The use of hydro-ecological models in the Netherlands : technical meeting 51, Ede, The Netherlands, 25 May 1993 [Congresverslag]
Hooghart, J.C. \ Posthumus, C.W.S. \ 1993
In the Netherlands one of the largest environmental stresses to vegetations in nature reserves is the structural lowering of the ground water levels and the physical and chemical alterations, triggered by this lowering, at the site of these vegetatio ...
How an estuary changed into a freshwater lake : the water management of Lake Volkerak - Zoom : technical meeting 50, Roosendaal, The Netherlands, 4 June 1992 [Congresverslag]
Hooghart, J.C. \ Posthumus, C.W.S. \ 1992
During this meeting the results have been presented of an evaluation of the water management of Lake VolkerakZoom - a new freshwater system in the Delta. This publication contains tbe 10 papers presented at this meeting
Ecological water management in practice : technical meeting 49, Ede, The Netherlands, 3 October 1990 [Congresverslag]
Hooghart, J.C. \ Posthumus, C.W.S. \ 1991
Nowadays in managing surface water many aspects have to be considered to realize a bdanced aquatic ecosystem. Recent studies have prwided tools for managers to do so but by far not all problems have been SOWXaIt this moment. However, a number of prac ...
Hydrochemistry and energy storage in aquifers [Congresverslag]
Hooghart, J.C. \ Posthumus, C.W.S. \ 1990
Earlier research has shown that major problems can occur in operating plants when the effects of periodic changes in chemical equilibria due to heating and cooling are not correctly taken into account. A better understanding of the important chemical ...
Hydrological research basins and the environment : [proceedings of the international conference, 24 - 28 September 1990 at Wageningen] [Congresverslag]
Hooghart, J.C. \ Posthumus, C.W.S. \ Warmerdam, P.M.M. \ 1990
Water management and remote sensing : technical meeting 47, Wageningen, The Netherlands, 7 November 1989 [Congresverslag]
Hooghart, J.C. \ 1990
Hydro-ecological relations in the Delta Waters of the South - West Netherlands : technical meeting 46, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 8 March 1989 [Congresverslag]
Hooghart, J.C. \ Posthumus, C.W.S. \ 1989
Water in the Netherlands : with annex selection of current research topics [Congresverslag]
Colenbrander, H.J. \ Blumenthal, K.P. \ Cramer, W. \ Volker, A. \ 1989
Flood events and the Dutch experience in conquering water. There are no publications which encompass the hydrometereological conditions, the water management system, the planning of water resources and organization of water industry. The 40th annivee ...
Geothermal energy and heat storage in aquifers : technical meeting 45, Ede, The Netherlands, 23 February 1988 [Congresverslag]
Hooghart, J.C. \ 1988
During this technical meeting the results of investigations on geothermal energy extraction and heat storage in the subsoil will be presented. The subjects discussed will include the geohydrological boundary conditions, geological, geochemical and en ...
Vulnerability of soil and groundwater to pollutants : international conference Noordwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands, March 30 - April 3, 1987 [Congresverslag]
Duijvenbooden, W. van \ Waegeningh, H.G. van \ 1987
Expansion and intensification of human activities give cause to dispersion of pollutants in the subsurface environment. Today, acid rain, hazardous chemical wastes, fertilizers, pesticides, solvents, manure and sewage sludge are, amongst other things ...
Evaporation and weather [Congresverslag]
Hooghart, J.C. \ 1987
Design aspects of hydrological networks [Congresverslag]
Made, J.W. van der \ 1986
The design of hydrological networks takes place between the field of the phenomena to be measured on the one hand and the needs to measure on the other hand. Apart from a classification of the networks according to the variables to be measured one ca ...
Urban storm water quality and effects upon receiving waters : international conference, Wageningen - The Netherlands, (October, 1986) [Congresverslag]
Ven, F.H.M. van de \ Hooghart, J.C. \ Witter, J.V. \ Stricker, J.N.M. \ 1986
The progress in the construction of wastewater treatment plants, in legislation and in the prevention of water pollution has shifted the proportions of sources of pollutants discharged in surface waters. Increasingly attention is being paid to the ro ...
Water management in relation to nature, forestry and landscape management : proceedings of technical meeting 43, February, 1986 [Congresverslag]
Hooghart, J.C. \ 1986
In hydrological studies in the Netherlands nature conservation has been treated mainly as a boundary condition for the protection of the areas involved. Forestry got some attention in studies on rainfall/runoff relationships and on evapotranspiration ...
Water in the Netherlands [Boek]
Blumenthal, K.P. \ 1986
Achtergrondinformatie over een aantal aspecten: geografie, menselijke bewoning vanaf vroegere tijden, klimaat en hydrologie, beheer van waterkwantiteit en -kwaliteit, watergebruik en de watervoorraad, een voorstel tot organisatie van waterbeheer, hyd ...
Water in urban areas [Congresverslag]
Hooghart, J.C. \ 1985
Planvorming regionaal waterbeheer : proceedings of technical meeting 41 (March, 1984) = Planning of water resources management on a regional scale [Congresverslag]
Biezeveld, G.A. \ Blom, G. \ Bon, P.H. \ 1985
Methods and instrumentation for the investigation of groundwater systems : international symposium, Noordwijkerhout - The Netherlands (May, 1983) [Congresverslag]
Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek \ 1983
The role of hydrology in the United Nations water decade : proceedings of technical meeting 40, April 1983 [Congresverslag]
Schaap, W. \ 1983
Policy analysis for the national water management of the Netherlands : background papers for the technical meeting 39 : June, 1982 [Congresverslag]
Blumenthal, K.P. \ Baarse, G. \ Beek, E. van \ 1982
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