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Taming viruses \ Wageningen world : magazine of Wageningen and KLV about contributing to the quality of life [Artikel]
Thoenes, E. \ 2016
Viruses are sophisticated pathogens, but virologists are now using smart tricks to make viruses do their bidding. They are using them to combat insect pests or produce vaccines for cervical cancer and chikungunya, for example.
Smartphone as guidebook \ Wageningen world : magazine of Wageningen and KLV about contributing to the quality of life [Artikel]
Thoenes, E. \ 2010
Where nature lovers used to have to lug around flora guides, maps and tourist guidebooks, soon all you will need is the latest mobile phone. alterra has developed an application which provides all kinds of information on the spot, and lets visitors h ...
European boost for food technology research \ Wageningen update : the quarterly magazine from Wageningen University and Research Centre [Artikel]
Thoenes, E. \ Vries, H.S.M. de \ 2009
They set themselves ambitious goals: to maintain food texture, improve shelf life, and reduce energy consumption during preservation processes. The EU-funded ‘NovelQ’ consortium, consisting of 36 research partners from across Europe, is co-ordinated ...
Man-made global warming: unravelling a dogma [Boek]
Labohm, H. \ Rozendaal, S. \ Thoenes, D. \ 2004
These three Dutchmen - respectively an international relations expert, a scientific journalist, and a chemical engineer (past chairman of the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society) - form part of that growing body of reasonable and qualified people who ...
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