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Effect of adjuvant and spray volume on mancozeb residue on potato and onion leaves and on Phytophthora infestans in potato and Peronospora destructor in onion [Boek]
Putter, H. de \ Schepers, H. \ Topper, C. \ Evenhuis, B. \ 2016
As part of the vegIMPACT project a laboratory test in the Netherlands was done with potato (Solanum tuberosum) var. Bintje and onion (Allium cepa) var. Sturon. In both crops mancozeb was sprayed with and without the adjuvants Bond and Indostick. In b ...
Contributing to the region's selfsufficiency in vegetable production : successful first reason for high-tech greenhouse in Russia \ In greenhouses : the international magazine for greenhouse growers [Artikel]
Radford, L. \ 2016
Agro-Invest’s new 20 ha greenhouse, located in the Kaluga region of Russia, has successfully completed its first growing season. This is the first stage in a project which will ultimately comprise a total of 100 hectares of greenhouse on 238 hectares ...
'Berlin' is both a meeting point and platform for exchange of know-how : innovation and technology in the spotlight at Fruit Logistica \ In greenhouses : the international magazine for greenhouse growers [Artikel]
Abbenhuijs, R. \ 2016
Some 65,000 high-level trade visitors from more than 135 country attended Fruit Logistica in Berlin in February 2015. The 2,785 exhibitors from 83 countries presented a complete range of fruit and vegetables – as well as technology and services – to ...
Young fruits pull so hard, flowers above abort : developing fruits function too strongly as sink \ In greenhouses : the international magazine for greenhouse growers [Artikel]
Heuvelink, E. \ Marcelis, L. \ Kierkels, T. \ 2016
Sweet peppers arrive in waves. New fruits lure so many assimilates towards them that the flowers above them abort. This article provides various suggestions about how to flatten out the peaks and troughs. In the long term, breeding can also play an i ...
Agrosol profits from high-tech year round production : advanced Spanish grower can flexibly respond to market \ In greenhouses : the international magazine for greenhouse growers [Artikel]
Armstrong, H. \ 2016
Spain is – perhaps wrongly – still often seen as a country with middle-tech greenhouse horticulture: that is crops grown in the open ground, only protected by plastic stretched over wooden poles and the sun, however positive, as the most important gr ...
‘The art of high wire cucumbers is obtaining and maintaining the balance’ : making good use of water and fertilisers \ In greenhouses : the international magazine for greenhouse growers [Artikel]
Velden, P. van \ 2016
Every cucumber grower has his own strategy for achieving the best yield. Frank van Lipzig wants to grow sustainably, achieve a high quality as well as harvest lots of fruits. He is now in his second season of high wire production. Last year was a tra ...
‘Open crop can bring forward production and save energy’ : philosophising about The New Crop \ In greenhouses : the international magazine for greenhouse growers [Artikel]
Velden, P. van \ 2016
How much leaf does a tomato plant need to produce a good yield? That’s the main question behind a research project, The New Crop. The trial at Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture, the Netherlands, produced a surprising result because ‘bullying’ the ...
Sweet Pepper Harvesting Robot [Presentatie]
Bontsema, J. \ 2015
Korte presentatie van de plukrotot SWEEPER, de opvolger van CROPS (FP7). Hoe wordt hij gebruikt en wat is het effect van het gebruik in de glastuinbouw.
Effect of soil amendments and root containment on nematode populations in organic greenhouse tomatoes in the Netherlands [Studentenverslag]
Al-Fraih, Abdulrahman M.E.A. \ 2015
Root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne incognita) are virulent soil-borne parasites found worldwide in field-grown crops but also in many Dutch organic greenhouses. Due to short crop rotations of susceptible crops, greenhouse producers increase the risk of ...
Crazy Roots is a persistent problem but knowledge is growing : bacteria make their own ideal world \ In greenhouses : the international magazine for greenhouse growers [Artikel]
Kierkels, T. \ 2015
Excessive root growth in tomato, cucumber and eggplant is becoming an increasingly greater problem. It leads to loss of production and requires all the grower’s skills to bring the situation under control. The solution is often sought in better disin ...
