Sustainable woodfuel for food security : a smart choice: green, renewable and affordable [Boek]
Jin, Sooyeon Laura \ Schure, Jolien \ Ingram, Verina \ Yoo, Byoung Il \ Reeb, Dominique \ Xia, Zuzhang \ Perlis, Andrea \ Nordberg, Mats \ Campbell, Jeffrey \ Muller, Eva \ 2017
Forests cover one-third of the Earth’s land surface. It is estimated that over one-third of the world’s population depends on forest goods and services for the direct provision of food, woodfuel, building materials, medicines, employment and cash inc ...
A short history of gardens [Boek]
Campbell, Gordon \ 2016
Gardens take many forms, and have a variety of functions. They can serve as spaces of peace and tranquilty, a way to cultivate wildlife, or as places to develop agricultural resources. Globally, gardens have inspired, comforted, and sustained people ...
Development of best practices for ex situ conservation of radish germplasm in the context of the crop genebank knowledge base \ Genetic resources and crop evolution : an international journal [Artikel]
Thormann, I. \ Yang, Q. \ Allender, C. \ Bas, N. \ Campbell, G. \ Dulloo, M.E. \ Ebert, A.W. \ Lohwasser, U. \ Pandey, C. \ Robertson, L.D. \ Spellman, O. \ 2013
Information about crop-specific best practices for ex situ conservation of plant genetic resources has been difficult to find until recently. The CGIAR, together with national and regional partners, started to fill that gap by publishing best practic ...
Integrating Agriculture, Conservation and Ecotourism: Societal Influences [Boek]
Campbell, W. Bruce \ López Ortíz, Silvia \ 2012
Disinfection of lilium bulbs : the effect of disinfection with prochloraz-based fungicides on the quality of cut lilies [Studentenverslag]
Rooijakkers, G. \ 2011
Cost price efficiency is key in competing in the modern horticultural industry. Over the past four years I came to realize that bulb cultivation and the cultivation of bulb flowers is accompanied by major risks, as it is difficult to fine tune the pr ...
Combi-pots: colourful bedding plant combinations : evaluating the combination ability and alternative culture methods of bedding plants in mixed container plantings [Studentenverslag]
Endisch, D. \ 2011
It all began with ̈Celebration® Karneval® ̈ from Westhoff, a Calibrachoa mix consisting of three different colours. The result in red, yellow and blue was so convincing that it became the trend-setter for what nowadays is marketed under the name "com ...
Polyploidization of Lilium and Tulipa [Studentenverslag]
Zhang, S. \ 2010
There are two aims of this thesis; one is selecting 2n pollen producers from F1 hybrids of T. gesneriana x T. fosteriana tulip hybrids crossing experiment. Furthermore, to test one year old tulip seedlings for ploidy levels of the F1 progenies in ord ...
Partitioning European grassland net ecosystem CO2 exchange into gross primary productivity and ecosystem respiration using light response function analysis \ Agriculture, ecosystems and environment : an international journal for scientific research on the relationship of agriculture and food production to the biosphere [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Gilmanov, T.G. \ Sousanna, J.F. \ Aires, L. \ Allard, V. \ Ammann, C. \ Balzarolo, M. \ Barcza, Z. \ Bernhofer, C. \ Campbell, C.L. \ Cernusca, A. \ Cescatti, A. \ Clifton-Brown, J. \ Dirks, B.O.M. \ Dore, S. \ Eugster, W. \ Fuhrer, J. \ Gimeno, C. \ Gruenwald, T. \ Haszpra, L. \ Hensen, A. \ Ibrom, A. \ Jacobs, A.F.G. \ Jones, M.B. \ Lanigan, G. \ Laurila, T. \ Lohila, A. \ Manca, G. \ Marcolla, B. \ Nagy, Z. \ Pilegaard, K. \ Pinter, K. \ Pio, C. \ Raschi, A. \ Rogiers, N. \ Sanz, M.J. \ Stefani, P. \ Sutton, M. \ Tuba, Z. \ Valentini, R. \ Williams, M.L. \ Wohlfahrt, G. \ 2007
Tower CO2 flux measurements from 20 European grasslands in the EUROGRASSFLUX data set covering a wide range of environmental and management conditions were analyzed with respect to their ecophysiological characteristics and CO2 exchange (gross primar ...
