Handhavingsprotocol Hokverrijking : praktische uitwerking van open normen in wetgeving helpt varkenswelzijn vooruit [Boek]
Jonge, Francien de \ Nieuwenhuizen, Jeroen van den \ Ekkelboom, Myra \ Ernst, Kristi \ Kerssen, Nynke \ Smeets, Sharine \ Sun, Yan \ Yin, Xuetong \ Blaauw, Xana \ He, Zhengxiao \ Jong, Mandy de \ Nauta, Charlotte \ Verdaasdonk, Marleen \ Kanhailal, Sharita \ 2019
Play behavior and environmental enrichment in pigs : Concretizing principle-based regulation Article 2.22, paragraph 1 from The Animal Keepers Decree to improve pig welfare [Studentenverslag]
Ernst, K. \ Ekkelboom, M. \ Kerssen, N. \ Smeets, S. \ Sun, Y. \ Yin, X. \ 2018
The Dutch Animal Act, developed to protect the welfare of animals in the Netherlands, contains ‘open norms’, internationally known as principle-based regulations. These principle-based regulations have been developed to improve farmers’ management on ...
Groene veredeling : bladluisresistentie in paprika [Factsheet]
Sun, M. \ Vorrips, R. \ Westende, W. van 't \ Vosman, B. \ Scholten, O. \ Lammerts van Bueren, E. \ 2017
Dit project heeft als doel de basis te leggen voor de ontwikkeling van bladluisresisten- te paprikarassen door één van de resis- tentste peper-accessies nader te karakte- riseren en daarmee bruikbaar maken voor veredelingsbedrijven.
Fate of nano- and microplastic in freshwater systems: a modeling study \ Environmental pollution [Artikel]
Besseling, E. \ Quik, J.T.K. \ Sun, M. \ Koelmans, A.A. \ 2016
Riverine transport to the marine environment is an important pathway for microplastic. However, information on fate and transport of nano- and microplastic in freshwater systems is lacking. Here we present scenario studies on the fate and transport o ...
Morphological and molecular characterization of heading traits in Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa) [Studentenverslag]
Yan, Z. \ 2015
The initial purpose of this study is to research the phenotypic differences between Chinese cabbage and Pak choi, and investigate the expression levels of some heading related genes through their developmental stages.
Effects of pollination and herbivore infestation on the flavonoid content of Brassica nigra leaves and flowers [Studentenverslag]
Sun, P. \ [2013]
Flavonoids are important pigments colouring most flowers in nature. They are characterized by C6-C3-C6 carbon framework and phenylbenzopyran functionality. In nature, they play a role in host recognition and host acceptance by herbivores. Flavonoids ...
Molecular and morphological characterization of meristems in cauliflower: effects of high ambient temperature on switch to generative stage [Studentenverslag]
Sun, X. \ 2013
Flowering time is the most important developmental trait for most crops, including Brassica crops ( Brassica oleracea ssp. Botrytis ). It determines where the crops can be cultivated and ensures high agricultural productivity. In many early cauliflow ...
Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) \ PLoS One / Public Library of Science [Artikel]
Lv, J. \ Qi, J. \ Shi, Q. \ Shen, D. \ Zhang, S. \ Shao, G. \ Li, H. \ Sun, Z. \ Weng, Y. \ Shang, Y. \ Gu, X. \ Li, X. \ Zhu, X. \ Zhang, J. \ Treuren, R. van \ Dooijweert, W. van \ Zhang, Z. \ Huang, S. \ 2012
Knowing the extent and structure of genetic variation in germplasm collections is essential for the conservation and utilization of biodiversity in cultivated plants. Cucumber is the fourth most important vegetable crop worldwide and is a model syste ...
Genetic variation in eight Chinese cattle breeds based on the analysis of microsatellite markers \ Genetics, selection, evolution [Artikel]
Sun, W. \ 2008
Genetic variability and genetic relationships were investigated among eight Chinese cattle breeds using 12 microsatellite markers. Three hundred and fifty-two alleles were detected and the average number of alleles per locus ranged from 8.33±1.67 in ...
The beaver : natural history of a wetlands engineer [Boek]
Müller-Schwarze, D. \ Sun, L. \ 2003
The well-being of adolescents in households with no biological parents \ Journal of marriage and the family : quarterly journal / National Council on Family Relations [Artikel]
Sun, Y. \ 2003
The current study compares adolescents living with neither biological parent with their peers in five other family structures on a wide range of outcome measures. The results reveal some overall disadvantages of living with neither parent, although t ...
Attitudes and consumption values of consumers of imported fruit in Guanzhou, China \ International journal of consumer studies [Artikel]
Sun, X. \ Collins, R. \ 2002
This paper examines consumers' attitudes towards the physical and intangible attributes of imported fruit. Then, it identifies consumers' consumption values and the role of these values in purchasing behaviour. Results from this study could help to b ...
Agricultural and food engineering on the world wide web \ Farm and food [Artikel]
Sun, D.W. \ 1996
Internet en het WWW (world wide web) voor informatie op het gebied van landbouw en voedselproduktie in Ierland
Mathematical modeling of groundwater pollution [Boek]
Sun, N.Z. \ 1996
Survival and growth responses of a number of Australian tree species planted on a saline site in tropical north Australia \ The journal of applied ecology / British Ecological Society [Artikel]
Sun, D. \ Dickinson, G.R. \ 1995
The establishment of Eucalyptus camaldulensis on a tropical saline site in north Queensland, Australia \ Agriculture, ecosystems and environment : an international journal for scientific research on the relationship of agriculture and food production to the biosphere [Artikel]
Sun, D. \ Dickinson, G. \ Bragg, A. \ 1994
Inverse problems in groundwater modeling [Boek]
Sun, N.Z. \ 1994
The establishment of a sustainable agricultural system in Taiwan [Boek]
Sun, P.M.H. \ Hsieh, S.C. \ 1992
Modern agriculture, based on the monoculture of cash crop varieties that require high inputs, depends on heavy applications of inorganic fertilizers and on chemical pesticides for pest control. The sustainability of modern agriculture has become a su ...
Formulated soil amendment for controlling fusarium wilt and other soilbornne diseases \ Plant disease : an international journal of applied plant pathology [Artikel]
Sun, S. \ Huang, J. \ 1985
Field tests indicate significant reductions of various soil borne diseases by a recently developed so-called S-H mixture
Characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana S-gene orthologs in Solanum tuberosum for disease resistance to Phytophthora infestans [Studentenverslag]
Rouwet, M.E. \
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