Organic substrate for transplant production in organic nurseries. A review \ Agronomy for sustainable development / Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) [Artikel]
Pascual, J.A. \ Ceglie, F. \ Tuzel, Y. \ Koller, M. \ Koren, A. \ Hitchings, R. \ Tittarelli, F. \ 2018
A transplant can be defined as a seedling or sprouted vegetative propagation material grown in a substrate or in the field, for transfer to the final cropping site. Nurseries use a range of growing media in the production of transplants, and the qual ...
Effect of lignin-rich crop residues on the viability of Verticillium in organic greenhouse soils [Boek]
Janmaat, L. \ Cuijpers, W. \ França, S. \ Debode, J. \ Hospers, M. \ 2017
Verticilium dahliae is an increasing problem in Dutch organic greenhouses. up to 29 percent crop loss. Sweet pepper, sometimes eggplant. Disease complex with Meloidogyne incognita. Limited results of soil desinfestation. Unpredictable outbreaks of di ...
Induced plant defences in biological control of arthropod pests: a double-edged sword \ Pest management science / Society of Chemical Industry [Artikel]
Pappas, M.L. \ Broekgaarden, C. \ Broufas, G.D. \ Kant, M.R. \ Messelink, G.J. \ Steppuhn, A. \ Wäckers, F. \ Dam, N.M. van \ 2017
Biological control is an important ecosystem service delivered by natural enemies. Together with breeding for plant defence, it constitutes one of the most promising alternatives to pesticides for controlling herbivores in sustainable crop production ...
The optimization of nitrogen dosages on cucumber plants grown in greenhouse [Presentatie]
Altuntas, O. \ Yildiz Dasgan, H. \ 2017
Nitrogen (N) is one of the most important nutrients affecting the growth, development, yield and fruit quality of plants. The most important missing point in plant nutrition is the nutrition of the nitrogen, which is the mostly-used nutrient by plant ...
Assessment of crop water status by means of crop reflectance [Presentatie]
Elvanidi, A. \ 2017
Organic greenhouse cultivation : alternative method of production. The increased concern of consumers about food safety and environmental pollution led to an increase of organic greenhouse production.
Could the artificial inoculation of AM fungi improve the benefits of using pea (Pissum sativum L) plants for soil amendment purposes in greenhouses? [Presentatie]
Meça, E. \ Sallaku, G. \ Balliu, A. \ 2017
Salinity - a common and most severe environmental stressor in agriculture. reduces the osmotic potential of the soil solution and consequently reduces the amount of water available to the plant causing physiological drought; induce cell toxicity due ...
3rd international symposium on organic greenhouse horticulture : closing [Presentatie]
ISH symposium organic greenhouse horticulture : workshop 1: market and quality [Presentatie]
Sayadi, S. \ 2016
The multifunctionality of agriculture: challenges and opportunities for new market demands.
Organic greenhouse from scratch and 11 years later [Presentatie]
Macías Padilla, E. \ 2016
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi can be an alternative to the application of chemical fertilizer in the production of coriander [Presentatie]
Oliveira, R.S. \ 2016
The application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is a major source of environmental pollution that leads to reduced ecosystem functioning and soil and water degradation. There is thus a rising need to find alternatives to chemical fertilizers i ...
Free-living (N2)-fixing bacteria as potential enhancers of tomato growth under salt stress [Presentatie]
Stasio, E. di \ Maggio, A. \ Ventorino, V. \ Pepe, O. \ Raimondi, G. \ Pascale, S. De \ 2016
In the last two decades, increased interest in sustainable agricultural practices has seen the growing development and use of biostimulants. What they are? Substances (Humic substances, Seaweed extract, Free amino acids…) and/or microorganisms (Arbus ...
Effects of composts obtained from olive oil production wastes on organic tomato sedling production [Presentatie]
Tuzel, Y. \ Varol, N. \ Bahar Oztekin, G. \ Ekinci, K. \ Merken, O. \ 2016
Olive oil industry in the Mediterranean countries is very important in the commercial sense. During the processing of olive oil, a large amount of wastes produced leads to soil and water pollution. Olive processing wastes have the negative effects on ...
Irrigation of organic greenhouse cucumber with a low cost wireless soil moisture sensor [Presentatie]
Hakki Tuzel, I. \ Tuzel, Y. \ Bahar Oztekin, G. \ Tunali, U. \ 2016
Soil moisture sensors (SMS) which are based on the measurement of soil dielectric properties to monitor water content or matrix potential of the root zone are alternative tools in irrigation management to increaseWUE (Pardossi et al., 2009). By using ...
Physiological and chemical effects of different water regimes on Cape Gooseberry (Physalis peruviana l.) grown organically in greenhouses in Turkey [Presentatie]
Deveci, M. \ Celik, A. \ 2016
According to various climate models it has been foreseen that Turkey, having a mixed climate structure, will be drastically affected from climate change which may take place depending on global warming as of 2030’s. A majority of the country will com ...
Caracterizicación de la explotación hortícola protegida Almeriense [Boek]
Céspedes López, A.J. \ García García, M.C. \ Pérez Parra, J.J. \ Curadrado Gómez, I.M. \ 2016
La importancia del sector hortofrutícola en Almería no radica sólo en sus cifras de producción y comercialización, sino en su capacidad de inducir actividad y actuar como motor de toda una industria auxiliar. Son numerosos los trabajos descriptivos y ...
Effect of organic fertilization on the quality and yield of two radish cultivars in greenhouse organic cultivation [Presentatie]
Kowalski, A. \ Kaniszewski, S. \ 2016
In 2014 in Poland was about 25.6 thousand organic farms under the control of certification bodies. Unfortunately, there are still very few organic vegetable plantations under cover. The greatest problem in organic production is: Technical equipment e ...
COST action FA 1105 : vegetable diseases diagnostic tools and control methods under greenhouse organic farming : practical training [Boek]
Blaya, J. \ Pascual, J.A. \ Ros, M. \ 2016
Today, a vast number of techniques are used to improve plant disease management. We are going to focus in the techniques which regard the detection and quantification of soil-borne plant pathogens as well as the diversity of their population. Plant p ...
Effects of composts obtained from two different composting methods on organic tomato seedling production [Presentatie]
Oztekin, G.B. \ Ecinci, K. \ Tuzel, Y. \ Merken, O. \ 2016
The most commonly used composting methods are turned windrow and aerated static pile. Both methods have shown to be suitable for a wide range of substrates. In general terms, the composting process with aerated static pile method is faster and result ...
General morphology [Presentatie]
Commission organic horticulture [Presentatie]
Dorais, M. \ 2016
Smart Horticulture for sustainable cities.
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