Assessing the neoliberal experiment in antipodean agriculture \ Globalization, localization and sustainable livelihoods [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Campbell, H. \ Lawrence, G. \ 2003
The argument of this chapter is that agricultural sectors of both Australian and New Zealand moved, during the mid 1980's, from a conjunctural crisis to a structural crisis. The state has curtailed its intervention in agricultural production in both ...
Parenthood and marital satisfaction: a meta-analytic review \ Journal of marriage and the family : quarterly journal / National Council on Family Relations [Artikel]
Twenge, J.M. \ Campbell, W.K. \ Foster, C.A. \ 2003
The difference in marital satisfaction is most pronounced among mothers of infants (38% of mothers of infants have high marital satisfaction, compared with 62% of childless women). For men, the effect remains similar across ages of children. The effe ...
Integrated natural resource management : linking productivity, the environment and development [Boek]
Campbell, B.M. \ Sayer, J.A. \ 2003
This book discusses both the principles and applications of an integrated approach to natural resources management. It deals directly with the wider integration of natural resources, including the complexity of systems and redirecting research toward ...
Household livelihoods in semi-arid regions: options and constraints [Boek]
Campbell, B.M. \ 2002
Map use & analysis [Boek] - 4th ed
Campbell, J. \ 2001
This book is designed to serve as an introduction to the fascinating world of maps. It explains how to use maps to obtain information about a wide variety of topics. Throughout the book, maps are viewed in a broad framework. Thus, the discussion incl ...
Constructed wetlands in the sustainable landscape [Boek]
Campbell, C.S. \ Ogden, M. \ 1999
Guidance document : higher-tier aquatic risk assessment for pesticides : from the SETAC-Europe/OECD/EC workshop, held at Lacanau Ocean, France, 19-22 April 1998 [Boek]
Campbell, P.J. \ 1999
Aardappelteelt in Alaska \ Aardappelwereld [Artikel]
Campbell, B. \ Wayne, J. \ 1998
Model developed to optimize energy formulation \ Feedstuffs : the weekly newspaper for agribusiness [Artikel]
Usry, J. \ Campbell, R. \ Burnham, D. \ 1998
De ontwikkeling van een model voor het berekenen van het economisch rendement van de energiewaarde uit voeders
Use of plasma protein in swine feeds examined \ Feedstuffs : the weekly newspaper for agribusiness [Artikel]
Campbell, J. \ Borg, B.S. \ Weaver, E.M. \ 1998
Een hoog kwalitatieve eiwitbron als bijproduct verbetert de groei, de voederopname en voederefficiency van jonge dieren. Verslag van voederproeven
A survey of soil fertility management in small-scale farming systems in north eastern Zimbabwe \ Journal of sustainable agriculture : innovations for long-term and lasting maintenance and enhangement of agricultural resources, production, and environmental quality [Artikel]
Campbell, B. \ 1998
Analysis of the patterns of fertilizer use and the resulting nitrogen fluxes in mixed farming systems (arable fields, grazing land, gardens) in Zimbabwe. To sustain crop production, farmers use inorganic fertilizer in addition to a variety of locally ...
Social dimensions affecting the development of organic agriculture : knowledge, gender and stakeholder relations in the initiation and implementation of organic farming, Canterbury 1996-1997. [Boek]
Liepins, R. \ Campbell, H. \ 1998
The project reported here focused on two factors: how producers access organic farming knowledge; and how the gender of the participants affects their experience of organic farming and industry participation.
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