Health and welfare of rabbits farmed in different production systems \ The EFSA journal [Artikel]
Alvarez, J. \ Bicout, D.J. \ Calistri, P. \ Depner, K. \ Drewe, J.A. \ Garin-Bastuji, B. \ Gonzales Rojas, J.L. \ Gortázar Schmidt, C. \ Michel, V. \ Miranda Chueca, M.A. \ Nielsen, S.S. \ Roberts, H.C. \ Sihvonen, L.H. \ Spoolder, H. \ Stahl, K. \ Velarde Calvo, A. \ Viltrop, A. \ Buijs, S. \ Edwards, S. \ Candiani, D. \ Mosbach-Schulz, O. \ Stede, Y. Van der \ Winckler, C. \ 2020
The AGRI committee of the European Parliament requested EFSA to assess the welfare of rabbits farmed in different production systems, including organic production, and to update its 2005 scientific opinion about the health and welfare of rabbits kept ...
Een betere gezondheid en welzijn voor varkens : handboek voor biologische varkenshouders [Boek]
Holinger, M. \ Ayrle, H. \ Bochicchio, D. \ Butler, G. \ Dippel, S. \ Edwards, S. \ Holmes, D. \ Illmann, G. \ Leeb, C. \ Maupertuis, F. \ Melisová, M. \ Prunier, A. \ Rousing, T. \ Rudolph, G. \ Früh, B. \ 2019
Dit handboek is ontworpen om boeren te ondersteunen in hun dagelijkse werk om gezonde varkens te houden en om mogelijke symptomen vroegtijdig te herkennen. Zo wordt dierenleed voorkomen.
Handbook for wood mobilisation in Europe : measures for increasing wood supply from sustainable managed forests [Boek]
Orazio, Christopher \ Kies, Uwe \ Edwards, David \ 2017
Domesticated equines have fundamental differences in faecal microbial concentrations [Poster]
Edwards, J.E. \ Berg, P. van den \ Burden, F. \ Doorn, D.A. van \ Pellikaan, W.F. \ Dijkstra, J. \ Everts, H. \ Smidt, H. \ 2017
Nutritional studies have shown that horses and donkeys differ, with donkeys having a higher dry matter digestibility (DMD) of dietary material and a longer gut retention time of dietary particles1,2. As analysis of the equine gut microbiome to date h ...
Animal welfare aspects in respect of the slaughter or killing of pregnant livestock animals (cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, horses) [Boek]
More, Simon \ Bicout, Dominique \ Botner, Anette \ Butterworth, Andrew \ Calistri, Paolo \ Depner, Klaus \ Edwards, Sandra \ Garin-Bastuji, Bruno \ Good, Magaret \ Gortazar Schmidt, Christian \ Michel, Virginie \ Angel Miranda, Miguel \ Saxmose Nielsen, Søren \ Velarde, Antonio \ Thulke, Hans-Hermann \ Sihvonen, Lisa \ Spoolder, Hans \ Stegeman, Jan Arend \ Raj, Mohan \ Willeberg, Preben \ Candiani, Denise \ Winckler, Christoph \ 2017
This scientific opinion addresses animal welfare aspects of slaughtering of livestock pregnant animals. Term of Reference (ToR) 1 requested assessment of the prevalence of animals slaughtered in a critical developmental stage of gestation when the li ...
An economic model for offshore cultivation of macroalgae [Boek]
Dijk, Wim van \ Schoot, Jan Rinze van der \ Edwards, Maeve \ Queguineur, Benoit \ Champenois, Jennifer \ Mooney, Karen \ Barrento, Sara \ 2015
Algae biomass is considered as a potential non-fossil source of raw materials to produce fuel, feed, chemicals and materials. For this purpose microalgae as well as macroalgae can be used, and in this report we focus on the latter. More than 99% of t ...
EnAlgae in practice: challenges and strategies 2014 [Boek]
Shields, R. \ Edwards, M. \ 2014
The potential of using algae for harvesting energy is huge. Yet in Europe, its potential has long been overlooked. Only now is interest starting to grow. Just like for agriculture, successful large scale algae cultivation requires selection of the mo ...
Future sea-level rise from Greenland’s main outlet glaciers in a warming climate \ Nature : international journal of science [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Nick, F.M. \ Vieli, A. \ Andersen, M.L. \ Joughin, I. \ Payne, A. \ Edwards, T.L. \ Pattyn, F. \ Wal, R.S.W. van de \ 2013
Over the past decade, ice loss from the Greenland Ice Sheet increased as a result of both increased surface melting and ice discharge to the ocean. The latter is controlled by the acceleration of ice flow and subsequent thinning of fast-flowing marin ...
