Kenema, Sierra Leone : Cultivating Young Agriculturalists \ Urban agriculture magazine / Resource Centre for Urban Agriculture (RUAF) [Artikel]
Santigie Bangura, K. \ Gbanie, S. \ Lynch, K.D. \ 2018
Sierra Leone suffered a devastating civil war between 1991 and 2002 and an Ebola virus disease outbreak in 2014/15. During the war many people, many of them young, fled the conflict by heading to the city for protection. As a result, Sierra Leone is ...
Proceedings of the 1st international symposium on organic apple and pear : Wolfville, Canada, February 28-March 2, 2006 [Congresverslag]
Martin, R. \ Embree, C. \ Lynch, D. \ Prange, R. \ 2007
Rural-urban interaction in the developing world [Boek]
Lynch, K. \ 2005
The Talamanca Initiative \ LEISA : ILEIA newsletter for low-external-input and sustainable agriculture [Artikel]
Lynch, D. \ 2004
The Talamanca region in the south of Costa Rica is the country’s poorest region in socio-economic terms, but the richest in terms of biodiversity and tropical forest ecosystems. To preserve this biodiversity, the Amistad International Peace Park has ...
Organic poultry production in Ireland : problems and possible solutions [Boek]
O'Connell, K. \ Lynch, B. \ 2004
"The National Steering Group for the Organic Sector was established by Mr. Noel Treacy TD, Minister for State in 2002, with responsibility for organic food and farming. A Partnership Expert Working Group was set up as a sub-group of the Steering Grou ...
Legal volunteering: a test of two theories of intergenerational transmission \ Journal of marriage and the family : quarterly journal / National Council on Family Relations [Artikel]
Mustillo, S. \ Wilson, J. \ Lynch, S.M. \ 2004
Sociological theory suggests two reasons that volunteering runs in families. The first is that parents act as role models. The second is that parents who volunteer pass on the socioeconomic resources needed to do volunteer work. Panel data from two g ...
Agricultural Market Knowledge: Systems for Delivery of a Private and Public Good \ The journal of agricultural education and extension : international journal on changes in agricultural knowledge and action systems [Artikel]
Poole, N.D. \ Lynch, K. \ 2003
This article analyses the knowledge needs of agricultural smallholders from a theoretical and practical perspective, focuses on the 'private good' nature of some kinds of market knowledge, and evaluates Information and Communications technologies (IC ...
Innovative soil-plant systems for sustainable agricultural practices : proceedings of an international workshop organized by the University of Ankara, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Soil Science, 3-7 June 2002, Izmir, Turkey [Congresverslag]
Lynch, J.M. \ Schepers, J.S. \ 2003
Fécondité, calendrier des naissances et milieu social en France et en Grande-Bretagne : politiques sociales et polarisation socioprofessionnelle \ Population : revue bimestrielle de l' Institut National d' Etudes Demographiques [Artikel]
Ekert-Jaffé, O. \ Joshi, H. \ Lynch, K. \ 2002
La comparaison de l'agrandissement des familles et du calendrier des naissances entre la France et la Grande-Bretagne renvoie à l'influence de la politique familiale et des conditions économiques sur les comportements démographiques
Customer loyalty : succesvol klanten winnen en binden [Boek]
Lynch, J.J. \ Gelder, S. van \ 1996
Phytase allows flexibility in laying hen diets \ Feedstuffs : the weekly newspaper for agribusiness [Artikel]
Lynch, G.L. \ 1996
Toevoeging van het enzym fytase aan voeder voor leghennen heeft geen nadelige invloed op de produktie of op de eischaalkwaliteit. Fytase leidt tot een betere benutting van fytaat en calcium. Tevens wordt het fosforgehalte in de mest verlaagd met 20 t ...
The International workshop on establishment of microbial inocula in soils: Cooperative research project on biological research management of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) \ American journal of alternative agriculture [Artikel]
Elliott, L.F. \ Lynch, J.M. \ 1995
Summaries of papers presented at a workshop held in Maui (Hawaii). The workshop reflected the priorities developed under Theme 1 of the OECD research project 1990-1994: modification of plant/soil/microbial interactions to reduce inputs in farming sys ...
Biological control : benefits and risks [Boek]
Hokkanen, H.M.T. \ Lynch, J.M. \ 1995
Leading scientists in the fields of biological control, agricultural ecology and biotechnology were invited to analyse the benefits and risks associated with biological control. This book is the outcome of that analysis. It covers classical biologica ...
Preparing input data for a national scale groundwater vulnerability map of Southern Africa \ Water S.A. [Artikel]
Lynch, S.D. \ Reynders, A.G. \ Schulze, R.E. \ 1994
Automated wet feeding of pigs \ Farm and food [Artikel]
O'Reilly, J. \ Lynch, B. \ 1992
Gegevens van onderzoek over de sterk wisselende samenstelling van natte voeders en de invloed hiervan op de financiele bedrijfsresultaten
Glasshouse plastic tested in the pink \ Grower [Artikel]
Lynch, S. \ 1989
Micro-organisms in action : concepts and applications in microbial ecology [Boek] - 2nd ed.
Lynch, J.M. \ Hobbie, J.E. \ 1988
Linking agricultural and consumer cooperatives : a strategy for cooperative development \ Journal of consumer policy [Artikel]
Sommer, R. \ Lynch, L. \ 1988
Rhizosphere microbiology and its manipulation \ The role of microorganisms in a sustainable agriculture : selected papers from the second international conference on biological agriculture, University of London, Wye College, Wye, Kent, UK [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Lynch, J.M. \ 1986
A review on energy sources and population dynamics of the rhizosphere and the consequences for the plant
Rhizosphere microbiology and its manipulation \ Biological agriculture and horticulture : an international journal [Artikel]
Lynch, J.M. \ 1986
Presentation of the population dynamics of bacteria in the rhizosphere. For commercial manipulation, either by inoculation of natural or genetically manipulated organisms, more investigations to the physiology of the rhizosphere have to be done
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