Hortifootprint Category Rules : towards a PEFCR for horticultural products [Boek]
Helmes, Roel \ Ponsioen, Tommie \ Blonk, Hans \ Vieira, Marisa \ Goglio, Pietro \ Linden, Rick van der \ Gual Rojas, Paulina \ Kan, Daniël \ Verweij-Novikova, Irina \ 2020
The demand of consumers and retailers for sustainably produced horticultural products is increasing. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), or environmental footprint analysis, is a widely acknowledged methodology to assess, benchmark and monitor the environme ...
Identifying, quantifying and qualifying biocultural diversity : assessment of biocultural diversity [Boek]
Vierikko, Kati \ Andersson, Erik \ Branquinho, Cristina \ Elands, Birgit \ Fischer, Leonie K. \ Gonçalves, Paula \ Grilo, Filipa \ Haase, Dagmar \ Ioja, Cristian \ Kowarik, Ingo \ Lindgren, Jasmina \ Mendes, Raquel \ Niemelä, Jari \ Pieniniemi, Mari \ Príncipe, Adriana \ Puttonen, Mia \ Santos-Reis, Margarida \ Teixeira, Daniela \ Vieira, Joana \ Yli-Pelkonen, Vesa \ 2017
Parameter estimation for eutrophication models in reservoirs \ Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research [Artikel]
Vieira, J.M.P. \ Pinho, J.L.S. \ Dias, N. \ Schwanenberg, D. \ Boogaard, H.F.P. \ 2013
Excessive eutrophication is a major water quality issue in lakes and reservoirs worldwide. This complex biological process can lead to serious water quality problems. Although it can be adequately addressed by applying sophisticated mathematical mode ...
Veterinaire bedrijfsadvisering van melkveebedrijven \ Tijdschrift voor diergeneeskunde [Artikel]Bijbehorende website
Noordhuizen, J. \ Cannas, J. \ Boersema, S. \ Vieira, A. \ 2007
Vanaf 1 december 2006 is er voor de bedrijfsadvisering van melkveebedrijven een nieuw veterinair instrument beschikbaar. Het gaat om een programma op de website Dit programma is ontwikkeld door een internationale groep erv ...
Experiences in El Salvador: Conservation Agriculture and rural development \ LEISA : ILEIA newsletter for low-external-input and sustainable agriculture [Artikel]
Vieira, M. \ Wambeke, J. van \ 2002
Development of Conservation Agriculture in El Salvador. Although the small farmers are well aware of the problems connected with slash-and-burn agriculture and are willingly to adopt sustainable alternatives, the practice is still in its infancy
Thermophilic sulphate reduction in upflow anaerobic sludge bed reactors under acidifying conditions \ Process biochemistry [Artikel]
Sipma, J. \ Lens, P. \ Vieira, A. \ 2000
Temporal variability of air temperature and remotely sensed surface temperture for bare soil \ International journal of remote sensing [Artikel]
Vieira, S.R. \ Hatfield, J.L. \ 1984
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