Global soil biodiversity atlas [Boek]
Orgiazzi, A. \ Bardgett, R. D. \ Barrios, E. \ Behan-Pelletier, V. \ Briones, M. J. I. (Maria) \ Chotte, J-L \ De Deyn, G. B. \ Eggleton, P. \ Fraser, T. \ Hedlund, K. \ Jeffery, S. \ Johnson, N. C. \ Jones, A. \ Kandeler, E. \ Kaneko, N. \ Lavell, P. \ Lemanceau, P. \ Miko, L. \ Montanarella, L. \ Moreira, F. M. S. \ Ramirez, K. S. \ Scheu, S. \ Singh, K. \ Six, J. \ Van der Putten, W. H. \ Griffiths, R. I. \ 2016
Reconciling food security and bioenergy: priorities for action \ Global change biology, bioenergy [Artikel]
Kline, K.L. \ Msangi, S. \ Dale, V.H. \ Woods, J. \ Souza, G.M. \ Osseweijer, P. \ Clancy, J.S. \ Hilbert, J.A. \ Johnson, F.X. \ McDonnell, P.C. \ Mugera, H.K. \ 2016
Understanding the complex interactions among food security, bioenergy sustainability, and resource management requires a focus on specific contextual problems and opportunities. The United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals place a high prio ...
The evolution of UK flood insurance: incremental change over six decades \ International journal of water resources development [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Penning-Rowsell, E.C. \ Priest, S. \ Johnson, C. \ 2014
In this paper, the authors' theorizing shifts away from the catalytic role of the flood itself – or other crises – towards a deeper understanding of the relationship between change and stability, taking the example of UK flood insurance and the agree ...
Recent rural law developments in the United States \ Tijdschrift voor agrarisch recht [Artikel]
Centner, T.J. \ Johnson, M.A. \ 2013
The U.S. farm economy remains strong. Generally high commodity prices for grains have led to higher land prices in areas with good crop land and robust sales of agricultural equipment. However, debate on the Farm Bill shows strong rural support for g ...
The fishery value of coral reefs in Bonaire : applying various valuation techniques [Boek]
Schep, S. \ Johnson, A. \ Beukering, P. van \ Wolfs, E. \ 2012
Fishing provides an important source of income and livelihood on the Caribbean Island of Bonaire, also many people fish for recreational purposes. A large part of the catch is composed of reef-dependent species, which rely on the health and productiv ...
Afrikaanse landbouwgigant wordt langzaam wakker : biologische landbouw: nieuwe inkomstenbron voor Nigeria? \ Ekoland : vakblad voor biologische landbouwmethoden, verwerking, afzet en natuurvoeding [Artikel]
Johnson, M. \ 2011
Nigeria doet er goed aan om actief in te zetten op biologische landbouw, zowel voor de welvaart als voor het welzijn van de bevolking. De stap van hun traditionele naar biologische landbouwmethoden is klein.
Short- and long-term temperature effects on aerobic polyhydroxybutyrate producing mixed cultures \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
Johnson, K. \ Geest, J. van \ Kleerebezem, R. \ Loosdrecht, M.C.M. van \ 2010
Short- and long-term temperature effects on polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) producing mixed cultures enriched in feast-famine sequencing batch reactors were investigated in a temperature range of 15-35 graden C and 15-30 graden C, respectively. After short ...
Influence of the C/N ratio on the performance of polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) producing sequencing batch reactors at short SRTs \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
Johnson, K. \ Kleerebezem, R. \ Loosdrecht, M.C.M. van \ 2010
Many waste streams that are suitable substrates for mixed culture bioplastic (polyhydroxyalkanoate, PHA) production are nutrient limited and may need to be supplemented to allow sufficient growth of PHA accumulating bacteria. The scope of this study ...
Productivity, respiration, and light-response parameters of world grassland and agro-ecosystems derived from flux-tower measurements \ Rangeland ecology & management / Society for Range Management [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Gilmanov, T.G. \ Aires, L. \ Barcza, Z. \ Baron, V.S. \ Belelli, L. \ Beringer, J. \ Billesbach, D. \ Bonal, D. \ Bradford, J. \ Ceschia, E. \ Cook, D. \ Corradi, C. \ Frank, A. \ Gianelle, D. \ Gimeno, C. \ Gruenwald, T. \ Guo, H. \ Hanan, N. \ Haszpra, L. \ Heilman, J. \ Jacobs, A.F.G. \ Jones, M.B. \ Johnson, D.A. \ Kiely, G. \ Li, S. \ Magliulo, V. \ Moors, E.J. \ Nagy, Z. \ Nasyrov, M. \ Owensby, C. \ Pinter, K. \ Pio, C. \ Reichstein, M. \ Sanz, M.J. \ Scott, R. \ Soussana, J.F. \ Stoy, P.C. \ Svejcar, T. \ Tuba, Z. \ Zhou, G. \ 2010
Grasslands and agroecosystems occupy one-third of the terrestrial area, but their contribution to the global carbon cycle remains uncertain. We used a set of 316 site-years of CO2 exchange measurements to quantify gross primary productivity, respirat ...
