Towards a Safe, Nourishing, Economic and Inclusive Food System for Arusha, based on Partnering \ Urban agriculture magazine / Resource Centre for Urban Agriculture (RUAF) [Artikel]
Fisher, R. \ Currie, P. \ Mongi, R. \ 2019
This article reflects on a process to develop a food policy with Arusha City Council, which was supported as part of a city-to-city exchange project led by ICLEI Africa, with partners FAO, C40 and RUAF.
Biomass, nutrient content and allometric relations of 1 , 6 and 11 year-old, intensively grown Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) trees [Studentenverslag]
Fisher, David \ 2018
Theobroma cacao is an important cash crop in many tropical. Its production faces some major challenges, including a poor understanding of nutrient and biomass immobilisation and distribution. Furthering our knowledge in cocoa physiology could assist ...
How exercise cues at fast food restaurants influence peoples' choice and evaluation of fast food [Studentenverslag]
Matusinska, N. \ 2013
Several studies showed that the prevalence of obesity is rising worldwide. At the same time, it is common for many food companies to use various exercise or fitness cues to market their products. This marketing strategy is particularly common among c ...
Evaluatierapport : een evaluatierapport gericht op de uitwerkingen van de brainstormsessie dinsdag 12 januari 2010 gaande over de verplaatsing van de huidige schaapskooi van het Bargerveen [Studentenverslag]
Fisher, W. \ 2010
Momenteel loopt er een schaapskudde rond in het Bargerveen. De kudde en de kooi moeten zo snel mogelijk worden verplaatst, omdat er op de huidige locatie natuurontwikkeling plaats gaat vinden waarbij de waterstand verhoogd wordt. De schaapskooi kan e ...
Case facilitering van ondernemerschap in het veelzijdig platteland [Boek]
Kortstee, H.J.M. \ Fisher, M. \ Uenk, H.C. \ Hoop, D.W. de \ 2007
Wat gaan boeren doen als er steeds dichter tegen hun bedrijf aan gebouwd wordt? Boeren kunnen van de nood een deugd te maken en burgers het platteland laten zien. Samenwerking is wel belangrijker, omdat boeren hierdoor meer kunnen bereiken, dan wanne ...
Classics from IJGIS : twenty years of the International Journal of Geographical Information Science [Boek]
Fisher, P. \ 2006
Spanning the 20-year history of the International Journal of Geographic Information Science (IJGIS), this reverential chronicle contains articles that shaped the way GIS is approached, provided the underpinnings of fruitful branches of development, a ...
Parental monitoring of children's behavior: variation across stepmother, stepfather, and two-parent biological families \ Family relations / National Council on Family Relations [Artikel]
Fisher, P.A. \ Leve, L.D. \ O'Leary, C.C. \ Leve, C. \ 2003
Two-parent biological families were hypothesized to have higher levels of monitoring than stepparent families. Controlling for demographic differences, two-parent biological families showed higher levels of monitoring than stepfather families but did ...
Optimal water management and conflict resolution : The Middle East water project \ Water resources research [Artikel]
Fisher, F.M. \ Arlosoroff, S. \ Eckstein, Z. \ Wesseling, H. \ 2002
North American agroforestry: an integrated science and practice [Boek]
Garrett, H.E. \ Rietveld, W.J. \ Kral, D.M. \ Viney, M.K. \ Fisher, R.F. \ 2000
Value of pearl millet, grain sorghum examined \ Feedstuffs : the weekly newspaper for agribusiness [Artikel]
Fisher, J.W. \ Gurung, N.K. \ Sharpe, P.H. \ 1999
Onderzoek naar de marktwaarde van gierst en parelgierst, gebaseerd op hun relatieve nutrientengehalte, en in vergelijking met 6 traditionele granen. Middels regressie-analyse is de marktwaarde voorspelbaar
Ecology and management of forest soils [Boek] - 3rd ed
Fisher, R.F. \ Binkley, D. \ 1999
Assessment of family stress across low-, medium-, and high-risk samples using the family events checklist \ Family relations / National Council on Family Relations [Artikel]
Fisher, P.A. \ Fagot, B.I. \ Leve, C.S. \ 1998
A 3-factor model of family stress (including interpersonal tension, financial problems, and child-related difficulties) was developed and factor scores were computed across the samples. Results are discussed and implications for intervention and prev ...
Precision farming for sugar beet \ British Sugar Beet Review [Artikel]
Fisher, S. \ Jaggard, K. \ Stafford, J. \ 1997
The sensitivity of two distributed non-point source pollution models to the spatial arrangement of the landscape \ Hydrological processes : an international journal [Artikel]
Fisher, P. \ Abrahart, R.J. \ Herbinger, W. \ 1997
World cost of living survey : a compilation of price data for more than 4,100 goods and services in 645 locations throughout the world from 748 sources [Boek]
Fisher, H.S. \ 1997
Mechanisms of bioaccumulation in aquatic systems \ Reviews of environmental contamination and toxicology [Artikel]
Fisher, S.W. \ 1995
Visualization of the reliability in classified remotely sensed images \ Photogrammetric engineering and remote sensing [Artikel]
Fisher, P.F. \ 1994
Roses new for old \ Grower [Artikel]
Fisher, S. \ 1993
Family development trajectories : family timing and parent-child relations in young adulthood \ Home economics research journal [Artikel]
Crawford, D.W. \ Fisher, J.L. \ 1993
A description of a conceptual approach to family development that includes variations in the timing of developmental events, an elaboration on the concept of family developmental trajectories, and an illustration of the approach through a study of bi ...
Nutrition can affect concentration of milk protein \ Feedstuffs : the weekly newspaper for agribusiness [Artikel]
Polan, C.E. \ Fisher, R.J. \ 1993
Voedering ter verhoging van het eiwitgehalte in melk, is vooralsnog moeilijk. Tot de factoren die dit mogelijk beinvloeden behoort de verhouding tussen ruwvoeders en krachtvoeders. Daarnaast ook aandacht voor specifieke aminozuren in het voederrantso ...
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