Evolutionary populations: living gene banks in farmers’ fields in Iran \ Farming matters : small-scale agriculture for a sustainable society [Artikel]
Rahmanian, M. \ Salimi, M. \ Razavi, K. \ Haghparast, R. \ Ceccarelli, S. \ Razmkhah, A. \ 2016
Efforts to rapidly increase on-farm biodiversity are a matter of urgency in an era of climate change. To do so, farmers need better access to the genetic material of research stations and gene banks. Collaboration with scientists who are willing and ...
Seed banks and national policy in Brazil \ Farming matters : small-scale agriculture for a sustainable society [Artikel]
Petersen, P. \ Fernandes, G. \ Silveira, L. \ Dias, E. \ 2016
Increasingly, seeds are the domain of professional breeders, agribusiness and policy makers. They decide what makes for a good variety and they develop legislation that excludes other varieties. Despite this, farmer organisations and social movements ...
Crop wild relatives video [Video]
The objective of the "“Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change: Collecting, Protecting and Preparing Crop Wild Relatives," is to collect many of the most important species of crop wild relatives, ensure their long-term conservation, and facilitate the ...
Improving access to vegetable seeds for resilient family farms in Costa Rica \ Farming matters : small-scale agriculture for a sustainable society [Artikel]
Hethcote, L. \ Zonneveld, M. van \ Solano, W. \ Méndez, V.E. \ Vásquez, N. \ 2016
A group of coffee farmers in Turrialba, Costa Rica, is successfully exploring diversification options with horticultural food crops. This is being done in collaboration with two vegetable seed banks that allow farmers to use varieties freely under th ...
Lessons for access and benefit sharing from community seed banks in India \ Farming matters : small-scale agriculture for a sustainable society [Artikel]
Ramprasad, V. \ Clements, A. \ 2016
The TheruBeedi Seed Bank and Producer Group facilitate informal benefit sharing mechanisms that can be very effective in protecting biodiversity and encouraging farmers to contribute to the genetic pool. The approaches include offering farmers incent ...
Plant breeding matters : improving our everyday lives [Video]
British Society of Plant Breeders \ 2016
This video informs how innovation in plant breeding touches everyone's lives for the better - from the improved availability of healthier, tastier food to our enjoyment of sport, recreation and the countryside - but also how plant breeders are creati ...
Ancient genes to protect modern wheat: Adnan Riaz - QAAFI [Video]
Riaz, A. \ 2016
The Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI) mission is to significantly improve the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of tropical and subtropical food, fibre and agri-business industries. QAAFI will be an intern ...
Reportage in het bos van de toekomst \ Vakblad natuur bos landschap / Stichting Vakblad Natuur Bos Landschap [Artikel]
Reichgelt, A. \ Ottburg, F. \ 2016
De genenbank voor inheemse bomen en struiken is een jong bos uit 2006. Toch wordt er al zaad geoogst waarmee beheerders in hun terreinen potentieel natuurlijke vegetatie kunnen realiseren. De redactie kwam de lijsterbessen, kamperfoelie, rozen, iepen ...
State of the world's plants [Boek]
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, \ 2016
This is the first document to collate current knowledge on the state of the world’s plants. A large team of researchers has reviewed published literature, scrutinised global databases and synthesised new datasets. The output presented here represents ...
Access and benefit sharing of genetic resources for family farmers: theory and practice \ Farming matters : small-scale agriculture for a sustainable society [Artikel]
Pistorius, R. \ 2016
Only a small number of governments have established meaningful and effective farmer-centred measures for the implementation of access and benefit sharing of genetic resources. One reason is the highly complex nature of the international regulatory sy ...
“The ABS system could be a thousand times simpler” \ Farming matters : small-scale agriculture for a sustainable society [Artikel]
Pistorius, R. \ 2016
Since 1991, François Meienberg has worked on access and benefit sharing (ABS), intellectual property rights and agriculture for the Berne Declaration. In this interview, Mr Meienberg reflects on the implementation of the ABS system so far. "We have t ...
Industry benefits but does not pay its dues : patents are an assault on genetic resources \ Farming matters : small-scale agriculture for a sustainable society [Artikel]
Kastler, G. \ 2016
Patents increasingly undermine the strong legal edifice patiently constructed by UPOV. However, the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture guarantees free access to the main industrial resource of plant breeders - pe ...
Learning from farmer-led access and benefit sharing : conclusions \ Farming matters : small-scale agriculture for a sustainable society [Artikel]
Pistorius, R. \ 2016
This special issue of Farming Matters magazine has explored the ways in which access and benefit sharing of plant genetic resources can work for family farmers. On one hand it presents cases that demonstrate the limited extent to which family farmers ...
Genenweelde in oorsprongsgebieden essentieel voor toekomstige voedselzekerheid \ Vork : prikken in de voedselketen [Artikel]
Löwik, M. \ 2016
Behoud van genetische diversiteit is een belangrijk wapen om in te spelen op veranderingen in de leefomstandigheden van landbouwgewassen. Genenbanken vormen een onmisbare basis voor plantenveredeling, maar bieden onvoldoende waarborg voor toekomstige ...
De boon is te gewoon, te vanzelfsprekend \ Reformatorisch Dagblad [Artikel]
Kas, J. \ 2016
In Amerongen groeien deze zomer oude bonen- en erwtenrassen. Reade krobbe, dikpenske, CGN 2952, Friese gele woud. Wie kent ze niet?
Diversiteit in peulvruchten [Presentatie]
Bas, N. \ 2016
Presentatie in het kader van het "International Year of pulses 2016".
CWRnl: Crop Wild Relatives [Database]
[ca. 2016]
Wilde plantensoorten die verwant zijn aan cultuurgewassen worden vaak aangeduid met de Engelse term ‘crop wild relatives’. CWRs vormen een belangrijke bron van nuttige eigenschappen, die door middel van kruisingen in cultuurgewassen kunnen worden ing ...
Approaches to the conservation of forest genetic resources : in Europe in the context of climate change [Boek]
Kelleher, Colin T. \ Vries, Sven M.G. de \ Baliuckas, Virgilijus \ Bozzano, Michele \ Frýdl, Josef \ Gonzalez Goicoechea, Pablo \ Ivankovic, Mladen \ Kandemir, Gaye \ Koskela, Jarkko \ Kozioł, Czesław \ Liesebach, Mirko \ Rudow, Andreas \ Vietto, Lorenzo \ Stoyanov, Peter Zhelev \ 2015
Over the past decades, European countries have taken significant steps in conserving the genetic resources of forest trees. However, they have rarely taken into account the implications of climate change for the conservation of forest genetic resourc ...
The conservation and use of crop genetic resources for food security [Proefschrift]
Khoury, C.K. \ 2015
Cum laude graduation Among the factors hindering the conservation of crop genetic resources is a lack of essential information regarding this diversity. Questions include: (a) what is the status of diversity in our food systems, and where are the gre ...
Where our food crops come from: a new estimation of countries’ interdependence in plant genetic resources [Brochure]
Khoury, C.K. \ 2015
The places where our food crops originated – where the plant species most important to humanity were initially domesticated and largely diversified over hundreds to thousands of years – are vitally important sources of genetic resources for crop impr ...
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