Synergetic alginate conversion by a microbial consortium of hydrolyticbacteria and methanogens \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
Zhang, F. \ Zhang, W. \ Qian, D.-K. \ Dai, K. \ Loosdrecht, M.C.M. van \ Zeng, R. \ 2020
Sludge, of which alginate-like biomaterial is a major organic component, is an increasing environmental problem. Thus, efficient anaerobic degradation of alginate provides a new method for sludge utilization. In this study, anaerobic alginate hydroly ...
Stress-induced assays for polyphosphate quantification by uncoupling acetic acid uptake and anaerobic phosphorus release \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
Feng, C. \ Welles, L. \ Zhang, X. \ Pronk, M. \ Graaff, D. de \ Loosdrecht, M. van \ 2020
Phosphorus has been successfully eliminated from wastewater by biological techniques of enhancedbiological phosphorus removal (EBPR) process, which relies on a specific microbiota of polyphosphateaccumulating organisms (PAOs) that accumulate phosphat ...
The discursive remembering of Japanese Americans’ difficult heritage : studying the (re)production of memories through a story completion methodology [Studentenverslag]
Zhang, Shou De \ 2020
Climate Resilient Estate Landscape in Baakse Beek : Towards a landscape architecture approach for water management, ecology, and spatial experience [Studentenverslag]
Zhang, Y. \ 2020
Recently, when the country is exposed to a changing climate, it is at the turning point to shift from defensive water control to adaptive and integrated management. Landscape design has a role to play in endowing water and water management with new v ...
Illuminating the blind field : landscape Infrastructure as intervention: guideline for a sustainable energy landscape in dynamic urban territory [Studentenverslag]
Zhang, Yifan \ 2020
De invloed van verdamping op zoetwaterlenzen in droge laaglandgebieden \ H2O online [Artikel]
America, I. \ Zee, S. van der \ Zhang, C. \ Werner, A.D. \ 2020
Veel van het gepubliceerde onderzoek naar zoetwaterbellen in de duinen en zoetwaterlenzen in het achterland richt zich op het verzadigde waterpakket. Dit onderzoek laat zien dat processen in de onverzadigde zone en atmosfeer ook een belangrijke invlo ...
A theoretical basis for salinity intrusion in estuaries [Proefschrift]
Zhang, Zhilin \ Savenije, H.H.G. \ Wang, Z.B. \ 2019
De indringing van zout water is een belangrijk fenomeen in estuaria. De verspreiding van het zout wordt mathematisch bepaald door de Dispersiecoëfficiënt. Van der Burgh [1972] ontwikkelde een empirische relatie om deze dispersiecoëfficiënt te relater ...
Smart Water Meters in Full-scale Drinking Water Distribution Networks (DWDNs) [Studentenverslag]
Zhang, Y. \ 2019
In Oasen drinking water company, reverse osmosis has been applied in Lekkerkerk drinking water treatment station since 2016 to prepare for the future challenges, while potential transition effects like biofilms detachment and resuspension of loose de ...
iSQAPER task WP 3.3 soil quality indicators : influence of soil type and land management on chemical, physical and biological soil parameters assessed visually and analytically [Boek]
Hoek, J. \ Berg, W. van den \ Wesselink, M. \ Sukkel, W. \ Mäder, P. \ Bünemann, E. \ Bongiorno, G. \ Goede, R. de \ Brussaard, L. \ Bai, Z. \ Haagsma, W. \ Verstegen, H. \ Glavan, M. \ Ferreira, C.S. \ Garcia Orenes, F. \ Toth, Z. \ Zhang, W. \ Fan, H. \ Fu, H. \ Gao, H. \ Xu, M. \ 2019
Public preferences for ecosystem services of small urban green infrastructures in Guangzhou, China [Studentenverslag]
Zhang, Xibei \ 2019
Spatial analysis and visualization of Triadic Crop Variety Traits in Central America [Studentenverslag]
Zhang, Meng \ 2019
Effects of strip diversification on crop performance in strip cropping system in the Netherlands [Studentenverslag]
Zhang, Yaoyun \ 2019
Strip cropping, as a form of intercropping, allows sufficiently width to conduct separate machinery management on each component crop while remaining sufficiently close to influence each other. Regarded as one of the main diversification methods, str ...
