D5.3 : Report on economic and societal impacts of the proposed measures [Boek]
Bruggeman, A. \ Freitas, A. \ Petersen, A. \ Hein, A. \ Seifu Grange, A. \ Iacovides, A. \ Zoumides, C. \ Strehl, C. \ Interwies, E. \ Martinez-Gomariz, E. \ Giannakis, E. \ Kristvik, E. \ Vollmer, F. \ Rocha, F. \ Alphen, H.-J. van \ Koti, J. \ Handelsmann, L. \ Locatelli, L. \ Sekse, M. \ Scheibel, M. \ Guerrero Hidalga, M. \ Mouskoundis, M. \ Aase, M. \ Martinez, M. \ Lorza, P. \ Brito, P. \ Mittelstädt, R. \ Görlitz, S. \ Buil, S. \ Spek, T. \ Luckner, T. \ Muthanna, T. \ 2019
This report summarises the results on climate change adaptation measures at all BINGO research sites. Case studies to define, explore, assess and compare risk reduction measures to a variety of water supply, water quality and urban drainage risks hav ...
D3.6 : Optimized water resources models as a support to management strategies [Boek]
Becker, R. \ Beek, T. aus der \ Bruggeman, A. \ Fortunato, A.B. \ Freire, P. \ Giannakis, E. \ Gragne, A.S. \ Huijgevoort, M.H.J. van \ Iacovides, A. \ Iacovides, I. \ Kristvik, E. \ Kübeck, C. \ Locatelli, L. \ Lorza, P. \ Martinez, E. \ Mouskoundis, M. \ Muthanna, T. \ Novo, E. \ Oliveira, M. \ Rijpkema, S. \ Rodrigues, M. \ Rodrigues, R. \ Russo, B. \ Scheibel, M. \ Villanueva, A. \ Voortman, B.R. \ Witte, J.P.M. \ 2019
Bringing INnovation to onGOing water management – a better future under climate change. This report D3.6 provides an overview of the benefit of the BINGO modelling approach for 14 sites in 6 countries. Even though the sites are diverse, as they each ...
Genetic diversity and population structure in Portuguese goat breeds \ Livestock science [Artikel]
Bruno-de-Sousa, C. \ Martinez, A.M. \ Ginja, C. \ Santos-Silva, F. \ Carolino, M.I. \ Delgado, J.V. \ Gama, L.T. \ 2011
Genetic diversity was assessed in the Portuguese native breeds of goats Algarvia (AL), Bravia (BR), Charnequeira (CH), Preta de Montesinho (PM), Serpentina (SP) and Serrana (SR), by analyzing 25 microsatellite markers in 193 animals. Genetic variabil ...
Genetic relationships between two homologous goat breeds from Portugal and Brazil assessed by microsatellite markers \ Small ruminant research : the official journal of the International Goat Association [Artikel]
Oliveira, J.C.V. \ Ribeiro, M.N. \ Rocha, L.L. \ Gomes-Filho, M.A. \ Delgado, J.V. \ Martinez, A.M. \ Menezes, M.P.C. \ Bettencourt, C.M. \ Gama, L.T. \ 2010
Twenty microsatellite markers were used to investigate genetic diversity and relationships in the Portuguese Serpentina (SERP) and the Brazilian Moxotó (MOX) goat breeds, which present a striking resemblance and are believed to have a common origin. ...
Genetic parameters and trends of growth traits in a conservation herd of the Colombian Creole cattle breed Blanco Orejinegro (BON) \ Proceedings of the 9th world congress on genetics applied to livestock production, Leipzig, Germany, August 1-6, 2010 [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Martinez, R. \ Fernández, J. \ Gallego, J. \ 2010
Effective management of genetic diversity in a threatened breed is essential for its sustainable use in the future because a limited number of breeders will inevitably lead to increased inbreeding and thus to a reduction in additive genetic variance ...
