Potential for Bio-ethanol (from Sugar Beet) to Bio-ethylene : Hummingbird Ethanol-to-Ethylene Technology [Presentatie]
Simpson, A. \ 2019
Powerpoint presentation about the Hummingbird Ethanol-to-Ethylene Technology.
Geoarchaeological prospection of a Medieval manor in the Dutch polders using an electromagnetic induction sensor in combination with soil augerings \ Geoarchaeology [Artikel]
Simpson, D. \ Lehouck, A. \ Meirvenne, M. Van \ Bourgeois, J. \ Thoen, E. \ Vervloet, J.A.J. \ 2008
In archaeological prospection, geophysical sensors are increasingly being used to locate buried remains within their natural context. To cover a large area in sufficient detail, an electromagnetic induction sensor can be very useful, measuring simult ...
Towards a long-term integrated monitoring programme in Europe : network design in theory and practice \ Environmental monitoring and assessment : an international journal [Artikel]
Parr, T.W. \ Ferretti, M. \ Simpson, I.C. \ 2002
Survey shows Chinese farms substantial in size \ Feedstuffs : the weekly newspaper for agribusiness [Artikel]
Simpson, J.R. \ 1999
De ontwikkeling van veehouderijbedrijven en voordelen van zeer grote bedrijven
Calculation of anthropogenic air pollution stress \ Relationships between forest condition and natural and anthropogenic stress factors on the European scale : pilot study [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Leeuwen, E. van \ Loevblad, G. \ Simpson, D. \ Vries, W. de \ 1997
Tango, Eros und Emily - die neuen Erdbeersorten von HRI East Malling \ Obstbau [Artikel]
Simpson, D. \ Blanke, M. \ 1996
Kruisingsaspecten en onderzoek naar de schimmelresistentie en produktiekenmerken van drie nieuwe Engelse aardbeirassen
Eros oder Emily? - Die neuen Erdbeersorten von HRI East Malling \ Der Erwerbsobstbau : Berichte aus Wissenschaft und Praxis [Artikel]
Simpson, D. \ Blanke, M. \ 1996
VIV-Asia : analysis projects future livestock product demand in China \ Feedstuffs : the weekly newspaper for agribusiness [Artikel]
Simpson, J.R. \ Ward, R. \ 1995
De economische groei en urbanisatie in China hebben tot een aanzienlijke consumptiestijging geleid van vlees, melk en eieren
China has ability to be self sufficient in foodstuffs \ Feedstuffs : the weekly newspaper for agribusiness [Artikel]
Simpson, J.R. \ 1995
The lifeblood of agricultural change \ ILEIA newsletter / Informationcentre for Low External Input Agriculture [Artikel]
Simpson, B.M. \ 1994
Farmers in Mali rely on informal communication channels for agricultural innovation. Producers with similar production objectives and opportunities are linked with locally tested and verified information
Calypso und Tango - remontierende Erdbeersorten aus East Malling mit Verticillium - Resistenz \ Der Erwerbsobstbau : Berichte aus Wissenschaft und Praxis [Artikel]
Simpson, D. \ Blanke, M. \ 1994
Status variation on family farms : effects of crop, machinery, and off-farm work \ Rural sociology [Artikel]
Wilson, J. \ Simpson, J.H. \ Landerman, R. \ 1994
A study of 695 North Carolina farm couples is used to examine the extent to which 12 tasks on a farm are shared among family members and hired workers
Perceived risk and mail order shopping for apparel \ Journal of consumer studies and home economics [Artikel]
Simpson, L. \ Lakner, H.B. \ 1993
An exploration is given of the relationship between perceived risk regarding apparel selection and mail order shopping
World strawberries \ Grower [Artikel]
Simpson, D. \ 1993
Wereldwijde ontwikkelingen in veredeling en gewasbescherming in de aardbeienteelt
Readings in population research methodology [Boek]
Bogue, D.J. \ Arriaga, E.E. \ Anderton, D.L. \ Rumsey, G.W. \ Prachuabmoh, V. \ Han, E. \ Simpson, J. \ 1993
The requirement and availability of potassium fertilizers in organic agriculture \ Ecology and farming : international IFOAM-magazine [Artikel]
Simpson, D. \ Stopes, C. \ 1991
This paper deals with the role of potassium in the rotation and with sources of potassium for plant growth in organic agriculture. First results from pot trials with several sources of potassium fertilisers (a.o. Lime Kiln Dust, Adularian Shale, Lava ...
Automated cloud screening of AVHRR imagery using split-and-merge clustering \ Remote sensing of environment : an interdisciplinary journal [Artikel]
Gallaudet, T.G. \ Simpson, J.J. \ 1991
Issues in post-divorce housing : family policy or housing policy? [Boek]
MacCarthy, P. \ Simpson, B \ 1991
Selected papers on hydrogeology from the 28th international geological congress, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. July 9 - 19, 1989 [Congresverslag]
Simpson, E.S. \ Sharp, J.M. \ 1990
Strawberries : Pander Pandora \ Grower [Artikel]
Beech, M. \ Simpson, D. \ Taylor, D. \ 1989
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