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    Groenekennis - Informatie voor professionals in voedsel en groen

    Groenekennis bevat artikelen uit vaktijdschriften, rapporten, video’s, presentaties, posters en websites op het gebied van landbouw, visserij, groene ruimte en voeding. Groenekennis wordt dagelijks bijgewerkt en bevat ongeveer 500.000 bronnen.

    Groenekennis is de globale view over diverse deelbestanden. Groenekennis is gevuld met alle informatie uit Groen Kennisnet, de Hydrotheek, Tuinpad, IB archief, ARTIK, bioKennis, Kennisbank Plantaardige bronnen, Kennisbank Zeldzame landbouwhuisdieren en afgesloten documentatiebestanden zoals Land Bodem Water en Consumenten- en huishoudstudies.

    Groen Kennisnet is een zeer belangrijk onderdeel van Groenekennis. De doelstelling van Groen Kennisnet is kennis delen op het gebied van Voedsel en Groen te bevorderen en te faciliteren voor een breed publiek.

    Bronnen in Groenekennis kunnen direct opgevraagd worden via een geavanceerde zoekmachine met een 'google-achtige' interface. Met filters kan ingezoomd worden op diverse aspecten, zoals Trefwoord, Collectie, Jaar en Auteur. Bovendien biedt Groenekennis gebruikers de mogelijkheid om via de E-mail geattendeerd te worden op aanvullingen in specifieke vakgebieden.
    De Tijdschriftenlijst biedt een overzicht van tijdschriften waaruit de artikelen voor Groenekennis worden geselecteerd. Door te klikken op een titel krijgt u alle artikelen uit dat tijdschrift in de Groenekennis database getoond.
    Zoeken op kaart biedt een geografische ingang op de beschikbare publicaties over de binnen dit bestand onderscheiden gebieden.

    Groenekennis is onderdeel van het bibliotheeksysteem van WUR. Praktijkgerichte publicaties en rapporten van WUR komen daardoor automatisch beschikbaar. Daarnaast wordt de database doorlopend gevuld met voor het groen onderwijs bruikbare bronnen en artikelen, video’s en websites. Het percentage online is de laatste jaren gegroeid tot tweederde van de totale aanwas per jaar. Dit percentage groeit nog steeds.


