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Geographical isolation of native sheep breeds in the UK—Evidence of endemism as a risk factor to genetic resources \ Livestock science [Artikel]
Carson, A. \ Elliot, M. \ Groom, J. \ Winter, A. \ Bowles, D. \ 2009
This study addresses the potential risk to the genetic resources of UK sheep breeds from endemism. Twelve native breeds are analysed that exist in significant numbers and continue to be commercially farmed livestock. The breeds were selected to repre ...
Top value added chemicals from biomass - Volume I: Results of screening for potential candidates from sugars and synthesis gas [Boek]
Werpy, T. \ Petersen, G. \ Aden, A. \ Bozell, J. \ Holladay, J. \ Manheim, A. \ Elliot, D. \ Lasure, L. \ Jones, S. \ Gerber, M. \ Ibsen, K. \ Lumberg, L. \ Kelly, S. \ Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) \ National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) \ 2004
This report identifies twelve building block chemicals that can be produced from sugars via biological or chemical conversions. The twelve building blocks can be subsequently converted to a number of high-value bio-based chemicals or materials. Build ...
Evolution of parasite virulence to vectors \ Ecological aspects for application of genetically modified mosquitoes [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Elliot, S.L. \ Sabelis, M.W. \ Adler, F.R. \ 2003
Vectorborne parasites are commonly predicted to be less virulent to the vector than to the definitive host as the parasite gains little by harming its main route of transmission. Here we assess the empirical evidence from systems where insects vector ...
Looking forward to a better future ... : focus on Greece \ Pig farming [Artikel]
Elliot, N. \ 1999
De belangrijkste kenmerken van de Griekse varkenshouderij
'It's not because you like it any better...' : residents' reappraisal of a landfill site \ Journal of environmental psychology [Artikel]
Elliot, S.J. \ Taylor, S.M. \ Hampson, C. \ 1997
WEPP : predicting water erosion using a process-based model \ Journal of soil and water conservation [Artikel]
Laflen, J.M. \ Elliot, W.J. \ Flanagan, D.C. \ 1997
Factors influencing feathering \ Poultry international [Artikel]
Elliot, M. \ 1996
Een goed verendek bij leghennen is van economisch belang. Factoren die van invloed zijn en wat de pluimveehouder er aan kan doen (huisvesting, verzorging, voeding)
Amino acids in pullet and layer nutrition \ Poultry international [Artikel]
Elliot, M.A. \ 1996
Kort overzicht van recente onderzoeksresultaten m.b.t. de aminozuurbehoefte en de volgorde van limiterende aminozuren in de groei- en produktiefase van jonge kippen
Soil and water management systems [Boek] - 4th ed.
Schwab, G.O. \ Fangmeier, D.D. \ Elliot, W.J. \ 1996
Environmental hydrology [Boek]
Ward, A.D. \ Elliot, W.J. \ 1995
Soil and water conservation engineering [Boek] - 4th ed.
Schwab, G.O. \ Fangmeier, D.D. \ Elliot, W.J. \ 1993
Interril erodibility : collection and analysis of data from cropland soils \ Transactions of the ASAE / American Society of Agricultural Engineers[. General edition] [Artikel]
Liebenow, A.M. \ Elliot, W.J. \ Laflen, J.M. \ 1990
Let's cash in on the walking craze \ Farmers weekly [Artikel]
Elliot, F. \ 1987
Pleidooi voor een betere afstemming van recreatie op landbouw, met name het wandeltoerisme
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