Determination of food chain length using the hyperparaitoid Gelis agilis [Studentenverslag]
Vafia, E. \ 2011
Thinking outside the box \ Organic farming : Soil Association's journal for organic horticulture and agriculture [Artikel]
Harvey, J. \ 2008
Verkoop van biologische groente-en-fruit-pakketten is in de lift. Van de ideologie die er in het begin achter zat (contact producent-consument en "streekgebonden verkoop", is echter niet veel meer te vinden nu retailers de formule steeds meer overnem ...
Cultivating resilience: Lessons from the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka \ LEISA : ILEIA newsletter for low-external-input and sustainable agriculture [Artikel]
Harvey, M. \ Wijewardane, S. \ 2008
Coastal communities are particularly vulnerable to climate change. They are affected by changes in sea-level and wave height, as well as changes in weather patterns. Some families with home gardens were better able to recover from the tsunami in Sri ...
The future for education in diet and health : ASET symposium \ Consumer sciences today [Artikel]
Harvey, B. \ MacCrea, D. \ Rose, A. \ 2005
The authors report on the All Saint Educational Trust (ASET) symposium which took place December 2004. The invited guests were strategic players with a wide range of role and responsibilities influencing the health and diet of young people in some wa ...
The cultured landscape : designing the environment in the 21st century [Boek]
Harvey, S. \ Fieldhouse, K. \ 2005
Endocrine and hormonal toxicology [Boek]
Harvey, P.W. \ Rush, K.C. \ 1999
Medicating through the drinker : IPVS health focus \ Pig international [Artikel]
Harvey, R. \ 1998
Aanwijzingen voor het toevoegen van antibiotica in het drinkwater voor varkens
The killing of the countryside [Boek]
Harvey, G. \ 1998
Justice, nature and the geography of difference [Boek]
Harvey, D. \ 1996
Regional economics approach : quantitative models in integrated scenario studies \ Scenario studies for the rural environment : selected and edited proceedings of the symposium scenario studies for the rural environment, Wageningen, The Netherlands, 12 - 15 September 1994 [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Harvey, D.R. \ White, B. \ 1995
School nutrition action groups [SNAGs] \ The home economist : journal of the Institute of Home Economics [Artikel]
Harvey, J. \ Passmore, S. \ 1995
SNAGs are a pioneering approach to achieving consistent messages between what is taught in the classroom and what is provided in school dining halls, tuckshops and vending machines. The key element is in building a school based healthy alliance betwe ...
A geochemical and isotopic approach to delineate landfill leachates in an RCRA study \ Ground water : journal of the National Water Well Association [Artikel]
Fritz, S.J. \ Bryan, J.D. \ Harvey, F.E. \ 1994
Time use research \ Social indicators research : an international and interdisciplinary journal for quality-of-life measurement [Artikel]
Harvey, A.S. \ 1993
Issue entirely dedicated to time use research. Articles include: Australian's changing use of time, grounding time use in microspace, leisure before and after parenthood, social interaction and the social meanings of action, guidelines for time use c ...
The drug pushers ... hormones [in cattle] \ Farmers weekly [Artikel]
Harvey, J. \ Wilson, R. \ 1991
Kenschetsing van de handel in illegale groeihormonen en van de beschermingsmaatregelen voor boeren en consumenten in Groot-Brittannie
Setting the scene for setting aside : facing facts: 7 \ Farmers weekly [Artikel]
Harvey, G. \ 1991
Aan de hand van gesprekken met voorlichters en ondernemers, die reeds gebruik maken van de regeling, worden de mogelijkheden bekeken van braakliggen
Research on time use \ Social indicators research : an international and interdisciplinary journal for quality-of-life measurement [Artikel]
Harvey, A.S. \ Clark, S.M. \ Shaw, S.M. \ 1990
Special issue: 'Research on time use'. The included papers do two things : first they identify issues related to the collection and analysis of time use data; second, they show how time use data can be effectively applied to improve one's understandi ...
Effective unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of layered sands \ Water resources research [Artikel]
Yeh, T.C.J. \ Harvey, D.J. \ 1990
Grain sector shows a route to survival \ Farmers weekly [Artikel]
Harvey, G. \ 1990
Aandacht voor de kwaliteit van de granen waardoor deze geexporteerd kunnen worden. Kwaliteit heeft voorrang boven de opbrengst van de graanrassen
Information sources in the earth sciences [Bibliografie] - 2nd ed.
Wood, D.N. \ Hardy, J.E. \ Harvey, A.P. \ 1989
Explaining the emotion people experience in suburban parks \ Environment and behavior : an interdisciplinary journal concerned with the study, design, and control of the physical environment and its interaction with human behavioral systems [Artikel]
Hull IV, R.B. \ Harvey, A. \ 1989
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