A review on the genetic resources, domestication and breeding history of spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) \ Euphytica : international journal of plant breeding [Artikel]
Ribera, A. \ Bai, Y. \ Wolters, A.-M.A. \ Treuren, R. van \ Kik, C. \ 2020
This paper addresses the genetic resources, domestication and breeding history of spinach as a comprehensive review of these crop aspects is currently unavailable.
Effects of climate change on the distribution of crop wild relatives in the Netherlands in relation to conservation status and ecotope variation \ Global Ecology and Conservation [Artikel]
Treuren, R. van \ Hoekstra, R. \ Wehrens, R. \ Hintum, T. van \ 2020
Crop wild relatives (CWR) are wild plant taxa that are genetically related to a cultivated species and are considered rich sources of useful traits for crop improvement. CWR are generally underrepresented in genebanks, while their survival in nature ...
Acquisition and regeneration of Spinacia turkestanica Iljin and S. tetrandra Steven ex M. Bieb. to improve a spinach gene bank collection \ Genetic resources and crop evolution : an international journal [Artikel]
Treuren, R. van \ Groot, L. de \ Hisoriev, H. \ Khassanov, F. \ Farzaliyev, V. \ Melyan, G. \ Gabrielyan, I. \ Soest, L. van \ Tulmans, C. \ Courand, D. \ Visser, J. de \ Kimura, R. \ Boshoven, J.C. \ Kanda, T. \ Goossens, R. \ Verhoef, M. \ Dijkstra, J. \ Kik, C. \ 2019
Spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) is a highly nutritious leafy vegetable and an economically important food crop. The wild species S. turkestanica Iljin and S. tetrandra Steven ex M. Bieb. are inter-fertile with cultivated spinach and constitute importa ...
Rapid loss of seed viability in ex situ conserved wheat and barley at 4°C as compared to −20°C storage \ Conservation physiology [Artikel]
Treuren, R. van \ Bas, N. \ Kodde, J. \ Groot, S.P.C. \ Kik, C. \ 2018
Genebanks aim to optimize their storage conditions in order to postpone seed ageing as long as possible. As most gene- banks have a relatively short life history, empirical data about seed longevity during ex situ storage are almost absent. Based on ...
Metabolite variation in the lettuce gene pool : towards healthier crop varieties and food \ Metabolomics [Artikel]
Treuren, R. van \ Eekelen, H.D.L.M. van \ Wehrens, R. \ Vos, R.C.H. de \ 2018
Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) is generally not specifically acknowledged for its taste and nutritional value, while its cultivation suffers from limited resistance against several pests and diseases. Such key traits are known to be largely dependent on ...
Green gold from the Netherlands: conservation of crop wild relatives under climate change [Poster]
Treuren, R. van \ Hoekstra, R. \ Hintum, T.J.L. van \ 2017
Crop wild relatives (CWRs) are rich sources of genetic diversity and are potentially useful in plant breeding for the development of varieties with novel traits. However, many CWRs are poorly represented in gene banks, while their conservation in sit ...
Wilde verwanten van voedselgewassen \ Planten [Artikel]
Treuren, R. van \ 2017
Ons dagelijks voedsel is in een ver verleden door de mens ontwikkeld, door wilde planten geleidelijk te veranderen en geschikt te maken voor teelt en consumptie. Ondanks die verandering zijn veel wilde plantensoorten nog steeds te kruisen met cultuur ...
Crop wild relatives range shifts and conservation in Europe under climate change \ Diversity & distributions : a journal of biological invasions and biodiversity [Artikel]
Aguirre-Gutiérrez, J. \ Treuren, R. van \ Hoekstra, R. \ Hintum, T.J.L. van \ 2017
Climate change is expected to have a great impact on the distribution of wild flora around the world. Wild plant species are an important component of the genetic resources for crop improvement, which is especially important in face of climate change ...
Wilde plannen voor wilde planten : presentatie Floron dag 2016 [Presentatie]
Treuren, R. van \ 2016
Een presentatie van CGN op de Floron dag.
Rationalization of a genebank cucumber collection with SSR markers [Poster]
Dooijeweert, W. van \ Treuren, R. van \ [2012]
The cucumber (Cucumis sativus) collection of the Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands (CGN) consists of 937 accessions. The collection mainly includes old cultivars but also contains landraces and the crop wild relative C. sativus var. hardw ...
Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) \ PLoS One / Public Library of Science [Artikel]
Lv, J. \ Qi, J. \ Shi, Q. \ Shen, D. \ Zhang, S. \ Shao, G. \ Li, H. \ Sun, Z. \ Weng, Y. \ Shang, Y. \ Gu, X. \ Li, X. \ Zhu, X. \ Zhang, J. \ Treuren, R. van \ Dooijweert, W. van \ Zhang, Z. \ Huang, S. \ 2012
Knowing the extent and structure of genetic variation in germplasm collections is essential for the conservation and utilization of biodiversity in cultivated plants. Cucumber is the fourth most important vegetable crop worldwide and is a model syste ...