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Nematodes of mountain environments of the dolomites \ Redia : giornale di entomologica [Artikel]
Vinciguerra, M.T. \ 1985
A study on the nematofauna of various environments of the Dolomites was undertaken. The analysis of the distribution of the species found in the stations sampled and of that reported in literature for the same species showed that most of them have a ...
Morphological variability of Neoaplectana carpocapsae found in larvae of Laspeyresia pomonella \ Bollettino dell' Istituto di Entomologia della Universita degli Studi di Bologna [Artikel]
Vinciguerra, M.T. \ Tacconi, R. \ 1983
N. carpocapsae collected from larvae of L. pomonella [Cydia pomonella] in an untreated apple orchard near Ravenna, Italy, differed from those described by Tucio et al. in 1971 in the presence of a post anal swelling, the larger size of the male (1.06 ...
Nematodes of coastal dunes of Italy \ Struttura delle zoocenosi terrestri. 3. Ambienti Mediterranei. I. Le coste sabbiose [Artikel]
Marinari, A. \ Vinciguerra, M.T. \ Vovlas, N. \ Zullini, A. \ 1982
Thirty-six species of nematodes recovered from coastal dunes at 4 locations in central and southern Italy are listed and briefly described. Dorylaimina were represented by the most species. The species most typical of the dunes were Acrobeles promine ...
Nematodes of the heaths of Piemonte \ Quaderni sulla "Struttura delle zoocenosi terrestri". 1. La brughiere Pedemontana [Artikel]
Marinari, A. \ Vinciguerra, M.T. \ Vovlas, N. \ Zullini, A. \ 1980
Nematodes were collected from the heath soil in Rovasenda-Masserano in Vercelli (in which Molinia coeruleapredominated), and Lombardore (in which Calluna predominated) and Cirie (intermediate between the other 2 areas, but more like Rovasenda) in Tor ...
Free-living nematodes from Uganda \ Accademia Nazionale dei lincei [Artikel]
Zullini, A. \ 1980
Rhabditoides inermiformis, Monhystera villosa and Mylonchulus brachyuris were recovered from a sample of soil and moss at the base of a Cycas near Kampala, Uganda. All are briefly described and figures are given of the first 2. The specimens of R. in ...
Observations on the reproductive apparatus of a marine nematode: Mesacanthion hirsutum Gerlach, 1953 (Enoplidae) \ Nematologia Mediterranea [Artikel]
Grimaldi de Zio, S. \ Morone de Lucia, M.R. \ D'Addabbo Gallo, M. \ 1980
The reproductive system was studied in gravid females, maturing females and males of Mesacanthion hirsutum. The female system is didelphic and has a small ovary with few ovocytes. The ovarian sac is extensible. There is no true oviduct but the epithe ...
Nematodes of moss on the island of Lampedusa, Sicily \ Animalia [Artikel]
Vinciguerra, M.T. \ La Fauci, G. \ 1978
Nematodes were collected from mosses on Lampedusa in the Mediterranean (between Sicily and the coast of North Africa) between 1969 and 1973. 17 species were recovered, of which 5 (Chiloplacus trilineatus, Aphelenchoides composticola, Amplimerlinius i ...
Free-living nematodes of Tavolara Island (Sardinia) \ Rendiconti, Accademia Nazionale dei XL, Serie [Artikel]
Zullini, A. \ 1977-1978
The 25 species of nematodes collected from moss, soil and freshwater on Tavolara Island and neighbouring small islands, Sardinia, are listed and briefly discussed. Plectus cancellatus n.sp. from moss on Tavolara differs from all other species in the ...
Nematodes as biological indicators. I. Study of a succession \ Rendiconti della Classe di Scienze Fisiche, Matematiche e Naturali, VIII [Artikel]
Zullini, A. \ 1976
Samples of fluvial sediments were collected from the Seveso river, Italy. Two from the unpolluted river 2 km from its source, and 4 from different polluted areas between Fina Mornasco (Como) and Milan, were placed in tanks and were flushed continuous ...
Psammic nematodes of the river Po \ Rendiconti, Istituto Lombardo, Accademia di Scienze e Lettere, B [Artikel]
Zullini, A. \ 1975
The 32 species of nematodes collected from sand banks of the River Po at Trino Vercellese and Isola Serafini, Italy, are listed. There were significant differences in nematode fauna between the 2 localities. At Trino Vercellese the dominant nematodes ...
Ecology of soil nematodes \ Memorie dell'Istituto Lombardo Accademia di Scienze e Lettere, Classe di Scienze Matematiche e Naturali [Artikel]
Zullini, A. \ 1975
The most important aspects of the ecology of soil inhabiting nematodes are described and discussed in 4 sections; particular attention is paid to free-living species. The first, introductory part gives a brief historical account. The 2nd part details ...
Aprutides guidettii n.sp. (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae) \ Bollettino del Laboratorio di Entomologia Agraria "Filippo Silvestri", Portici [Artikel]
Scognamiglio, A. \ 1974
Aprutides guidettii n.sp. from the rhizosphere of Ficus carica growing with grapevine in Citta Sant'Angelo, Pescara, Italy, differs from the only other known species in the genus, A. martuccii, in the conformation of the cephatic region, in the short ...
Nematodes of mosses in the Apuane Alps \ Bollettino della Sedute Dell'Accademia Gioenia di Scienze Naturali in Catania, IV [Artikel]
Vinciguerra, M.T. \ Francisci, M. de \ 1973
Twenty-six species of nematodes recovered from mosses from the Apuane Alps, Tuscany, Italy, are listed and briefly described. Enchodelus altherri n.sp. most resembles E. vesuvianus, but differs from it in having a much longer spear, fewer preanal pap ...
On some nematodes collected at high altitude in Nepal \ Khumbu Himal [Artikel]
Zullini, A. \ 1973
Soil and freshwater nematodes reported from high altitudes of Nepal include Merlinius cf. grandis, M. cf. affinis, Rotylenchus sp., Panagrolaimus sp., Plectus cirratus, Monhystera spp., Achromadora terricola, Ethmolaimus pratensis, Tripyla sp., Tobri ...
Nematodes of Sicily. Note I \ Bollettino delle Sedute dell'Accademia Gioenia di Scienze Naturali in Catania [Artikel]
Vinciguerra, M.T. \ 1972
Forty-one species of nematode are described from soil and fresh water in Sicily. All are new to Sicily and Panagrolaimus spondyli, Chiloplacus symmetricus, Cervilledus insubricus, Acrobeles complexus, A. prominens, Aphelenchoides cyrtus, Aphanolaimus ...
Effects of sunshine on a population of nematodes on moss \ Rendiconti, Istituto Lombardo Accademia di Scienze e Lettere, B [Artikel]
Zullini, A. \ 1972
Nematodes were collected over a period of 15 months from 2 locations a few meters apart on a hill near Bergamo, Italy. In the first locality Eurynchium praelongum grew facing north west and received a maximum of 2 hours direct sunshine/day. In the 2n ...
Rotylenchus laurentinus n.sp. (Nematoda: Hoplolaimidae) \ Bollettino del Laboratorio di Entomologia Agraria "Filippo Silvestri", Portici [Artikel]
Scognamiglio, A. \ Talame, M. \ 1972
Rotylenchus laurentinus n.sp. from sandy soil near the roots of wild and marshy grasses under Pinus halepensis in the D'Avalos pine forest, Pescara, Italy, is described and figured. It most resembles R. rugatocuticulatus and R. gracilidens but differ ...
Nematodes associated with flowering plants \ Redia : giornale di entomologica [Artikel]
Zocchi, R. \ 1971
Brief descriptions are given of Tylenchorhynchus goffarti, Pratylenchus scribneri, Meloidogyne hapla, M. javanica, M. incognita, Nothocriconema mutabile and Paratylenchus (curvitatus group) recovered from flowering plants cultivated in Italy. T. goff ...
Studies on the variations of the nematode population of moss \ Rendiconti, Istituto Lombardo Accademia di Scienze e Lettere, B [Artikel]
Zullini, A. \ 1971
The nematode population of a moss patch almost 2m2 in area was sampled monthly for a year. Extraction was by Baermann funnel. Measurements are given of individuals of the 52 named nematode species representing 23 families that were recovered. Drepano ...
Moss dwelling nematodes of the Zebru Valley (Stelvio National Park) \ Rendiconti Istituto Lombardo Accademia di Scienze e Lettere [Artikel]
Zullini, A. \ 1970
Brief descriptions are given of 51 species of free-living nematodes found in a survey of mosses in the Zebru Valley of the Italian alps at altitudes from 1, 340 to 2, 150 m. The male of Plectus longicaudatus is re-described from 2 specimens: it has a ...
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