Scientists’ response to societal impact policies: a policy paradox \ Science and public policy [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Jong, S.P.L. de \ Smit, J. \ Drooge, L. van \ 2015
Many countries have amended legislation and introduced policies to stimulate universities to transfer their knowledge to society. The effects of these policies on scientists are relatively unexplored. We employ principal–agent theory to increase our ...
Soft engineering vs. a dynamic approach in coastal dune management : a case study on the North Sea barrier island of Ameland, the Netherlands \ Journal of coastal research : an international forum for the littoral sciences / Coastal Education and Research Foundation (CERF) [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Jong, B. de \ Keijsers, J.G.S. \ Riksen, M.J.P.M. \ Krol, J. \ Slim, P.A. \ 2014
Dunes act as flood defences in coastal zones, protecting low-lying interior lands from flooding. To ensure coastal safety, insight is needed on how dunes develop under different types of management. The current study focuses on two types of coastal d ...
Varieties of research coordination : a comparative analysis of two strategic research consortia. \ Science and public policy [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Wardenaar, T. \ Jong, S.P. de \ Hessels, L.K. \ 2014
Strategic research consortia as policy instruments for research coordination have been on the rise for more than a decade. Despite their rising popularity as coordination structures, there has been little comparative analysis of the actual coordinati ...
The adaptive capacity wheel: a method to assess the inherent characteristics of institutions to enable the adaptive capacity of society \ Environmental science & policy [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Gupta, J. \ Termeer, C.J.A.M. \ Klostermann, J.E.M. \ Meijerink, S. \ Brink, M.A. van den \ Jong, P. \ Nooteboom, S.G. \ Bergsma, E.J. \ 2010
Climate change potentially brings continuous and unpredictable changes in weather patterns. Consequently, it calls for institutions that promote the adaptive capacity of society and allow society to modify its institutions at a rate commensurate with ...
Operationalising a resilience approach to adapting an urban delta to uncertain climate changes \ Technological forecasting and social change : an international journal [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Wardekker, J.A. \ Jong, A. de \ Knoop, J.M. \ Sluijs, J.P. van der \ 2010
Climate change may pose considerable challenges to coastal cities, particularly in low-lying urban deltas. Impacts are, however, associated with substantial uncertainties. This paper studies an uncertainty-robust adaptation strategy: strengthening th ...
Evaluation of the Surface Energy Balance System (SEBS) applied to ASTER imagery with flux-measurements at the SPARC 2004 site (Barrax, Spain) \ Hydrology and earth system sciences [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Kwast, J. van der \ Timmermans, W. \ Gieske, A. \ Su, Z. \ Olioso, A. \ Elbers, J. \ Karssenberg, D. \ Jong, S. de \ Jia, L. \ 2009
Accurate quantification of the amount and spatial variation of evapotranspiration is important in a wide range of disciplines. Remote sensing based surface energy balance models have been developed to estimate turbulent surface energy fluxes at diffe ...
Simulations of hydrographic properties in the northwestern North Atlantic Ocean in coupled climate models \ Journal of climate [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Jong, M.F. de \ Drijfhout, S.S. \ Hazeleger, W. \ Aken, H.M. van \ Severijns, C.A. \ 2009
The performance of coupled climate models (CCMs) in simulating the hydrographic structure and variability of the northwestern North Atlantic Ocean, in particular the Labrador and Irminger Seas, has been assessed. This area plays an important role in ...
Macroscopic root water uptake distribution using a matric flux potential approach \ Vadose zone journal [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Jong van Lier, Q. de \ Dam, J.C. van \ Metselaar, K. \ Jong, R. de \ Duijnisveld, W.H.M. \ 2008
Hydrological models featuring root water uptake usually do not include compensation mechanisms such that reductions in uptake from dry layers are compensated by an increase in uptake from wetter layers. We developed a physically based root water upta ...
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