We can do better \ Farming matters : small-scale agriculture for a sustainable society [Artikel]
Hunter, D. \ Fanzo, J. \ Walsum, E. van \ 2011
One of the greatest challenges facing the world is to ensure that everybody has access to adequate food that is healthy, safe and of high nutritional quality - and to do so in a manner that is environmentally sustainable. At present the current globa ...
Reclaiming agriculture for Pacific youth \ Farming matters : small-scale agriculture for a sustainable society [Artikel]
Brown, M. \ Manley, M. \ Kumar, V. \ Hunter, D. \ 2011
Are young people interested in farming? This depends on the possibilities they see in terms of work, wages and livelihoods. A thorough survey has shown what young people in the Pacific think, and different efforts are already showing positive results ...
Sea level rise and risk assessment [Presentatie]
Hunter, J. \ 2010
Deltas in Depth Theme 7: Decision support instruments for climate adaptation policy, Session DD 7.2: DSS - enhancing decision making. Sea level rise and risk assessment, Dr. John Hunter, Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre, A ...
Utility of different data types for calibrating flood inundation models within a GLUE framework \ Hydrology and earth system sciences [Artikel]
Hunter, N.M. \ Bates, P.D. \ Horritt, M.S. \ 2005
To translate a point hydrograph forecast into products for use by environmental agencies and civil protection authorities, a hydraulic model is necessary. Typical one- and two-dimensional hydraulic models are able to predict dynamically varying inund ...
Weinbereitung am Kap der guten Hoffnung \ Obst- und Weinbau [Artikel]
Temperli, T. \ Louw, A. \ Hunter, K. \ 2004
Het bereiden van wijn in een warm klimaat werd bestudeerd op het onderzoeksinstituut Nietvoorbij in Stellenbosch, waar onderzoek wordt gedaan naar het rijpen van druiven. Met tabellen waarin de ontwikkeling van fenolen en de kleurintensiteit van de w ...
Everyday homeopathy for animals [Boek]Inhoudsopgave
Hunter, F. \ 2004
The main section of the book provides guidance on how to select the appropriate remedy across a wide range of illnesses and conditions that are common to most animals. Shorter sections dealing with the problems that arise in particular species follow ...
Fundamentals of conservation biology [Boek] - 2nd ed
Hunter, M.L. \ 2002
Ecosystem approaches to landscape management in Central Europe [Boek]
Tenhunen, J.D. \ Lenz, R. \ Hantschel, R. \ Hunter, S. \ 2000
The challenges in ecosystem science encompass a broadening and strengthening of interdisciplinary ties, the transfer of knowledge of the ecosystem across scales, and the inclusion of anthropogenic impacts and human behavior into ecosystem, landscape, ...
Parenting alone to multiple caregivers : child care and parenting arrangements in black and white urban families \ Family relations / National Council on Family Relations [Artikel]
Hunter, A.G. \ 1998
Rats, bats and traps : indigenous methods of vertebrate pest control in the Maldives \ LEISA : ILEIA newsletter for low-external-input and sustainable agriculture [Artikel]
Hunter, D. \ 1997
Control of rats, fruit bats and water hens on the atolls of the Maldives, where these vertebrates have no natural enemies and cause serious losses to agricultural production
Modeling the uncertainty of slope and aspect estimates derived from spatial databases \ Geographical analysis : an international journal of theoretical geography [Artikel]
Hunter, G.J. \ Goodchild, M.F. \ 1997
Fundamentals of conservation biology [Boek]
Hunter, M.L. \ 1996
Sow behaviour and welfare in two dump feeding systems \ Farm building progress / Scottish Farm Buildings Investigation Unit [Artikel]
Baynes, P.J. \ Hunter, E.J. \ Guise, H.J. \ 1995
Gedragsstudie, waarbij voederinrichtingen tussen groepen zeugen werden opgehangen met enerzijds een natuurlijk ventilatie-systeem en anderzijds een met de thermostaat gecontroleerd ventilatie-systeem met fans
What's wrong with nutrition labeling? \ Consumers' research magazine [Artikel]
Hunter, B.T. \ 1993
A critical note on US's Food and Drug Administration's initiative for massive labeling of nutrition. Too many facts on the labels may result in the public not reading them
The importance of ingredient labeling \ Consumers' research magazine [Artikel]
Hunter, B.T. \ 1993
Argument about the risks that people with food allergies run because of incomplete or wrong ingredient information. The official monitoring by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its Canadian counterpart are discussed and some of the final rul ...
Soil - vehicle interaction (C) \ Journal of terramechanics [Artikel]
Hunter, A.G.M. \ 1991
How useful are food standards? \ Consumers' research magazine [Artikel]
Hunter, B.T. \ 1991
Discussion about the pros and cons of standards of identity
Application of the Delphi technique in tourism \ Annals of tourism research : a social sciences journal [Artikel]
Green, H. \ Hunter, C. \ Moore, B. \ 1990
The development of a historical digital cadastral database \ International journal of geographical information systems [Artikel]
Hunter, G.J. \ Williamson, I.P. \ 1990
Gas diffusion, fluid flow and derived pore continuity indices in relation to vehicle traffic and tillage \ The Journal of soil science [Artikel]
Ball, B.C. \ O'Sullivan, M.F. \ Hunter, R. \ 1988
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