Genomic variation across European cattle: contribution of gene flow [Proefschrift]
Upadhyay, Maulik \ 2019
Identifying, quantifying and qualifying biocultural diversity : assessment of biocultural diversity [Boek]
Vierikko, Kati \ Andersson, Erik \ Branquinho, Cristina \ Elands, Birgit \ Fischer, Leonie K. \ Gonçalves, Paula \ Grilo, Filipa \ Haase, Dagmar \ Ioja, Cristian \ Kowarik, Ingo \ Lindgren, Jasmina \ Mendes, Raquel \ Niemelä, Jari \ Pieniniemi, Mari \ Príncipe, Adriana \ Puttonen, Mia \ Santos-Reis, Margarida \ Teixeira, Daniela \ Vieira, Joana \ Yli-Pelkonen, Vesa \ 2017
BCD: linkages between people and nature - database, typology and indicators [Boek]
Vierikko, Kati \ Elands, Birgit \ Goncalves, Paula \ Luz, Ana Catarina \ Andersson, Erik \ Haase, Dagmar \ Fischer, Leonie \ Kowarik, Ingo \ Niemelä, Jari \ 2017
Are dogs genetically special? Cause of extreme variation in dog morphology: mutation or selection? \ Heredity : an international journal of genetics [Artikel]
Hedrick, P.W. \ Andersson, L. \ 2011
The genetic variation of dogs is compared with that of other dometicated animals. Different explanations of the huge variation among dog breeds are discussed.
Genome sequence, comparative analysis, and population genetics of the domestic horse \ Science : a weekly journal devoted to the advancement of science / American Association for the Advancement of Science [Artikel]
Wade, C.M. \ Giulotto, E. \ Sigurdsson, S. \ Zoli, M. \ Gnerre, S. \ Imsland, F. \ Lear, T.L. \ Adelson, D.L. \ Bailey, E. \ Bellone, R.R. \ Blocker, H. \ Distl, O. \ Edgar, R.C. \ Garber, M. \ Leeb, T. \ Mauceli, E. \ MacLeod, J.N. \ Penedo, M.C.T. \ Raison, J.M. \ Sharpe T, T. \ Vogel, J. \ Andersson, L. \ Antczak, D.F. \ Biagi, T. \ Binns, M.M. \ 2009
We report a high-quality draft sequence of the genome of the horse ( Equus caballus). The genome is relatively repetitive but has little segmental duplication. Chromosomes appear to have undergone few historical rearrangements: 53% of equine chromoso ...
Cucurbitacins in plant food [Boek]
Gry, J. \ Søborg, I. \ Andersson, H.C. \ 2006
Poisonings caused by cucurbitaceous vegetables seem to be linked to intake of immensely bitter vegetables. The bitter and toxic compounds in these vegetables are cucurbitacins, which are well known in wild varieties of these food plants and their rel ...
'Save the North Sea' Fulmar study 2002-2004: a regional pilot project for the Fulmar-Liteer-EcoQO in the OSPAR area [Boek]
Franeker, J.A. van \ Heubeck, M. \ Fairclough, K. \ Turner, D.M. \ Grantham, M. \ Stienen, E.W.M. \ Guse, N. \ Pedersen, J. \ Olsen, K.O. \ Andersson, P.J. \ Olsen, B. \ 2005
North Sea Ministers at the Bergen Conference in 2002 decided that monitoring of marine plastic litter in stomachs of seabirds should become one of the 'Ecological Quality Objectives for the North Sea (EcoQO's)'. The task of implementation was delegat ...
Coping with non-timber benefits in forest management: an economic perspective [Boek]
Andersson, M. \ 2005
Coniferous forests [Boek] - 1st ed
Andersson, F. \ 2005
Great European gardens : an atlas of historic plans [Boek]
Andersson, S.-I. \ Floryan, M. \ Lund, A. \ 2005
Ein kritischer Blick auf Landschaftsarchitectur = A critical view of landscape architecture \ Topos : European landscape magazine [Artikel]
Andersson, T. \ 2004
Die drei Aspekte Idee, Organisation und Gestaltung sollen helfen, Landschaftsarchitekturprojekte kritisch zu diskutieren
Towards the sustainable use of Europe's forests - forest ecosystem and landscape research: scientific challenges and opportunities [Boek]
Andersson, F. \ Birot, Y. \ 2004
Contextualising communal agriculture: observations on labour migration and farming in Save Communal Land \ Interventions in smallholder agriculture : implications for extension in Zimbabwe [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Andersson, J.A. \ 2003
Gardens in fantasy and reality = Tuinen in de verbeelding en de werkelijkheid \ The landscape of symbols = Landschap van symbolen [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Andersson, S.I. \ 2003
De muurschilderingen in Villa Barbaro (Italië, Paolo Veronese, 1565) als vroege voorbeelden van landschapsschilderijen waarin figuren en gebouwen niet (meer) domineren, maar het landschap
Climate options for the long term : possible strategies \ Issues in international climate policy : theory and policy [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Metz, B. \ Mol, A.P.J. \ Andersson, J.A. \ 2003
The economics of disappearing distance [Boek]
Andersson, Å.E. \ Johansson, B. \ 2003
Jonge paarden trainen [Boek]
Andersson \ Lindberg \ Rijn, M. van \ Jetten, G. \ 2002
Ecological sanitation : closing the loop \ Urban agriculture magazine / Resource Centre for Urban Agriculture (RUAF) [Artikel]
Esrey, S.A. \ Andersson, I. \ 2001
One of the most potent forces in the world today is urbanisation. Some of the seemingly disconnected problems associated with urbanisation - water scarcity, food insecurity and pollution - are really the manifestation of several underlying assumption ...
C. Th. Sørensen landscape modernist [Boek]Introduction
Andersson, S.I. \ Høyer, S. \ 2001
"Made in Holland" : advies over landelijke gebieden, verscheidenheid en identiteit \ Landinrichting : tijdschrift voor inrichting en beheer van het landelijk gebied [Artikel]
Andersson, E.A. \ Weernekers, G.C. \ 1999
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