Borth-the marzipan capital of the world? [Presentatie]
Johnson, E.A. \ 2010
Deltas in Depth Theme 5: Competing claims and land use in deltas under climate change, Session DD 5.2: Generating and evaluating potential solutions. Borth-the marzipan capital of the world? Elizabeth Alice Johnson, Royal Haskoning, United Kingdom (2 ...
Animals make us human : creating the best life for animals [Boek] - First Mariner Books edition
Grandin, T. \ Johnson, C. \ 2010
It’s usually easy to pinpoint the cause of physical pain in animals, but to know what is causing them emotional distress is much harder. Drawing on the latest research the authors of this book identify the core emotional needs of animals. Then it is ...
Epigenomic plasticity within populations: its evolutionary significance and potential \ Heredity : an international journal of genetics [Artikel]
Johnson, L.J. \ Tricker, P.J. \ 2010
Epigenetics has progressed rapidly from an obscure quirk of heredity into a data-heavy ‘omic’ science. Our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of epigenomic regulation, and the extent of its importance in nature, are far from complete, but in s ...
Landscape ethnoecology : concepts of biotic and physical space [Boek]
Johnson, L.M. \ Hunn, E.S. \ 2010
Although anthropologists and cultural geographers have explored “place” in various senses, little cross-cultural examination of “kinds of place,” or ecotopes, has been presented from an ethno-ecological perspective. In this volume, indigenous and loc ...
Household food and drink waste in the UK : final report [Boek]
Quested, T. \ Johnson, H. \ 2009
A report containing quantification of the amount and types of household food and drink waste in the UK.
Notes on Dutch Cryptophagidae (Coleoptera) \ Nederlandse faunistische mededelingen / Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum [Artikel]
Vorst, O. \ Johnson, C. \ 2008
Cryptophagidae are not a popular group with Dutch coleopterists. Not surprisingly, as cryptophagid beetles are not only small to very small, their identification is also often problematic. The two largest genera, Cryptophagus and Atomaria, are among ...
Do cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs discharged into rivers pose a risk to the environment and human health? An overview and UK case study \ Journal of hydrology [Artikel]
Johnson, A.C. \ Jürgens, M.D. \ Williams, R.J. \ Kümmerer, K. \ Kortenkamp, A. \ Sumpter, J.P. \ 2008
This opinion paper assesses for the UK, whether the current use of cytotoxic drugs, one of the most toxic pharmaceuticals in common use, could pose a risk to aquatic organisms and to humans through water recycling. A water quality model was set up fo ...
State of cat genomics \ Trends in genetics : D.N.A. differentiation and development [Artikel]
O'Brien, S.J. \ Johnson, W. \ Driscoll, C. \ Pontius, J. \ Pecon-Slattery, J. \ Menotti-Raymond, M. \ 2008
Our knowledge of cat family biology was recently expanded to include a genomics perspective with the completion of a draft whole genome sequence of an Abyssinian cat. The utility of the new genome information has been demonstrated by applications ran ...
Top value added chemicals from biomass - Volume II: Results of screening for potential candidates from biorefinery lignin [Boek]
Holladay, J. \ White, J.F. \ Bozell, J. \ Johnson, D. \ Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) \ National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) \ 2007
This report evaluates lignin’s role as a renewable raw material resource. Opportunities that arise from utilizing lignin fit into three categories: power, fuel and syngas (generally near-term opportunities); macromolecules (generally medium-term oppo ...
Feeding the generations : a unique intergenerational nutrition program \ Journal of family and consumer sciences [Artikel]
Quigley, K.K. \ Absher, A.G. \ Hildebrand, D. \ Johnson, C.A. \ 2006
The Older American Act Nutritional Program and the Summer Food Service Program were combined to provide a unique intergenerational meal program in rural Oklahoma. Focus groups consisting of older adults, children, and site staff were conducted to ass ...
Urgent preliminary assessment of ornithological data relevant to the spread of Avian Influenza in Europe : report to the European Commission [Boek]
Atkinson, P.W. \ Delany, S. \ Clark, J.A. \ Diagana, C.H. \ Feu, C. du \ Fiedler, W. \ Fransson, T. \ Gaulthier-Clerc, M. \ Grantham, M. \ Gschweng, M. \ Hagemeijer, W. \ Helmink, T. \ Johnson, A. \ Khomenko, S. \ Martakis, G. \ Overdijk, O. \ Robinson, R.A. \ Solokha, A. \ Spina, F. \ Sylla, S.I. \ Veen, J. \ Visser, D. \ 2006
In de loop van 2005 is de aziatische variant van het hoog pathogene Aviarie Influenzavirus (PAI H5N1) verspreid van zuidoost Azië, via zuidwest Siberië, Kazakstan en de zuidelijke Oeral. He vermoeden bestaat dat trekvogels een rol hebben gespeeld in ...
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