Theory of pH changes in water desalination by capacitive deionization \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
Dykstra, J.E. \ Keesman, K.J. \ Biesheuvel, P.M. \ Wal, A. van der \ 2017
In electrochemical water desalination, a large difference in pH can develop between feed and effluent water. These pH changes can affect the long-term stability of membranes and electrodes. Often Faradaic reactions are implicated to explain these pH ...
Opportunities and challenges of multi-loop aquaponic systems [Proefschrift]
Goddek, Simon \ 2017
New wastewater treatment concepts towards energy saving and resource recovery [Proefschrift]
Khiewwijit, Rungnapha \ 2016
The urban harvest approach as framework and planning tool for improved water and resource cycles \ Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research [Artikel]
Leusbrock, I. \ Nanninga, T.A. \ Lieberg, K. \ Agudelo-Vera, C.M. \ Keesman, K.J. \ Zeeman, G. \ Rijnaarts, H.H.M. \ 2015
Water and resource availability in sufficient quantity and quality for anthropogenic needs represents one of the main challenges in the coming decades. To prepare for upcoming challenges such as increased urbanization and climate change related conse ...
Modeling studies of biological gas desulfurization under haloalkaline conditions [Proefschrift]
Klok, J.B.M. \ 2015
Design of an in vivo controller [Studentenverslag]
Gerritsen, C. \ 2015
Sulfide response analysis for sulfide control using apS electrode in sulfate reducing bioreactors \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
Villa-Gomez, D.K. \ Cassidy, J. \ Keesman, K.J. \ Sampaio, R. \ Lens, P.N.L. \ 2014
Step changes in the organic loading rate (OLR) through variations in the influent chemical oxygen demand (CODin) concentration or in the hydraulic retention time (HRT) at constant COD/SO4 2- ratio (0.67) were applied to create sulfide responses for t ...
Agricultural storage : concepts and modelling [Studentenverslag]
Grubben, N.L.M. \ 2013
In a biobased economy, for continuous operation of processes continuous streams of raw material is desirable. Since, most raw organic material streams from agricultural show seasonal fluctuation, a need for storage facilities is a fact. Zoomed in on ...
Evaluating the potential of improving residential water balance at building scale \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
Agudelo Vera, C.M. \ Keesman, K.J. \ Mels, A.R. \ Rijnaarts, H.H.M. \ 2013
Earlier results indicated that, for an average household, self-sufficiency in water supply can be achieved by following the Urban harvest Approach (UHA), in a combination of demand minimization, cascading and multi-sourcing. To achieve these results, ...
Ultrasound bioreactor design and testing [Studentenverslag]
Beus, N. de \ 2013
Thus the ultrasound bioreactor provides an interesting alternative for wastewater treatment in small to medium scale wastewater treatment. This study researches the possibility of using ultrasound as solid-liquid separator in wastewater treatment, th ...
A physiologically based kinetic model for bacterial sulfide oxidation \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
Klok, J.B.M. \ Graaff, M. de \ Bosch, P.L.F. van den \ Boelee, N.C. \ Keesman, K.J. \ Janssen, A.J.H. \ 2013
In the biotechnological process for hydrogen sulfide removal from gas streams, a variety of oxidation products can be formed. Under natron-alkaline conditions, sulfide is oxidized by haloalkaliphilic sulfide oxidizing bacteria via flavocytochrome c o ...
Novel designs for energy and nutrient recovery in municipal wastewater using a dynamic modeling approach [Studentenverslag]
Bozileva, E. \ 2013
Dynamic modelling of a novel promising scenario for municipal wastewater treatment was performed in this work. In this scenario such processes as bioflocculation, anaerobic digestion, partial nitritation and Anammox are combined in a single system. T ...
Deriving rules of thumb for the control of a novel WWTP using a dynamical model [Studentenverslag]
Hassan, A. \ 2013
A novel concept has been introduced by Khiewwijit, 2013 (in preparation) where several scenarios have been proposed for the municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in the Netherlands. In this study, existing and novel processes which consists of ...
Optimization of the downstream processing of microalgal biomass to biodiesel [Studentenverslag]
Koetzier, B.J. \ 2012
Producing biodiesel from microalgae is one way to provide the world with a renewable energy source. Unfortunately not much is known about the energy requirement for different methods of downstream processing of microalgal biomass into biodiesel, and ...
Dynamic water resource management for achieving self-sufficiency of cities of tomorrow [Proefschrift]
Agudelo Vera, C.M. \ 2012
Steden kunnen beschouwd worden als producenten van primaire en secundaire grondstoffen. Volgens onze hypothese, moet deze zelfvoorziening uitgaan van de kleinst mogelijke ruimtelijke schaal. De mogelijkheden om energie en water in Nederland te ‘oogst ...
Concentration based flow control in acoustic separation of suspensions [Studentenverslag]
Stefanova, L. \ 2012
Optimization of energy and water cycles at block level in Wageningen [Studentenverslag]
Voogt, R.J. \ 2011
Today urbanisation, the expected growth of the world population and the higher living standards are trending topics, which contribute to an increased pressure on available resources. These resources have a limited availability. Thus the renewability ...
Multi cylinder modelling of broccoli drying [Studentenverslag]
Eisma, J. \ 2010
Drying is a process that can be modelled according to the familiar rules of physics. In this thesis, drying of broccoli is modelled numerically using a multi-cylinder approach using the forward central formulation of Fick’s second law on diffusion, w ...
Quantifying the greenhouse gas emissions of wastewater treatment plants [Studentenverslag]
Snip, L. \ Snip, L.J.P. \ 2009
There is an interest to determine the carbon footprints of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) due to global warming. The boundaries chosen for the estimation of the carbon footprint are according to Scope 2 the direct GHG emissions during the proces ...
Identification of algea growth kinetics [Boek]
Hermanto, M.B. \ 2009
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