Sustainable design principles for refugee camps [Boek]
Rooij, Bertram de \ Wascher, Dirk \ Paulissen, Maurice \ 2017
This report’s main focus is on the phenomenon of refugee camps as one of the most visible and spatially explicit results of refuge and migration movements at the global scale. Given the steadily growing numbers of people on the move and staying in te ...
Comparing landscape planning in England, Germany and the Netherlands : policy contexts and three case study plans [Boek]
Schröder, R. \ Wascher, D. \ Odell, S. \ Smith, C. \ 2010
This comparative study of landscape planning, within three case-studies in England, Germany and the Netherlands, has the proposed outcomes to create a mutually understood model for ‘landscape planning’, a catalogue of key concepts on space, landscape ...
Evaluation “SUSMETRO” (WP-102) [Boek]
Wascher, D. \ Aalbers, C. \ Brouwer, F. \ Ittersum, M. van \ Rekittke, J. \ Perez-Soba, M. \ Veldkamp, T. \ Beers, P.J. \ 2010
Sustainable agricultural development implies innovating through a broad range of innovative experiments. Such experiments can differ wildly. Some imply intensifying agricultural production, others build on combining multiple societal functions with t ...
SUSMETRO : Impact Assessment Tools for Food Planning in Metropolitan Regions : IA tools and serious gaming in support of sustainability targets for food planning, nature conservation and recreation [Boek]
Wascher, D. \ Roos-Klein Lankhorst, J. \ Agricola, H. \ Jong, A. de \ [ca. 2010]
By offering a series of decision support tools for stakeholders of metropolitan regions, SUSMETRO facilitates and enables evidence-based decision making by means of ‘serious gaming’. Making use of the Phase 1 thematic maps such as on agricultural com ...
Innovation characteristics for sustainable metropolitan agriculture : spatial-functional perspectives for TransForum innovative projects [Boek]
Wascher, D.M. \ Agricola, H. \ Breman, B. \ [ca. 2010]
The proposed research project SUSMETRO attempts to assess the social, economic and environmental impacts of TransForum’s vision for metropolitan agriculture on sustainable land use primarily in the Netherlands, but also in similar Northwest European ...
Biodiversity of European agricultural landscapes : enhancing a high nature value farmland indicator [Boek]
Wascher, D.M. \ Eupen, M. van \ Mücher, C.A. \ Geijzendorffer, I.R. \ 2010
Depending on the amount of semi-natural vegetation, land use intensity, the presence of small landscape elements and of specific species, the biodiversity values of agricultural land can differ substantially across Europe. From the policy perspective ...
Blueprint for EUROSCAPE 2020 : reframing the future of the European landscape : policy visions and research support [Boek]
Wascher, D. \ Pedroli, B. \ 2008
This Blueprint for EUROSCAPE 2020 proposes to undertake a radically new strategic operational approach for the European Union when defining targets for its territorial policies. The key principles are: (1) to establish a policy monitoring for rural d ...
Europese Databank met landschapspreferenties via Europese versie van [Presentatie]Daar moet ik zijn
Goossen, M. \ Meeuwsen, H. \ Wascher, D. \ 2008
Presentatie van de website, gemaakt door onderzoekers van Alterra. Door middel van deze site wil men o.a. kennis over landschapspreferenties van Europeanen verkrijgen en de Europese regionale ontwikkeling stimuleren via toerisme ...
Landschapsbeleid in Noordwest-Europa \ Natuur en landschap in het landelijk gebied: kennis voor beleid [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Wascher, D.M. \ Pedroli, G.B.M. \ Schröder, R.R.G. \ 2008
Dit artikel (Alterra) geeft een overzicht van ervaringen in een aantal omringende landen met de ontwikkeling en uitvoering van landschapsbeleid op nationaal en regionaal niveau. Het betreft: Duitsland (Noordrijn-Westfalen), Engeland, Frankrijk, Belgi ...
European landscape characterisation \ Europe's living landscapes : essays exploring our identity in the countryside [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Mücher, C.A. \ Wascher, D.M. \ 2007
This chapter presents the newly established European Landscape classification (LANMAP2)
Europe's living landscapes : essays exploring our identity in the countryside [Boek]Bijbehorende website
Pedroli, B. \ Doorn, A. van \ Wascher, D. \ 2007
European landscape is diverse, however it is changing rapidly. The old activities still reflected in the landscape are no longer efficient, and new functions tend to be dominated by new consumer demands, followed and enhanced by national and European ...
Europe's living landscapes at a turning point \ Europe's living landscapes : essays exploring our identity in the countryside [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Pedroli, G.B.M. \ Blust, G. de \ Wascher, D.M. \ Doorn, A.M. van \ 2007
An introduction to the issues relevant for the today landscape. Landscape policy, a forgotten issue. The consequences of EU policies. Times are changing...
European landscape character areas : typologies, cartography and indicators for the assessment of sustainable landscapes [Boek]
Wascher, D. \ 2005
Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) is designed to describe landscape character. It can be applied at a range of scales, from the national, though to the regional and local. It may also integrate landscape character analysis with biodiversity assess ...
Learning from European transfrontier landscapes [Boek]
Wascher, M. \ Pérez-Soba, M. \ 2004
On the basiis of 14 case studies across Europe, this report seeks to highlight the strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and treats (SWOT) related to the specific landscape characteristiscs and land use trends in transfrontier landscapes.
Monitoring multifunctional terrestrial landscapes : recommendations for future research \ Monitoring, diversity and management [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Brandt, J. \ Blust, G. De \ Wascher, D.M. \ 2004
Landscape-indicator development: steps towards a European approach \ The new dimensions of the European landscape [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Wascher, D.M. \ 2004
The large diversity of landscapes characteristic for specific regions is one of the key cultural-heritage elements of Europe, although there is a tendency for regional differences to disappear. In view of the increasing interest in landscape-related ...
Identification and characterisation of environments and landscapes in Europe [Boek]
Mücher, C.A. \ Bunce, R.G.H. \ Jongman, R.H.G. \ Klijn, J.A. \ Koomen, A.J.M. \ Metzger, M.J. \ Wascher, D.M. \ 2003
At the European level, both environmental policy and research require increasingly reliable and methodologically unbiased spatial reference systems in support of environmental reports and monitoring using indicators, impact analysis or scenarios. Due ...
Aspecten van succes en falen van het landschapsbeleid [Boek]
Koomen, A.J.M. \ Wascher, D.M. \ Antrop, M. \ 2002
Het rapport beschijft de bevindingen van een studie naar aspecten van succes en falen van het landschapsbeleid. Het tweede hoofdstuk beschrijft een beknopte literatuurstudie naar het succes en falen van het landschapsbeleid. Daarna komen landschapsbe ...
Integrated environmental assessment at the landscape level \ Volume 1 [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Wascher, D.M. \ 2001
The face of Europe : policy perspectives for European landscapes [Boek]
Wascher, D.M. \ Antrop, M. \ 2000
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