, when outcome simulation is used, product evaluation of the cereal bar is based mainly on functional features, and immediate wanting increases c ompared to no mental simulation as well. No significant differences for the score on liking the cereal bar are found across the three conditions. And no significant differences for product evaluation are found between different food choice motives (health or sensory). Since it appeared that product evaluation can be influenced at least to some degree, this can help to create strategies to make people evaluate healthy food better. The results of this research are discussed and subsequently, some recommendati ons are made for further research.
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