Forschungsprojekt zur EU-Agrarpolitik : Gute Ansätze zur Oeko-Landbau-Förderung - leider unverbindlich \ Oekologie und Landbau : Zeitschrift der Stiftung Oekologischer Landbau [Artikel]
Häring, A.M. \ Stolze, M. \ Zanoli, R, \ Vairo, D. \ Dabbert, S. \ 2006
In een onderzoeksproject is geanalyseerd welke bijdrage het nieuwe EU-programma voor plattelandsontwikkeling kan leveren aan de ontwikkeling van de biologische landbouw in Europa. Hoewel een verbinding met het EU actieplan voor biologische landbouw o ...
Organic farming and measures of European agricultural policy [Boek]
Häring, A.M. \ Dabbert, S. \ 2004
This book analyses the impact of the Agenda 2000 of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on organic farming – as one of most established examples of environmentally friendly farming systems. The authors provide comparative assessments of first and se ...
Organic farming : policies and prospects [Boek]
Dabbert, S. \ Häring, A. M. \ Zanoli, R. \ 2004
While public anxiety about genetically engineered foodstuffs and BSE in cattle has developed in Europe, on the positive side there has been a rapidly rising demand for organic produce. As a result the organic sector has moved from a being marginal pr ...
Organic agriculture and sustainability: environmental aspects \ Organic agriculture: sustainability, markets and policies [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Dabbert, S. \ 2003
While positive effects on the environment lie at the heart of the idea of organic farming they are still surrounded by controversies. The paper oulines some of the methodological difficulties in assessing the environmental costs and benefits of organ ...
Organic farming development and agricultural institutions in Europe : a study of six countries [Boek]
Michelsen, J. \ Dabbert, S. \ 2001
Co-operation between general agricultural institutions and the organisations of the organic farming sector are key factors for the development of organic farming. The authors analyse the relationships of organic farming organisations with other farme ...
Landschaftsmodellierung für die Umweltplanung [Boek]
Dabbert, S. \ 1999
Policies for landscape and nature conservation in Europe : an inventory to accompany the workshop on "Landscape and nature conservation" held on 26th - 29th September, 1996 at the University of Hohenheim, Germany [Congresverslag]
Umstaetter, J. \ Dabbert, S. \ 1996
Oekonomik der Bodenfruchtbarkeit [Boek]
Dabbert, S. \ 1994
The author starts to define the concept of soil fertility in the first part of the book. The second part gives an overview of the history in agriculture of the theories on soil fertility from the viewpoint of economical thinking
Auswirkungen des EG-Extensivierungsprogramms auf die Umstellung auf oekologischen Landbau in Baden-Wurttemberg \ Agrarwirtschaft : Zeitschrift fuer Betriebswirtschaft, Marktforschung und Agrarpolitiek [Artikel]
Dabbert, S. \ Braun, J. \ 1993
Results of a preliminary study into the impacts of converting to organic methods on 148 farms in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, which are participating in the five-year EC extensification programme
Mayer contra Liebig : zur Aktualitaet einer historischen agrarwissenschaftlichen Auseinandersetzung fuer das Konzept der "nachhaltigen Nutzung von Agrarlandschaften" [Boek] - 2., unveraend. Aufl.
Dabbert, S. \ 1993
Vermarktung ist entscheidend fuer Betriebserfolg \ Lebendige Erde [Artikel]
Dabbert, S. \ 1991
Effects of marketing, location, milk contingent and transition problems on the success of the organic farms are examined on example farms. Location seems to be of less importance than the other factors
Organic viticulture in West Germany \ American journal of alternative agriculture [Artikel]
Dabbert, S. \ Oberhofer, J. \ 1990
Data on expenses for fertilizers, pesticides, machinery and buildings, on labor requirements, on the quantity and quality of yields, and on marketing channels and price premiums of organic grape operations in West Germany are compared to data on conv ...
Zur optimalen Organisation alternativer landwirtschaftlicher Betriebe : Untersucht am Beispiel organisch-biologischer Haupterwerbsbetriebe in Baden-Wuerttemberg [Proefschrift]
Dabbert, S. \ 1990
An economic model of a farm's transition to organic agriculture \ Global perspectives on agroecology and sustainable agricultural systems : proceedings of the sixth International scientific conference of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements [held at Santa Cruz, August 18 - 20, 1986] [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Dabbert, S. \ Madden, P. \ 1988
This study illustrates how data of a converted farm may be analyzed using a multi-year simulation model to estimate the trend in income during the conversion period
A dynamic simulation model of the transition from conventional to organic farming [Proefschrift]
Dabbert, S. \ 1986
A dynamic simulation model is presented to estimate income during the conversion period from a conventional to an organic farm
Transition to organic agriculture : a multi-year simulation model of a Pennsylvania farm \ American journal of alternative agriculture [Artikel]
Madden, P. \ Dabbert, S. \ 1986
Report of a multi year simulation model to investigate the trend in income of a 117 hectare crop livestock farm in Pennsylvania. Income was found to be severely depressed by a yield decline during the transitional phase. The established organic situa ...
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