Assessment : practices and implications for home economics in higher education \ Family and consumer sciences research journal / American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences [Artikel]
Giddings, V.L. \ Boles, J.F. \ Cloud, R.M. \ 1996
Assessment of student outcomes can be a valuable tool for identifying methods to improve program effectiveness. The article reviews various assessment initiatives, provides examples that may be adopted by home economics programs and offers recommenda ...
New American landscape \ Progressive architecture [Artikel]
Boles, D.D. \ 1989
This special issue considers new directions in landscape architecture, from an environmental aesthetic evolving out of the ecology movement to a vision of landscape as art
Aging in place in the 1990 's \ Progressive architecture [Artikel]
Boles, D.D. \ 1989
New clients and new concepts of care are reshaping the total life care industry, as demonstrated by 9 recently completed or intended projects
Solving the housing crisis \ Progressive architecture [Artikel]
Boles, D.D. \ 1988
Specal issue, on the ways in which architects are contributing to the search for solutions to the housing crisis. Several low-cost housing projects in the U.S. and Canada as well as in Stuttgart (Wiesenhofsiedlung) are shown
P/A inquiry : privatizing public housing \ Progressive architecture [Artikel]
Fisher, T. \ Boles, D.D. \ 1986
Eight public housing rehabilitation projects in Boston, Albany and Newark (U.S.A.) are examined. The ontroductory essay outlines current thinking, while the following text analysis design issues
WASP (Wives as senior partners) \ Journal of marriage and the family : quarterly journal / National Council on Family Relations [Artikel]
Atkinson, M.P. \ Boles, J. \ 1984
WASP marriages are those in which marriage and family life are organized around the wife's job or career rather than the husband's
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