Consumer beliefs and attitudes towards dry-cured ham and protected designation of origin Teruel ham in two Spanish regions differing in product knowledge \ Food science and technology international = Ciencia y tecnologia de alimentos internacional [Artikel]
Cilla, I. \ Martinez, L. \ Guerrero, L. \ Guardia, M.D. \ Arnau, J. \ Altarriba, J. \ Roncales, P. \ 2006
This work compared the responses of a consumer survey on beliefs and attitudes towards dry-cured ham and protected designation of origin (PDO) Teruel ham carried out in two Spanish regions differing in Teruel ham knowledge: Aragon (high knowledge) an ...
Estructura y funcion del banco de germoplasma in vitro en Colombia \ Archivos de zootecnia : publicacion trimestral [Artikel]
Martinez, R. \ Avila, O. \ Perez, J. \ Gallego, J. \ Onofre, H. \ 2005
The in vitro germplasm bank is a support and tool for conservation of endangered Colombian Creole breeds. Under ultrafreezing methods, this germplasm bank maintains semen and embryos of 7 Colombian Creole cattle breeds (San Martinero, Romosinuano, Co ...
Application of modern analytical techniques to ensure seafood safety and authenticity [Boek]
Martinez, I. \ James, D. \ Loréal, H. \ 2005
This paper is intended to provide an overview of the application of some analytical techniques to ensure seafood safety and authenticity. The first part examines traditional and modern methods for the detection and typing of agents implicated in seaf ...
Habitat selection by female otters with small cubs in freshwater habitats in northeast Spain \ Lutra : orgaan van de Vereniging voor zoogdierkunde en zoogdierbescherming = Bulletin de la Societe pour l' etude et la protection des mammiferes [Artikel]
Ruiz-Olmo, J. \ Batet, A. \ Jiménez, J. \ Martinez, D. \ 2005
De habitatvoorkeur van vrouwtjesotters met jongen werden in Mediterrane zoetwater-habitats in Spanje bestudeerd
"Coastal dunes: ecology and conservation" : Boekrecensie \ Holland's duinen : informatie over het duinonderzoek in Berkheide, Meijendel en Solleveld [Artikel]
Martinez, M.L. \ Psuty, N.P. \ 2005
Het meeste onderzoek naar kustduinen en hun kenmerkende flora en vegetatie is in Europa en de VS gedaan. Zo zou je wellicht de indruk krijgen dat daar de belangrijkste en grootste duingebieden liggen. Dat is niet zo. Duinen komen niet alleen in de ge ...
Harmonizing production and biodiversity \ LEISA : ILEIA newsletter for low-external-input and sustainable agriculture [Artikel]
Altieri, M.A. \ Herrera, A.M.B. \ Zambrano, H.Y.A. \ Martinez, J. \ 2004
Cacao agroforests, especially indigenous shade systems, are among the tropical agroecosystems that support the highest levels of biodiversity. This article takes a closer look at research carried out in the Talamanca region of Costa Rica and suggests ...
Zooplankton as a compound mineralising and synthesizing system : phosphorus excretion \ Hydrobiologia [Artikel]
Gulati, R.D. \ Martinez, C.P. \ Siewertsen, K. \ 1995
Measurement devices for irrigation water \ International journal of water resources development [Artikel]
Martinez, P. \ Mundo, M. \ Carrillo, M. \ 1994
Grit ingestion and cereal consumption in five corvid species \ Ardea : tijdschrift der Nederlandse Ornithologische Unie [Artikel]
Soler, J.J. \ Soler, M. \ Martinez, J.G. \ 1993
Pineapples cultivated by conventional and organic methods in a soil from a banana plantation. A comparative study of soil fertility, plant nutrition and yields \ Biological agriculture and horticulture : an international journal [Artikel]
Alvarez, C.E. \ Carracedo, A.E. \ Iglesias, E. \ Martinez, M.C. \ 1993
No differences between conventional and organically grown pineapples in the Canary islands were observed ih the growth rate of the plants, measurements of the leaves, and fruit characteristics, except in the weight without crown which was significant ...
Effects of a cover crop on nitrogen behaviour : a two years lysimeter study using 15 N \ Fertilization and the environment [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Martinez, J. \ Guiraud, G. \ 1990
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