The Prospects for Food Policy Councils in Portugal \ Urban agriculture magazine / Resource Centre for Urban Agriculture (RUAF) [Artikel]
Delgado, C. \ 2019
An increasing number of cities are developing their food policy council, yet there are still many countries where this is not happening, or only just beginning. This article describes the development of an active national exchange platform in Portuga ...
Community Involvement in Urban Planning and Policy Development to Strengthen City Region Food Systems \ Urban agriculture magazine / Resource Centre for Urban Agriculture (RUAF) [Artikel]
Raja, S. \ Hoekstra, F. \ Delgado, C. \ Veenhuizen, R. van \ 2016
This magazine explores the issue of community engagement in shaping urban and periurban agriculture and food policies and plans. Key questions explored in this edition are how communities are engaging in urban food policymaking and planning and how l ...
Genetic diversity and population structure in Portuguese goat breeds \ Livestock science [Artikel]
Bruno-de-Sousa, C. \ Martinez, A.M. \ Ginja, C. \ Santos-Silva, F. \ Carolino, M.I. \ Delgado, J.V. \ Gama, L.T. \ 2011
Genetic diversity was assessed in the Portuguese native breeds of goats Algarvia (AL), Bravia (BR), Charnequeira (CH), Preta de Montesinho (PM), Serpentina (SP) and Serrana (SR), by analyzing 25 microsatellite markers in 193 animals. Genetic variabil ...
Genetic relationships between two homologous goat breeds from Portugal and Brazil assessed by microsatellite markers \ Small ruminant research : the official journal of the International Goat Association [Artikel]
Oliveira, J.C.V. \ Ribeiro, M.N. \ Rocha, L.L. \ Gomes-Filho, M.A. \ Delgado, J.V. \ Martinez, A.M. \ Menezes, M.P.C. \ Bettencourt, C.M. \ Gama, L.T. \ 2010
Twenty microsatellite markers were used to investigate genetic diversity and relationships in the Portuguese Serpentina (SERP) and the Brazilian Moxotó (MOX) goat breeds, which present a striking resemblance and are believed to have a common origin. ...
A Latinoamerican experience in the conservation of zoogenetic resources and traditional management systems \ Italian journal of animal science : journal and official organ of the Scientific Association of Animal Production (A.S.P.A.) [Artikel]
Delgado, J.V. \ Camacho, M.E. \ 2007
The Iberoamerican Network on the Conservation of Local Domestic Animal Biodiversity for the Sustainable Rural Development (Network XII-H) was constituted inside the CYTED in 1999, in order to coordinate international activities on research, developme ...
Programa de gestion genetica del caballo Hispano-Arabe \ Archivos de zootecnia : publicacion trimestral [Artikel]
Delgado, J.V. \ Vega-Pla, J.L. \ Leon, J.M. \ Rodriguez-de-la-Borbolla, A. \ Vallecillo, A. \ Cabello, A. \ 2005
The Hispano-Arabe horse breed can be considered as a synthetic breed formed in Spain at least 2 centuries ago, because of the farmer's intention to create a breed for working and sports according to the necessities of the epoch. Today, the breed is o ...
Endogenous development and university education \ Ancient roots, new shoots : endogenous development in practice [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Delgado, F. \ Ponce, D. \ 2003
AGRUCO is a university centre dedicated to higher education, scientif research and social interaction with farmer communities in the field of agro-ecology and sustainable development. It is a part of the state University San Simon (UMSS) in Cochabamb ...
Congelacion de semen porcino de razas autoctonas en peligro de extincion: influencia de la metodologia en bancos de germoplasma para pequenas poblaciones \ Archivos de zootecnia : publicacion trimestral [Artikel]
Poto, A. \ Peinado, B. \ Barba, C. \ Delgado, J.V. \ 2000
Two methods (Thilmant, 1997, and Westendorf, 1975) for the freezing of semen of the rare pig breeds Murcian and Iberico were compared, using semen from 6 pure boars and one crossbred. Semen quality after defrosting was better after the use of the Thi ...
Atlas of Nearctic shorebirds and other waterbirds on the coast of Panama [Boek]
Morrison, R.I.G. \ Butler, R.W. \ Delgado, F.S. \ 1998
Kreisrunde Zeichen : eine Untersuchung des Phaenomens der spiralfoermig flachgelagerten Bodenmuster in Kornfeldern [Boek] - 13. Aufl.
Delgado, P. \ Andrews, C. \ 1991
Many studies and observations of circular signs in corn fields and possible related phenomenons are presented and illustrated with photographs. Theories on the appearance of these signs are amply discussed
Posibilidades de la lamina auxiliar azul de segundo orden en el estudio de la materia organica del suelo \ Anales de edafologia y agrobiologia [Artikel]
Guardiola, J.L. \ Delgado, M. \ 1970
Possible interpretation of the structures of orientation in soils. (title translated from spanish) \ Anales de edafologia y agrobiologia [Artikel]
Aguilar, J. \ Delgado, M. \ 1970
Details of a method for the study of the micromorphology and micrmorphometry of soils. (title translated from spanish) \ Anales de edafologia y agrobiologia [Artikel]
Guardiola, J.L. \ Delgado, M. \ 1969
Nematodes peri-radiculares en la vid \ Boletin de la Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural [Artikel]
Delgado, Arias.A \ Pedregal, J.M. \ Millan, F.J. \ 1963
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