A historical analysis of diversity trends in French and Dutch lettuce cultivars \ Euphytica : international journal of plant breeding [Artikel]
Wouw, M. van de \ Treuren, R. van \ Hintum, T. van \ 2012
Using historical seed catalogues in combination with molecular fingerprinting data, diversity trends of lettuce, representing an important vegetable with active breeding programmes, were studied. Seed catalogues originating from France and the Nether ...
Genetic resources collections of leafy vegetables (lettuce, spinach, chicory, artichoke, asparagus, lamb’s lettuce, rhubarb and rocket salad): composition and gaps \ Genetic resources and crop evolution : an international journal [Artikel]
Treuren, R. van \ Coquin, P. \ Lohwasser, U. \ 2011
Lettuce, spinach and chicory are generally considered the main leafy vegetables, while a fourth group denoted by ‘minor leafy vegetables’ includes, amongst others, rocket salad, lamb’s lettuce, asparagus, artichoke and rhubarb. Except in the case of ...
Authenticity of old cultivars in genebank collections: a case study on lettuce \ Crop science / Crop Science Society of America [Artikel]
Wouw, M. van de \ Treuren, R. van \ Hintum, T. van \ 2011
Ex situ collections in genebanks conserve many old cultivars that had disappeared from mainstream agriculture before modern genebanks were established. The collections incorporated cultivars from many sources, such as botanical gardens and working co ...
Genetic diversity trends in twentieth century crop cultivars: a meta analysis \ Theoretical and applied genetics : internationale Zeitschrift fuer theoretische und angewandte Genetik [Artikel]
Wouw, M. van de \ Hintum, T. van \ Kik, C. \ Treuren, R. van \ Visser, B. \ 2010
In recent years, an increasing number of papers has been published on the genetic diversity trends in crop cultivars released in the last century using a variety of molecular techniques. No clear general trends in diversity have emerged from these st ...
Marker-assisted reduction of redundancy in a genebank collection of cultivated lettuce \ Plant genetic resources : characterization and utilization / National Institute for Agricultural Botany [Artikel]
Treuren, R. van \ Groot, E.C. de \ Boukema, I.W. \ Wiel, C.C.M. van de \ Hintum, Th.J.L. van \ 2010
To reduce the level of redundancy in a collection of cultivated lettuce, data from 160 amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) fragments and 10 polymorphic microsatellites were used in combination with passport data and morphological data, the ...
Microsatellite genotyping of apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.) genetic resources in the Netherlands: application in collection management and variety identification \ Genetic resources and crop evolution : an international journal [Artikel]
Treuren, R. van \ Kemp, H. \ Ernsting, G. \ Jongejans, B. \ Houtmans, H. \ Visser, L. \ 2010
A highly informative set of 16 microsatellite markers was used to fingerprint 695 apple accessions from eight Dutch collections. Among the total sample, 475 different genotypes were distinguished based on multi-locus microsatellite variation, reveali ...
Report of a vegetables network : second meeting, 26-28 June 2007, Olomouc, Czech Republic [Boek]
Astley, D. \ Bas, N. \ Branca, F. \ Daunay, M.C. \ Díez, M.J. \ Keller, J. \ Dooijeweert, W. van \ Treuren, R. van \ Maggioni, L. \ Lipman, E. \ cop. 2009
The Second Meeting of the Vegetables Network (VEGNET) of the European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic Resources (ECPGR) was held on 26-28 June 2007 in Olomouc, Czech Republic. The meeting was organized jointly with the Third Meeting of the EC ...
Genetic erosion in crops: concept, research results and challenges \ Plant genetic resources : characterization and utilization / National Institute for Agricultural Botany
Wouw, M. van de \ Kik, C. \ Hintum, T. van \ Treuren, R. van \ Visser, B. \ 2009
The loss of variation in crops due to the modernization of agriculture has been described as genetic erosion. The current paper discusses the different views that exist on the concept of genetic erosion in crops. Genetic erosion of cultivated diversi ...
De Nederlandse appel database [Website]
Treuren, R. van \ Menting, F. \ Centrum voor Genetische Bronnen Nederland \ [ca. 2009]
In Nederland zijn door verscheidene verenigingen en particulieren appelcollecties opgebouwd die als doel hebben ons culturele erfgoed te behouden. Ook het Centrum voor Genetische Bronnen, Nederland (CGN) beheert een appelcollectie die grotendeels bes ...
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