Small-scale aquaponic food production : integrated fish and plant farming [Boek]
Somerville, C. \ Cohen, M. \ Pantanella, E. \ Stankus, A. \ Lovatelli, A. \ 2014
This technical paper begins by introducing the concept of aquaponics, including a brief history of its development and its place within the larger category of soil-less culture and modern agriculture. It discusses the main theoretical concepts of aqu ...
Field evaluation of 10 biofumigation crops for the control of Pratylenchus penetrans and Verticillium dahliae [Poster]
Korthals, G.W. \ Lamers, J. \ Visser, J.H.M. \ Molendijk, L.P.G. \ [2014]
Biological control against soil pathogens is strongly needed, this project concentrates on the effectivity of biofumigation crops as an alternative to chemical control.
Pioneer pleased with decision over Next Generation Growing : more yield, better quality and lower energy consumption \ In greenhouses : the international magazine for greenhouse growers [Artikel]
Kierkels, T. \ 2014
Innovations always get a lot of publicity in the beginning. The entrepreneurs who pick up on the new technology talk about their motivation, first experiences and expectations. And then it all goes quiet. But what’s it like after a period of time? Ro ...
Dick van Noord: ‘System fully fulfils expectations’ : double screen, low-temperature heat and dehumidification \ In greenhouses : the international magazine for greenhouse growers [Artikel]
Staalduinen, J. van \ 2014
Tomato grower, Dick van Noord, equipped his new 4.7 ha greenhouse for Next Generation Growing. With a double screen, double thick walls, relatively low-temperature heating and air treatment to actively lower the humidity, he expects to save 12m3 of g ...
Vegetable breeding innovation in China and the Netherlands : a study at sectoral, company and project level [Proefschrift]
Liu, Z. \ 2013
Dit onderzoek werd geïnitieerd door de cruciale rol die de internationale zaadindustrie speelt aan de basis van de voedselproductieketen, waardoor de economische effecten van innovatie groot kunnen zijn. Bedrijven die actief zijn in de veredeling van ...
Broad bean story [Video]
Deze video laat het zaaien, groeien en oogsten van bonenplanten zien.
Plant strategies and cultural pracices to improve the uptake of indigenous soil P and the efficiency of fertilization [Boek]
Smit, A.L. \ Blom-Zandstra, M. \ Werf, A. van der \ Bindraban, P.S. \ 2013
Several indications can be found which support the hypothesis that plant properties and cultural measures can stimulate P-uptake in early plant stages and could lead to a better use of indigenous soil P as well as higher efficiency of mineral inputs
Pilot project for Russian horticulture with Dutch knowledge : major growth at Russian's new centre for vegetable production \ In greenhouses : the international magazine for greenhouse growers [Artikel]
Kierkels, T. \ 2013
Russia wants to be self-sufficient in food by 2020 and is therefore stimulating new enterprises with financial subsidies. Brothers Alexander and Anatoly Tarasov have jumped at the opportunity and are currently building greenhouses on a 14.6 hectare n ...
Enough potassium and high EC prevents dry stem rot : op to 80% fruit stems damaged at first set \ In greenhouses : the international magazine for greenhouse growers [Artikel]
Arkesteijn, M. \ 2013
Dry stem rot in peppers occurs mostly in the fruit at the first set. Until recently the cause was unknown. Research indicates that the problem is not caused by a disease agent such as Fusarium but through a shortage of potassium and a low EC.
Irrigation strategy determines productivity and quality : eggplant grower sets cultivation goals beforehand \ In greenhouses : the international magazine for greenhouse growers [Artikel]
Arkesteijn, M. \ 2013
High productivity and quality run as a red line through the goals set by Dutch eggplant grower Van Onselen of ‘s-Gravenzande. In addition, the focus is on environmental factors and the prevention of pests and diseases. This year attention is being pa ...
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