Multi-stakeholder workshop contributing to the development of a national seed road map for Nigeria : Wednesday, October 30th, 2019, Newton Park Hotel, Abuja [Boek]
Thijssen, M.H. \ Boef, W.S. de \ Tadjini, F. \ Ojogu, E. \ Yaro, H. \ Udoh, B. \ Nwuneli, N. \ 2020
Nutrition monitoring mission November 11-15, 2019: Human Capital Development project UNICEF Rwanda [Boek]
Dorp, Marianne van \ 2020
The mission was implemented to support the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kigali in the monitoring of the progress of the UNICEF Human Capital Development project, 2017-2020. The project is well under way, and making good progress in mo ...
BENEFIT Partnership - 2019 annual report : bilateral Ethiopian-Netherlands effort for food, income and trade partnership [Boek]
Alemu, Dawit \ Koomen, Irene \ Schaap, Mirjam \ Ayana, Amsalu \ Borman, Gareth \ Elias, Eyasu \ Smaling, Eric \ Getaw, Helen \ Becx, Gertjan \ Sopov, Monika \ Terefe, Geremew \ Schrader, Ted \ Tafere, Tewodros \ Vonk, Remko \ 2020
National seed road map for Nigeria : document submitted to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and Embassy of theKingdom of the Netherlands, Abuja, in conclusion of a seed sector review in Nigeria (September 2019 - February 2020) [Boek]
The National Seed Road Map is the result of a consultative process in which critical stakeholders of the seed sector in Nigeria participated. The policy context for this process is an agreement between the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural De ...
Food system models and methodologies within Wageningen University & Research: opportunities for deepening our food systems work [Boek]
Dengerink, Just \ Brouwer, Herman \ 2020
Meta-analysis of 3R Kenya findings about the transformation of the aquaculture, dairy and horticulture sectors : recommendations to support the transition from aid to inclusive aid and trade [Boek]
Kessler, Jan Joost \ Coninx, Ingrid \ Kilelu, Catherine \ Vugt, Simone van \ Koomen, Irene \ Bebe, Bockline \ Soma, Katrine \ Ndambi, Asaah \ Gema, Joyce \ Obwanga, Benson \ Rurangwa, Eugene \ Moreno Echeverri, Indira \ Beekman, Gonne \ Wangui Koge, Jessica \ Lee, Jan van der \ Daburon, Annabelle \ Ruben, Ruerd \ 2020
Scoping study for a seed laws toolbox [Boek]
Broek, Joep van den \ Subedi, Abishkar \ Thijssen, Marja H. \ 2020
Key findings and lessons from Dutch publicly funded horticulture initiatives in low- and middle-income countries : valuable vegetables synthesis paper [Boek]
Moreno-Echeverri, Indira \ Bonnand, Johann \ Boyd, Salome \ Maden, Edwin van der \ 2020
This synthesis paper was commissioned by the Food & Business Knowledge Platform in the context of the Valuable Vegetables learning initiative, which is a collaboration between AgriProFocus and the Dutch Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Agriculture, ...
Final report to RVO : institutional mapping & needs assessment of Ethiopia’s public seed sector services [Boek]
Hassena, Mohammed \ Broek, Joep van den \ Borman, Gareth \ 2020
In its attempt to transform agriculture, the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) focuses on increasing agricultural productivity, ensuring food and nutrition security, while promoting exports and import substitution in a sustainable manner. The N ...
Piloting a fresh fruit and vegetables market to deliver high quality, safe food products : reflections and lessons learned [Boek]
Gema, Joyce \ Koge, Jessica W. \ Keige, John \ Moreno-Echeverri, Indira \ Kipkoech-Kosgei, Carolyne \ Matsaba, Emmanuel \ Wesonga, John \ Koomen, Irene \ 2020
Climate-resilient horticulture for sustainable county development in Kenya [Boek]
Patrick, Esther M. \ Koge, Jessica \ Zwarts, Emiel \ Wesonga, John M. \ Atela, Joanes O. \ Tonui, Charles \ Kilelu, Catherine \ Goosen, Hasse \ Coninx, Ingrid \ Koomen, Irene \ 2020
Climate change presents one of the greatest challenges to the productivity and sustainable growth of the agricultural sector in Kenya due to extreme events such as droughts and floods as well as changes in temperature. Horticultural crops are particu ...
City region food system governance : guiding principles and lessons learned from case studies around the world [Boek]
Roosendaal, Lotte \ Herens, Marion \ Roo, Nina de \ Stuiver, Marian \ Pittore, Katherine \ Soma, Katrine \ Hetterscheid, Bas \ 2020
The report ‘City Region Food System Governance – Guiding principles and lessons learned from case studies around the world’ is a harvest of insights from a wealth of case studies that focus on food system governance (in its broadest sense, or focusin ...
Rice seed sector development in the Ayeyarwady Delta : review of lessons learned [Boek]
Gupta, Arnab \ Schaap, Mirjam \ Subedi, Abishkar \ 2020
Evidence on effects of plant pests on IPPC strategic objectives and monitoring and evaluation mechanisms by the SPS community : a report based on literature review and interviews with SPS organisations [Boek]
Kusters, Cecile \ Hove, Hermine ten \ 2020
This report is commissioned by the International Plant Protection Commission (IPPC) and is the result of a literature review on the effects of plant pests on the IP strategic objectives, as well as interviews and document review on the monitoring and ...
Food loss measurements in the rice supply chain of Olam Nigeria : analysis of the pilot study results [Boek]
Kok, M.G. \ Snel, H. \ 2019
Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and the Sustainable Food Lab established a partnership with Olam to run a pilot study to measure and assess the losses that occur throughout a portion of Olam’s rice outgrower initiative in Nigeria. The followin ...
Assessment of the quality based milk payment system pilot supported by TIDE in Mbarara milkshed, Uganda [Boek]
Daburon, Annabelle \ Ndambi, Asaah \ 2019
Dairy, the motor for healthy growth : report of workshop organized by Netherlands and East African dairy partners [Boek]
Koge, Jessica \ Hennemann, Ilse \ Mwaura, Andrew \ Goris, Wim \ Vugt, Simone van \ 2019
Conference report : monitoring and evaluation for inclusive and sustainable food systems, 3-4 April 2019, the Netherlands [Boek]
Kusters, Cecile \ Hove, Hermine ten \ Bosch, Diane \ Herens, Marion \ Wigboldus, Seerp \ 2019
This report presents the key highlights and contributions from the conference ‘Monitoring and Evaluation for Inclusive and Sustainable Food Systems’. This conference was held on 3-4 April 2019 in Wageningen, the Netherlands and was the twelfth annual ...
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