Groen licht zorgt voor betere opbrengst en hogere weerbaarheid : de meeste onderschatte lichtkleur \ Onder glas [Artikel]
Zhang, X. \ Kierkels, T. \ Siegers, W. \ 2018
Over geen andere lichtkleur bestaan zo veel misverstanden als groen. Het zou weinig bijdragen aan de fotosynthese, het zou ‘niets doen’ in de plant. Klopt allemaal niet. De laatste jaren groeien de inzichten met sprongen en blijkt deze kleur juist al ...
Potential impacts of changing supply-water quality on drinking water distribution: a review \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
Liu, G. \ Zhang, Y. \ Knibbe, W.-J. \ Feng, C. \ Liu, W. \ Medema, G. \ Meer, W. van der \ 2017
Driven by the development of water purification technologies and water quality regulations, the use of better source water and/or upgraded water treatment processes to improve drinking water quality have become common practices worldwide. However, ev ...
China Potato GAP 2013-2016 : results of a public private partnership on innovation of potato production in China [Boek]
Kempenaar, Corné \ Pronk, Annette \ Haverkort, Anton \ Kessel, Geert \ Michielsen, Jean-Marie \ Ruijter, Frank de \ Vries, Sicko de \ Lyu, Dianqiu \ Wan, Shuming \ Li, Yong \ Fan, Guoquan \ Bai, Yanju \ Min, Fanxiang \ Guo, Mei \ Zhang, Shu \ Yang, Shuai \ Liu, Zhenyu \ Gao, Yunfei \ 2017
Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) are practices to apply for in on-farm production and post-production processes, resulting in safe and healthy food and non-food agricultural products, while taking into account economic, social and environmental sust ...
Hotspots for selected metal elements and microbes accumulation and the corresponding water quality deterioration potential in an unchlorinated drinking water distribution system \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
Liu, G. \ Tao, Y. \ Zhang, Y. \ Lut, M. \ Knibbe, W.-J. \ Wielen, P. van der \ Liu, W. \ Medema, G. \ Meer, W. van der \ 2017
Biofilm formation, loose deposit accumulation and water quality deterioration in drinking water distribution systems have been widely reported. However, the accumulation and distribution of harbored elements and microbes in the different niches (loos ...
Towards general guidelines for the management of bioslurry in Kenya [Boek]
Postma, R. \ Zhang, X. \ 2016
The project “Optimal use of bioslurry as a fertilizer” is being performed by Nutrient Management Institute NMI in order of Hivos Foundation in the period from November 2014 to July 2015. Within the scope of this project a practical user manual for th ...
Biorefinery of leafy biomass using green tea residue as a model material [Proefschrift]
Zhang, Chen \ 2016
The aim of this study was to develop new processes and applications that optimally utilize all components, particularly protein, of leafy biomass in the feed and or food industry using green tea residues as a starting material.
Comparison of Particle-Associated Bacteria from a Drinking Water Treatment Plant and Distribution Reservoirs with Different Water Sources \ Scientific reports [Artikel]
Liu, G. \ Ling, F.Q. \ Mark, E.J. van der \ Zhang, X.D. \ Knezev, A. \ Verberk, J.Q.J.C. \ Meer, W.G.J. van der \ Medema, G.J. \ Liu, W.T. \ Dijk, J.C. van \ 2016
This study assessed the characteristics of and changes in the suspended particles and the associated bacteria in an unchlorinated drinking water distribution system and its reservoirs with different water sources. The results show that particle-assoc ...
Access and benefit sharing in participatory plant breeding in Southwest China \ Farming matters : small-scale agriculture for a sustainable society [Artikel]
Song, Y. \ Zhang, Y. \ Song, X. \ Vernooy, R. \ 2016
This contribution discusses access and benefit sharing within the context of participatory plant breeding. It presents how Chinese farmers and breeders interact in relation to crop improvement and on-farm maintenance of plant genetic resources. Based ...
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