SCI: Planting with space \ Farming matters : small-scale agriculture for a sustainable society [Artikel]
Araya, H. \ Edwards, S. \ Asmelash, A. \ Legesse, H. \ Zibelo, G.H. \ Assefa, T. \ Mohammed, E. \ Misgina, S. \ 2013
The use of finger millet seedlings has shown very positive results in the region of Tahtai Maichew, near Aksum, Ethiopia, as has the use has the use of alternative management practices for a number of other crops. The principles that make up a System ...
Effect of increasing temparature on space requirements of group housed finishing pigs \ Applied animal behaviour science : an international scientific journal reporting on the application of ethology to animals used by man [Artikel]
Spoolder, H.A.M. \ Aarnink, A.J.A. \ Vermeer, H.M. \ Riel, J.W. van \ Edwards, S.A. \ 2012
For groups of pigs to cope adequately with their housing conditions they need sufficient static space (occupied by the body of the pig), activity space (for movement between different functional areas and behaviours relating to these) and interaction ...
The role of nutrition to prevent injurious behaviours in pigs [Presentatie]
Edwards, S. \ 2011
Powerpointpresentatie over de invloed van voeding op het gedrag van varkens.
Multiple maternal origins of native modern and ancient horse populations in China \ Animal genetics : immunogenetics, biochemical genetics, molecular genetics / publ. for the International Society for Animal Blood Group Research [Artikel]
Lei, C.Z. \ Su, R. \ Bower, M.A \ Edwards, C.J. \ Wang, X.B. \ Weining, S. \ Liu, L. \ Xie, W.M. \ Li, F. \ Liu, R.Y. \ Zhang, Y.S. \ Zhang, C.M. \ Chen, H. \ 2009
To obtain more knowledge of the origin and genetic diversity of domestic horses in China, this study provides a comprehensive analysis of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) D-loop sequence diversity from nine horse breeds in China in conjunction with ancient ...
Maternal and paternal genealogy of Eurasian taurine cattle (Bos taurus) \ Heredity : an international journal of genetics [Artikel]
Kantanen, J. \ Edwards, C.J. \ Bradley, D.G. \ Viinalass, H. \ Thessler, S. \ Ivanova, Z. \ Kiselyova, T. \ Cinkulov, M. \ Popov, R. \ Stojanovic, S. \ Ammosov, I. \ Vilkki, J. \ 2009
Maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA ( mtDNA) has been used extensively to determine origin and diversity of taurine cattle (Bos taurus) but global surveys of paternally inherited Y-chromosome diversity are lacking. Here, we provide mtDNA informati ...
Scientific report on the risks associated with tail biting in pigs and possible means to reduce the need for tail docking considering the different housing and husbandry systems [Boek]
Blokhuis, H. \ Pina, T.N. \ Sanaa, M. \ Bracke, M. \ Edwards, S. \ Gunn, M. \ Martineau, G.P. \ Mendl, M. \ Prunier, A. \ 2007
The Panel on Animal Health and Welfare was asked to deliver a Scientific Opinion on the risks associated with tail biting in pigs and possible means to reduce the need for tail docking considering the different housing and husbandry systems
Chain of innovations \ LEISA : ILEIA newsletter for low-external-input and sustainable agriculture [Artikel]
Araya, H. \ Edwards, S. \ 2006
The success of a nearby project stimulated a farmer in Ethiopia to rehabilitate his land by building check dams and planting trees in the gully. After three years the farmer, Woldu GebreWahid, had made significant improvements and then went on to imp ...
Earthworm ecology [Boek] - 2nd ed
Edwards, C.A. \ 2004
This well-illustrated, expansive study examines the important, and often overlooked, impact earthworms have on the environment. It discusses the impact of climate, soil properties, predation, disease and parasitism, and competition upon earthworm eco ...
We're decent people: constructing and managing family identity in rural working-class communities \ Journal of marriage and the family : quarterly journal / National Council on Family Relations [Artikel]
Edwards, M.L.K. \ 2004
Using grounded theory methodology, the established is family identity management as an important type of invisible work that connects women's household-based domestic activities with community members' perceptions and treatment of them and their fami ...
Healing the earth: an Ethiopian story \ LEISA : ILEIA newsletter for low-external-input and sustainable agriculture [Artikel]
Belay, M. \ Edwards, S. \ 2003
The challenge in this pilot experiment is to find mechanisms that help poor rural communities to improve the environment and their capicity to produce crops without becoming dependent on external inputs. The overall aim of the project was to help est ...
Taxonomy, at the click of a mouse \ Nature : international journal of science [Artikel]
Bisby, F.A. \ Shimura, J. \ Ruggiero, M. \ Edwards, J. \ Haeuser, C. \ 2002
Uncertainty and the rise of the work-family dilemma \ Journal of marriage and the family : quarterly journal / National Council on Family Relations [Artikel]
Edwards, M.E. \ 2001
This article argues that economic uncertainty in the 1970s and beyond influenced young families in adopting new work-family arrangements
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